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With last week’s official introduction of the flagship iPhone 5s and the colorful iPhone 5c now behind us, our attention slowly but surely turns to Apple’s next major product launch. iDB, along with a few other reliable blogs, suspected there won’t be new iPads in September as the company would have been unwise to focus its attention (and waste headlines) on both new iPads and iPhones.

The French blog MacGeneration, which has somewhat of a mixed track record, has now pegged an iPad-related event at October 15 (that’s a Tuesday)…

That wouldn’t be unheard-of: last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 and the refreshed iPod touch lineup in September, followed by the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini in late-October.

This year, iDB is expecting dual iPad launches in October: a fifth-generation full-size iPad and a second-generation iPad mini with Retina display. If the numerous backplates that leaked in the past few months are anything to go by, the iPad 5 will be just as thin as the iPad mini 2 (see the image top of post), which itself is said to be only marginally thicker than the current iPad mini.

If I were to bet, I’d put my money on a modified A7X chip inside the iPad 5, along with the Touch ID sensor incorporated into the Home button. Some watchers are holding their breath for a gold finish for the full-size iPad and a polycarbonate plastic shell for the iPad mini 2 (akin to the iPhone 5c), but no leads exist to prove the theory.

Other Apple product launches until 2013 wraps up: OS X Mavericks, Haswell-based iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro upgrades and perhaps am upgraded Apple TV hardware.

Of course, there’s also the next-gen Mac Pro that Apple previewed at WWDC in June: that system is scheduled to go on sale in November.

As for the rampant headlines that have been spelling doom for Apple and its supposed lack of innovation, Daniel Eran Dilger of AppleInsider did a stellar job dispelling that myth.

Distilled to bullet points by Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Dilger basically wrote that while the tech media spent most of 2013 complaining that Apple “wasn’t innovating,” the company was:

• Secretly developing its new Mac Pro supercomputer
• Perfecting its Authentech-based Touch ID technology
• Completing iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks
• Bringing an entirely new 64-bit mobile architecture into production ahead of the world’s leading chip designers and foundries
• As nearly a side project, spending billions to build out a series of new iCloud data centers
• And Apple retail palaces like the new Stanford 2 store Cook drew attention to
As well as the new Apple Campus 2
• On top of all this, it was also financing the construction of a multibillion dollar new chip foundry with TSMC capable of producing advanced new 20nm components.

As for the supposed October 15 event, what’s your assessment?

Will this rumeur get oui’d or nope’d?

Pun intended, of course.

  • RarestName

    iPad C.

    • Ken B.

      iPad S.

    • kenzie t

      now with 5 colours!

      • joshkhali

        Now with a NEWLY DESIGNED CHARGER!!

    • Moi

      Apple didn’t show us how ios 7 since it was released ….. I hope bcuz there is a new version of ios 7 unique to iPads with freatures that will only work on bigger screens like running 2 apps at the same time ( screen spilt ) …. I really hope so that’s why I’m exited about the new iPads ( not for the iPads themselves but for an only ipad os update ) finger crossed

      • felixtaf

        Dont get too excited… Nothing is changed specially for iPad version of iOS yet…

    • Tom

      I am wondering what will they call it? the new new iPad? lol

      • chumawumba

        The newest iPad

      • joshkhali

        The newer ipad

      • Ben Eckenroed

        Apple will just call it “iPad” and “iPad Mini” just like they did with iPod’s for so many years. Apple didn’t start naming/numbering versions until the iPhone, and only because that’s SOP for the phone industry. With the iPad 3rd Gen, they made it a point to go back to just iPad.

  • Jonathan

    If the iPad mini 2 has 3 thing;
    Retina + A7 + Touch ID = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    • TesticularFortitude

      That would be awesome!!!

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Oh ye!

    • Attom

      Haha yes i agree

    • Sherlock EB

      I’m afraid it will have A6 and no touch id

      • Jonathan

        I’m pretty sure it won’t.

  • Felipe Lopez

  • Daniel Beecham

    mmm i Have an iPad 3Gen so i Think a Jump to iPad 5 its Gonna be Good. iPad Mini, Hmm Not My Style.

    • Moi

      Same story with me

    • Tom

      I will jump probably with the 6th gen. 😛

  • Martin 

    I think they will show iPad 5 (fingerprint, new design, new chip) and iPad 2 mini (retina, new chip a6)

    • Tom

      A7X on the way.

      • Martin 

        Yeah, maybe for regular iPad, but I don’t think we will see it in iPad 2 mini. Is it not strange that iPad mini with have bigger screen and is better made and yet cost less than iPhone 5c(heap) ?

      • Nate McKelvie

        Personally I would never buy an iphone 5c, but I will admit after seeing a few of my customers at my wireless gadget store come in with the 5c, it’s not nearly as cheap as I had imagined it to be. It’s not really that ad, but that being said I still don’t get why anyone would not just spend the extra $100 and get a 5s. I actually seen a guy at apple wait in line for 10 hours to buy a 5c. I was like “why would u wait in line all night for a 5c” he was like “they will sell out and I want to make sure and get one.” I said “I believe you are sadly mistaken, you don’t need to stand in line to get 5c lol”

  • Joseph

    I’m planning on getting an iPad 4 this year, and selling it (Apple products have a great resale value, right?) sometime in late 2014 for a refurbished iPad 5 from the Apple Store. Is this a good idea?

    • Dan

      You can probably sell it for a good price, although you will no doubt lose about 100-200$. Up to you if that’s worth having an iPad for a year.

      I recently sold my iPad 2 for 550$, but I had the fact that it has 64GB memory going for me. Still lost more than 200$ though (was worth 699+tax if I recall).

      • Ted Forbes

        You lose $200.00? Not really. You paid $200 for the experience of the iPad2. If you dump the $550.00 into another iPad $550.00 is what you already have towards whatever the next one will be. This is not a lost.

      • Dan

        Financially speaking, yes it is. If 200$ is worth it to you to have an iPad for a year, that’s up to you. No need to get into semantics here.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      No. Just save money and get an iPad 5.

    • felixtaf

      I would say you can save the money and get an iPad 5. Imagine, If ur getting an iPad 4 (16Gb) for 400$, you will lose atleast 100$ by the time you sell it. And you have to pay atleast 400$ for an iPad 5 next year. So, calculate 400$this year + 100$ loss = 500$ (Get a brand new iPad 5 this year for 500$!!!)…

      • Joseph

        I’m planning on getting the 32GB, though, which is why I’m planning on doing it this way in the first place. iPad 4 prices are dropping, and it’s $50 off for a new one in some stores. The reason I want to wait for a refurbished iPad 5 at a lower price is because I’ll be getting the 32GB; the Nexus 7 2G has been proof enough for me that 16GB definitely isn’t the size I need.

      • felixtaf

        The problem is Apple products prices will not go down until a new product is released. Apple was selling Refurb iPad 3 for 429$ jus before n after iPad 4 release. Since you are looking to buy from Apple store, the price will be 50-70$ cheaper than a new one.
        If you dont want to spend the extra money on a new one, get an iPad 4. But, wait and see whats Apple is offering in iPad 5 and decide…

      • Joseph

        I’ll try to do that, and hope it turns out for the best.

    • mehrab

      One word: WAIT.

  • Dan

    A new iPad I imagine. iPad mini with specs of a regular iPad would be great (yeah I’m dreaming).

    • afra33

      No i think if Apple is smart they would do that.

      They need to refine their products a bit. I think just because the iPad mini has a smaller screen it shouldn’t necessary mean it has to have lower specs. I think that’s where Apple made a huge mistake not sure who’s fault it is but they need to correct it this time because its time.

      They need

      iPad 10 and cheaper iPad 10 c

      iPad 7 and cheaper iPad 7 c

      and stop with the nonsense thinking just because someone takes the smaller iPad that they want a lower spec’d device. It’s not true at all. Apple made a huge miss calculation. I want a powerful iPad 7.9inch with phone capabilities and also willing to pay more!

  • bn326160

    With the thin bezel it’s probably going to be an iPad 5 for me.
    if the mini had as A7x and retina display.. Mm I might have to consider

    • FOFF

      im keeping my ipad4 i see no reason at all to upgrade

      • omrishtam

        you dont even know what they will offer…..

      • bn326160

        I don’t have an iPad 🙂

  • Taf Khan

    Will the Mini Retina have the new 64bit tech… ? Lets hope so!

    • FOFF

      I DOUBT IT

    • mehrab

      Nope the full size however will have it. Just like the 5s has it but 5c doesnt.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    That’s my birthday. 🙂 hopefully a new iPad and the iWatch? Would be an awesome present for me! Hint hint

    • Jonathan

      Great now I can stalk you!
      Just teasing…

  • pauleebe

    New iPads, AppleTV refresh, Refreshed Macs?

  • FOFF


    • omrishtam

      i think i will survive without an iWatch…but it could be nice actually 😀

  • laszlo gaspar

    iPad 5 could be like a larger ipad mini in terms of design and the iPad mini may be renamed to the iPad C, it would still be 7.9″ but it would have a plastic (I mean polycarbonate) back.

  • laszlo gaspar

    Whatever happens, it’s 10 days before my birthday and being in the UK that would work out well in terms of availability.

  • Henry’s World

    i think its the Mac the one that looks like a very expensive rice cooker

  • jose carlos

    Yes and event will be held,absolutely not on color ipad mini unless no retina display.Finger print should be on all new iDevices but knowing apples B.S. ways may not happen.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I’ll cry if the iPad mini 2 is polycarbonate. We haven’t seen any iPad/iPad mini case leaks that are plastic, though. The leaked ones have all been aluminum, so I’m not too worried.

  • afra33

    I hope the iPad 7 as i’d like it to be named will have phone capability. If it does its going to be my next phone and tablet in one 🙂

    • Y2J

      It won’t have phone capability. Also, why would they call it the iPad 7, skipping 5 and 6. Just because of iOS 7?

  • n0ahcruz3

    Ipad 5 : 5mp isight cam 1080 video, redesign exterior, 1.2 facetime HD 720 video,A7 chip 64-bit processor. Touch ID.

    Ipad mini 2? : retina 326 ppi, 5mp isight cam, 1.2 facetime HD with 720 video, A6/A6X chip.

    What else did i forget?

  • flowjbx

    a New iPad/iPad mini and a Apple TV update with a new UI and new features its all I need.

  • batongxue

    come on bring it on

  • Apanizo2

    Touch ID?

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I miss Steve Jobs ( RIP) on stage demos. Apple what happen to the live demos.

  • Ben Eckenroed

    Smart money is that it will be a new generation of iPad and iPad Mini (same names, no colors), same Lightning adapter but with updated Processor (64 bit), motion processor, TouchID, and improved camera and possibly improved battery life. They may find a way to reduce the price a hair, at least on the upper end models, but that doesn’t usually fit Apple’s mold. With the new Kindle Fire out that is selling for $199 that has all the specs of the iPhone 5 meets iPad mini (minus processor and TouchID), Apple will have their hands full.

    • Ben Eckenroed

      Oh yes, I full expect iPad Mini 2nd Gen to have Retina display.