In an interview with USA Today, Craig Federighi illustrates what I believe is the essence of Apple:

“Look at the camera space, companies are chasing megapixels but the pictures often look horrible because of their tiny sensors,” says Federighi. “My family cares about taking a good picture, not a megapixel count. We carry that through to all the decisions we make about our phone. What experience is it going to deliver? Not what number will it allow us to put on a spec sheet.”

This is the thinking behind everything Apple does. And this is why my mom has an iPhone.

  • JerseyD

    The iPhone can take good close up pictures. Which is great for photos with your friends or taking a picture of your lunch for Instagram but if you need to use any level of zoom the iPhone is just awful.

    • Trevor Salmon

      Most smart phones zoom sucks terribly. (minus Nokia’s phone… the camera is the only thing going for that phone) You’re never going to get a good zoomed in picture with an digital zoom. If you want to zoom in on something you’re going to need to get a true camera, not a smartphone.

      • Agreed. There is no such thing as a good digital zoom. It has to be optical to bring a certain level of quality.

        Edit: There is no such thing as a good digital zoom *so far*.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Exactly. Even Nokia’s phone isn’t zooming, it’s cropping. Until we get tiny little moving lenses in our phones, zoom is one thing that won’t be happening.

        That being said, the best camera is the one you have with you. DSLRs are great (and I want one so much), but do you no good if you don’t actually have it.

      • Uhm, the Xperia Z1 already offers that…

    • Chindavon

      Digital zoom on any smartphone is terrible.

    • Yes sir, I wouldn’t even call it zooming, it’s more of a resolution cropping.

    • And that’s where the new Xperia Z1 prevails…

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    Totally agree

  • Dillon Kirton

    So true. Apple would rather focus on a good 8MP Camera with good flash, motion, focus, detail, than have a crap 13MP one.

    Sadly however when comparing this phone to the Galaxy S4, on paper it does appear to be worse

    • Cameron Chao

      The Galaxy line of phones were made to look good on paper, thats Samsungs strategy, well that and creating ads on youtube to mock Apple. Oh and copying whatever Apple includes in their phones. Yea, thats it.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      And then galaxy S4 camera is not that good. :p

  • gruhu13

    HTC One has only 4 Megapixels – but has bigger ones than Iphone 5s and phoos look stunning – apple wasnt first, but at least they make a very nice product 😉

    • Cameron Chao

      4mp despite the quality might be a tad too little when considering to enlarge the photos to hang it on the wall or other purposes, the sweet spot is 8mp for me. I do see HTC increasing their MP count to 8 in the near future while maintaining/improving on the quality it already has.

    • mehrab

      Htc had the right idea but tbh failed apple passed
      Htc one pictures look horrible in day light compared to even a galaxy ne us? Or a galaxy s2 lol
      App,e did the impelementarion correctly

  • Par

    I care about excellent pictures not good pictures so i use a dslr.

    • Yup, I totally understand that.

    • Joey_Z

      so I guess marketing on phone’s cameras means even less important to you than to most people.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Me too, but I want my phone to take stunning pictures also. I’m not going to lug my dslr around with me everywhere

  • Chindavon

    Unless you’re always printing anything bigger than a 11×14 print, megapixels just don’t matter to most people. Mega pixels are mainly used to blow up the pictures big and keep the same quality as a, say…5×7 print.

  • Joey_Z

    When Nokia mocked iphone’s lack of manual settings for white balance, exposure, ISO and all other kinds of professional settings, I felt that Nokia either didn’t understand Apple or was trying too hard. When I see the right moment, I want to be able to take out my camera and with one touch of a button I can get the best picture. Sure, with manual setting I might get a better picture, but will I ? probably not, because not everyone is good at tweaking these settings than the computer. Let’s face it, how many people with dslr can take better pictures using manual settings than the automatic setting? lol.

    • Julian Gigola

      I completely agree with you!

    • Markus Hudobnik

      I can. Manual settings are the best. That’s why I really want apple to add in some manual settings for us people with dslrs that are used to it.

      • CC-Dog

        I find official camera app best the way it is.
        If you want more control, isn’t that 3rd party apps for?

      • Joey_Z

        I do believe there are people who can take better pictures using manual settings. That’s how professionals make a living. But smart phone is a device designed for people in every profession. I’m sure people who can’t is way more than people who can. A smart camera makes more sense to most consumers than a manual camera.

  • Saif Khalaileh

    megapixels are not everything … there are too many things we should care about before we care about megapixels like ( screen resolution / good lens )

  • Martynet

    I can’t wait when Apple brings optical zoom to the new iPhone. Maybe iPhone 6? 🙂

    I think it was on this blog… One of the Apple’s patents, when lenses turn 90 degrees inside the phone to bring optical zoom. Here it is…

  • Fox

    Watch as the fanboys roll in.

  • amir80

    HTC went with the bigger pixel thechnology all the with the HTC One before apple.
    Also, using a camera with more pixels allows it to perform “oversampling” (combining the light from close pixels) for low light photoes while capturing sharp images at daylight. This approach is used by Nokia which has far the best camera phone.

    I bet apple will have a more mega-pixels for the next iPhone. They tend to say other companies ideas are crap and them copy them and say they inventet it.
    Like notification center and control center that came directly from Android