yellow 5c out

It’s been three days since Apple started taking iPhone 5c pre-orders on Friday at 12:00am Pacific time and shipping times for some models are now slipping to next month.

Cody already told you that the unlocked 16GB yellow model was the first to sell out and now comes word that Apple is continuing to push back shipping estimates for various other models.

And to think naysayers made fun of the colorful handset, dismissing the lineup on the basis of the iPhone 5c being nothing more than a repackaged iPhone 5…

The online Apple Store in the United States now shows shipping estimate for the 16GB red iPhone 5c model of September 25. In another hint at the potential iPhone 5c popularity in China – where people are obsessed with colors – Apple’s online store in the country now shows shipping times slipping one day across the board.

Likewise, the device is now listed with a September 24 shipping estimate in Canada, with most iPhone 5c models listed as shipping in 1-2 weeks on the Hong Kong Apple store.


As for the yellow model (the first to sell out), its shipping times slipped to September 25 on the US Apple Store, as depicted top of post.

If blue or green is your favorite color and you thought about pre-ordering a 16GB unlocked model, tough luck – both are now shipping by October 4.

UPDATE: Apple appears to have updated shipping times for blue and green models since we posted the article. The new shipping times for all 16GB iPhone 5c models is now September 25.

Apple promised to deliver both new phones this coming Friday via its retail stores and through carrier partners.

While the company hasn’t provided pre-orders for the iPhone 5s, it is now taking iPhone 5c pre-orders in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany and Singapore.

  • Piyush

    Great news for apple , but still those cases are horrible , i am surprised apple allowed it.

    • FUUU

      Agree, these “bubbles” on the back are just hideous.

    • richrich

      not to mention that “hon” shining through. #fail

    • Sokrates

      I’m surprised that Jony Ive allowed this.

    • Chindavon

      Horrible for the millions and millions of girls, moms, wives, girlfriends, teenagers that will/are already, eating these up?

    • jehad

      Why ? Dont you like crocs :p

    • Guest

      Why? Don’t you like crocs :p

  • JomanJi

    goood dam, the cases are solo ugly !!!

  • Sam Khan

    I can already imagine Tim cook saying “This is amazing” in next keynote 😛

  • Royce Otero

    It sells that’s all that matters lol

  • Gus Me

    “And to think naysayers made fun of the colorful handset, dismissing the lineup on the basis of the iPhone 5c being nothing more than a repackaged iPhone 5…”

    It should be dismissed, if you know what you’re buying. Sales going well or not it still is JUST a repackaged iPhone 5. If you just want a quality colorful phone the this is the one to buy. Why must people try to hype this thing up?

  • Brandon

    I am wondering who this phone was designed for? I’m not bashing apple about it, but I couldn’t see a business man walking around with a lime green 5c. I could see the teen crowd really wanting this phone, or maybe women in particular as it has very vibrant colors to choose from. None of the colors come off as masculine to me. Did anyone else notice this, or am I just looking at it differently. I would like to see a graph come out with who bought the phone etc.

  • CryptoCoin420

    Not only are the cases ugly, but $29 dollars? Talk about highway robbery! Does not surprise me coming from Apple tho.