apple tv up to date

I was met with disappointment yesterday, when I turned on my Apple TV to download and install the new 6.0 update. The set-top box, which is still running ATV software version 5.3, told me that my firmware was already up-to-date.

And apparently, I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. I guess in addition to support for iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, and iTunes music purchases, the software also included several bugs. Because Apple just pulled it…

9to5Mac notes that Apple took down the on-device update last night, following a series of reports of botched updates that either required users to completely restore their Apple TVs or permanently bricked the device after installing.

The site goes on to point out that some users are still seeing the update, and it’s still available for download on Apple’s website. But given the aforementioned issues that are being reported, we’d probably recommend holding off for now.

We imagine it won’t be too long before Apple fixes the issue and re-uploads the 6.0 software, or perhaps a .01 or .1 update. But either way, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as something is available.

  • omrishtam

    i had no problem….dunno what you are talking about

    • Tim

      I know right? What a pointless article. As long as you’re fine what does anyone else matter? Cody why did you post this pointless blog? omrishtam is fine so this blog is completely worthless. Remove it immediately.

      • Mohammed Sahib


      • omrishtam

        dude calm down, all i was saying is that i had no problem. calm down…

    • Mohammed Sahib

  • Beep


  • Anibal Schumacher

    True! I had to completely restore my ATV3 with iTunes.

  • Jed_133

    What happens to those of us who updated with no problem so far? Should we be afraid something may happen?

    • Anibal Schumacher

      good question! i haven’t encounter any trouble so far…

    • Cesar D

      I actually live in Mexico and i don’t have any problems updating my Apple TV.

      Could be region problems?

      • Jed_133

        I haven’t had a single problem yet, airplay works flawlessly, I’ve booted it from sleep and from off with no problems and the update worked fine. All the new apps work as well, I’d just hate to go to use it one day and find out that it’s either bricked or restored.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Apple software QC is bad nowadays. I had to restore my ATV through iTunes and disable iCloud playback to get it to work. iOS 7 has more bugs and slowdowns at launch than iOS 5 or iOS 6. Sad. Very sad.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      You jump from ATV software to iOS 7… iOS doesn’t have a lot of prominent bugs, what are you talking about?

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I am talking about software quality control. Apple is unfortunately releasing unfinished software to the public. And I am talking about crashing of music, settings and other apps, occasional slowdowns and frequent jerky animations and scrolling in iTunes and app store apps in iOS 7. And I am NOT the only one suffering from them. (iP5, fresh iOS 7 install through PC iTunes + restore for backup).

      • JoJo

        You have never written a line of code in your life, am I right?

        If you did you would know there is no possible way to release perfect software as advanced as an OS when you have just completely rewritten it.

        All you can do is set a certain amount of beta testing time and hope that there are enough people giving you active and constructive feedback. Most bugs that slip trough the beta period are still in the final version because users have not reported them or they happen in very rare occasions.

        It has nothing to do with quality control, there is no such thing as a perfect quality control check.

      • Lol, was wondering how you fanboys would spin this one off…iOS 7 is nothing like a complete rewrite (at least for non A7 devices, yet the problems still exist there); it’s mostly replacing images with fugly flat-ass versions and appending some jailbreak-like code to certain parts of the OS (like the Music app).

      • JoJo

        Using the fanboy line, how original.

        Because you used that line I can conclude that you are not a iOS user and looking at the rest of your bullshit comment you have never even touched iOS 7 in your life. (Ofcourse you will not admit this, but that does not matter, it is obvious)

        Any idiot can see so much is changed, added and rewritten in iOS 7 when compairing it to iOS 6 and older you can deffinitely consider this a complete rewrite and not just some different icons.

      • Congratulations on your fukn brilliant thinking process. I haven’t installed fugly iOS 7 on my freed iPhone 4S, nor will I ever willfully do so. I don’t need to use something to tell if it’s fugly, I do that with my eyes. Maybe you’re too ignoramus to see what’s fugly with your own eyes (of course you won’t admit it)…typical fanboy idiocracy.

      • JoJo

        Well then its a good thing that taste is different for everybody. I for one like the new look and feel of iOS.

        Honestly it baffles me that your last post got 5 up votes so far, it seems there are some no-brainers in this thread that actually share your opinion.

        Anyway, who uses the words fugly and fukn? It says enough about you, your age and the people up-voting your posts.

        So I am gonna go and give this pointless discussion a rest. It is futile talking to a kid. Have a nice day.

      • Burge

        And a restore from backup.. Do it with out the restore from backup and set up as new ..epic fail your part ..

      • Mohammed Sahib

        My part? Apple’s part if u just think straight. Why is there the restore from backup feature if it doesn’t work as it should? Did I put that option in iTunes? Did Apple at least warn users against restoring from backup, like in a pop-up message? And why would I lose all my data and start new? My iP5 was never jailbroken, so there is absolutely no way I could cause my backup to be bugged in any way. With Apple’s tight control of its OS and app store, it is all on Apple’s shoulders to provide a smooth user experience. This is what brought me to iOS in the first place: smooth and reliable OS. And this is what iOS, I believe, will keep losing if Apple doesn’t get their Sh*t together ASAP.

      • Burge

        If you restore from a backup and that backup has a error on it than you only go and put the error back on the also the the option to set up as new , that..

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Read my previous comment: If there is an error in my backup, is it my fault? Or the fault of Apple software? You are proving my point. And BTW I used the same backup with every release of iOS 6 (I don’t do OTA) and It didn’t show a single problem before.

      • Burge

        It’s up to you if you want to listen ..i’am only telling you from years of using ios ..(ios 2 )
        Your ios 7 you downloaded from apple could be the problem , download the ipsw from this site and install that . All you are doing is reinstalling the same OS you got from the apple sever.
        This is old but it covers how to do a manual restore

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I downloaded the ipsw file using the link on iDB.

      • Burge

        And that is from apple severs.. It just could be that download it again and try that ipsw with a clean setup.. If that’s ok make sure you restore from a back that had no problems

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I will, against my better judgement, give it a try. Thanks for the advice.

    • Ted Forbes

      No problem ATV 6 – I have 5 devies
      No problem iOS7 – Have 6 devices

      • Blahblahtldr

        The anti Apple-crew is busy tonight looking at all the downvotes on all the pro Apple posts.

        It is sad really

    • JoJo

      Are you seriously comparing updates iOS 5/6 to iOS 7?
      Is there something wrong with your brain?

      On a side note: no update problems with my ATV here.

      • Burge

        Not probs what’s so ever with ios 7 on my 4s

    • Anthony Antunez

      Really? iOS 7 has been running beautifully on my iP5. Only problem i’ve had is some occasional app crashes from those that haven’t been updated and the usual battery drain that comes from a X.0 update. 7.1 will probably fix most problems and developers are still updating their apps. I honestly would say iOS 7 has had a great launch. Did you forget all the problems people had with iCloud and iMessage at the 5.0 launch? Or what about the Wi-Fi problems with 6.0? The small issues in 7.0 are nothing compared to 5.0 or 6.0.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        ‘Run beautifully’, ‘app crashes’ and ‘battery drain’ don’t mix up. You can say that you are loving iOS 7 in spite of its faults, it would be ok cuz it is your personal opinion and taste and you are entitles to them. I, for one, chose iOS over android because of iOS 99.9999999% reliability, which iOS 7 ruined it to ~80% IMO. Which is NOT acceptable to me, and is certainly below Apple’s standards.

      • Bill

        I’m running 7 on a 4. The only app crashes I were resolved with reinstalls, and my battery life has gone way up from 6.1.3 (20% at quitting time to 50% at quitting time).

  • bluebatrix

    mines all good.

  • klouud

    6.0 on both ATV3’s and doing ok

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Yeah I have no problem. I do wish this software had iOS 7 design in mind. Maybe by the 7.0 firmware.

  • Aaron

    Mine updated with no issues Friday after I got home from work. Only possible issue I had was it took longer than normal to update which I chalked up to be it being a larger update than usual. But no issues thus far after the update.

  • Ben Pearson

    Anyone else, when streaming a slo-mo video to Apple TV get sound but no visual?


  • No Problem…

  • Taf Khan

    Well I only use the ATV 2 for XBMC, so long as that keeps working I have no real reason to update.

  • Bob

    A bit off topic but still no jailbreak for ATV3? It’s been so long now. Doubt there will be one anytime soon.

  • Preet Patel

    Not sure if this is the right place but the website istouchidhackedyet dot com now shows that maybe it is hacked. Apple get your shoes on and get your teAm ready to post iOS 7.1 fixing the HACK. This was to the admin of idb

    • dedegarrido

      KKKKKKKKKKK dude just look like this dog:

  • Steven Honey

    No problem here

  • Grande PHD

    No updates here too

  • EricG

    I thought my ATV (latest Model) was just randomly requiring me to plug it into itunes. Its sitting here pretty much disabled until I go buy a cable to plug it into my computer. I did the update when it was released and haven’t been able to use it since.

    Hope when I buy the cable tonight and plug it into itunes it fixes it.

  • zeman tamy

    I had no problem with the update

  • Harold

    My apple tv wasnt working right after the update… airplay got all messes up! idk if its ios7 or the apple tv tho… but all i know is that it wasnt as smooth as it was before the update.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Try to disable iCloud playback and restarting all your devices. If it doesn’t work, restore via iTunes.

  • sh1ny

    I had several issues with downloading, but the installation was flawless.
    Instead, I encountered an issue with accepting an updated EULA afterwards when I tried to log in with my Apple ID. I had to accept the terms and conditions on my iPhone with iOS 7 installed. No more problems so far.

  • genXhippie

    I won’t update my jb ATV2 until an upadted jb is available. Happily, holding tight.

  • jabohn

    There is a new ATV update now. Even though I had no problem with the original one, today it says there’s another new one.

  • Colette Leigh

    The item is rubbish, I wish I had never bought it, I feel robbed. Netflix will not work but what a surprise iTunes films do . Do not buy I am talking about apple tv