iPhone 5s (white, smashed screen)

So you stood in the line, maybe even battered the storm, and you’ve finally gotten your hands on a brand spanking new iPhone 5s (let me guess, they didn’t have a gold variant?) or one of the colorful new iPhone 5c models? As much as you’re going to protect your investment by handling your device with care and thinking twice before letting others play with it, accidents unfortunately happen.

And while Apple will cover factory faults and issues that may arise with your new handsets, many other issues won’t be covered by Apple’s standard one-year warranty. A leaked Apple document highlights some of the issues that might incur a charge and ones that aren’t serviceable at all…

Pocket-lint has the scoop:

The issues covered by the warranty, according to the document, include debris under the display glass or pixel anomaly, a bent enclosure for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 where there is no cracked glass or visible points of impact, or a single hairline crack to the front glass or back inlay (the bits at the top and bottom of the aluminium rear).

In case you were wondering, the non-serviceable issues include a disassembled unit or one with missing parts, a phone with counterfeit or mismatched third-party parts, or a phone that has suffered catastrophic damage, the publication writes.

More interesting is what isn’t covered by the warranty.

For starters, a bent enclosure on your iPhone 5c isn’t eligible for service under the warranty. Strangely enough, your warranty covers the very same fault on an iPhone 5s.

Like before, Apple won’t service the iPhone 5s/5c devices that show signs of liquid damage and internal corrosion. Damaged front glass, LCD display fractures under the glass, a damaged Lightning connector, extreme abrasions, puncture holes and missing or damaged buttons and split enclosures also are not covered by the warranty.

You also shouldn’t plug the audio jack hole with foreign material, the leaked doc states.

  • Jomaa.✌

    I just receive iOS 7.0.1, I haven’t updated yet

    • Saeed Ghattas


    • 3aloo1

      Just bug fixes

  • jocastro

    so if thiers a scratch on my iPhone 5 i cant get it repair under warranty?

    • Rowan09

      Yes you can but if the glass is cracked from a fall you would either have to purchase Apple Care which gives 2 repairs a year, ask for them to do you a favor, or pay out of pocket.

      • jocastro

        ok gotcha, thanks 🙂

      • planetcoalition

        This is wrong. Purchase of AppleCare+ requires inspection of your device. Which means that if your glass had already been broken before you have decided to buy AppleCare+, you’re out of luck.

        Scratches aren’t covered under warranty. Nor is broken glass (unless it’s AppleCare+.)

      • Rowan09

        Yes you do have to purchase Apple care within I believe within 15-30 days of your purchase and only then is it valid for getting repairs done twice a year for cracked glass.

      • John Q.

        Incorrect. With AppleCare+ you ONLY get 2 incidents of accidental damage. It’s not per-year. It’s altogether.

  • Apple’s warranty is such a big rip off..

    • Justin Rowe

      Care to elaborate on that?
      If someone damages the screen/body then why should Apple foot the bill?

      • Oh not specfically on that, just the 1 year limited warranty that comes with such an expensive piece of tech. Then you buy 1 year extra and in most cases you have to still pay $49? In order to get things fixed. OF course dropping the phone would be your own fault but little damage shouldn’t be treated that way either.

      • Saeed Ghattas

        If the damage has been caused by dropping, got wet, damaging the lightning connector, damaging the headphone output, why should apple fix it for you? Like every device in the world!

      • Ted Forbes

        Bang your car and the dealer will fix it for you,, right? Yes! Only if you pay. So whats different with this, why should Apple fix it?

      • Bang..sexual misconduct is just something German cardealers accept..

      • You’re all twisting my words too much.. but who cares.

      • Taf Khan

        In Uk/Europe it’s 2 years warranty on the iPhone, it should be the same everywhere.

      • planetcoalition

        Why should they be? They’re doing it because those are required by law. Some people really are spoiled by Apple’s generosity.

      • Taf Khan

        It’s simple, if a carrier in the US is going to sell consumers a 2 year contract with a phone, then the phone should be guaranteed to work the full term.

      • badger1988

        its not a 2 year warranty in the uk, 1st year warranty then 2nd year is consumer law with the retailer you got the phone from

      • Taf Khan

        True. The dude in the Genius Bar did say my warranty was with Apple, however had I purchased the phone on a contract then it would have to be covered by the service provider in year 2.

      • joes223

        uk is a part of europe, you know.

      • Taf Khan

        Well who would have guessed that.. Tut tut. Coming from the UK I know where I stand with my warranty, I know some parts of Europe are covered the same, but not all.

    • Chris Wagers

      I buy apple care every time and it has paid off for me. Home buttons that stopped working. Wake/sleep buttons that stopped working. Film on rear facing camera. Took it in apple looks at it and gives me a new phone. I will gladly keep purchasing it until they start trying to not cover things like that. So yea I recommend to everyone.

      • 1337lolzorz

        The manufacturers warranty would have covered that anyways. My home button and sleep button both stopped working before my 1 year was up and Apple replaced it for me on the spot. I was out of there in no time. On top of that they extended my warranty by 2 months.

      • Chris Wagers

        Foolish me I should have known apple would have covered my buttons not working a yr and a half in. Thanks next time I know what a waste apple care is. Seriously not sure where you are but manufacture warranty in US is one year not 2 years.

    • John Q.

      How is Apple’s warranty a rip off?!

  • not a spark

    Lol that video and image drop test are from an android blog

  • @dongiuj

    Rule number one: Get loyal customers.
    Rule number two: Then protect your arse from them.