iphone 5s continuous burst

Among the many improvements Apple has made to the iPhone 5s is its redesigned rear camera. It seems like everything on the iSight shooter has been updated, from hardware to software—which includes new slow motion video and continuous burst modes.

And as it turns out, folks with the just-released Golden Master version of iOS 7 can play with the latter feature right now. Simply open up your Camera app, and when you go to take a photo, hold your finger down on the shutter to take continuous, rapid shots…

The feature being in iOS 7 GM is notable for two reasons. For one, as we said above, it gives you the chance to play with the new continuous burst mode early. And two, Apple never mentioned whether or not it would work with devices other than the iPhone 5s.


We can confirm that the new burst mode works with at least the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5th generation, and iPad 3, running iOS 7 GM, and from what we can tell, it doesn’t work with the iPhone 4, presumably because of hardware limitations. Update: a few readers confirm the feature works on iPhone 4 too.

It’s also worth noting that the feature does not offer true continuous burst mode at 10 pictures per second as the one you’ll find on the iPhone 5s. Additionally, what Apple calls a “real time analysis” of your photos is nowhere to be found on any device. Real-time analysis is where your phone looks at all of the photos you’ve taken and suggests individual shots or a sequence of photos that you might like best. It’s safe to assume this will be an iPhone 5s feature only.

At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see if Apple decides to keep this around for other devices in the public build of iOS 7, or makes it exclusive to the iPhone 5s. We combed through both iPhone 5c and iOS 7 marketing stuff, and didn’t see the feature mentioned once.

Do you have iOS 7 GM on your iPhone? Does burst mode work for you?

  • Question

    I just noticed that when you plug your usb to charge your idevice on iOS 7 theres a new sound

    • Tom

      yup also battery design logo is changed

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    It’s a “burst mode”, but the 5s can do it a whole lot quicker. I just did a test with my iPhone 5, and it was taking 2 photos per second compared to the 5s which takes a ‘claimed’ 10 photos per second. The 5 is taking photos at about 1/5 the speed of the 5s. That 5s has one heck of a camera. While the megapixels are still 8, the optics are very, very good. And the technology in the camera is truly forward thinking.

  • Jay Kay

    I didn’t knew that using GM since last week, thanks man, working on my iPhone 5.

  • The M7 processor provides that analysis so its Iphone 5S only

  • Ignas Kensgaila

    Works on 64gb 3gs.

  • Sai

    Why not for the ipad 2? There is a lot of features that the ipad 2 isn’t getting first Siri then airdrop and now this why?

  • Ngoc An

    hic hic why it dont work on my ip5 :(, 10pic/s impossible

  • Yunsar

    It’s not working for me, the pictures are taken continuously, but it doesn’t show how many photos taken and it doesn’t take it at 10 pics a sec. I have an iPod touch 5th gen

  • Kurdistan Apple

    Does it work on the 4s

  • Aaron de Silva

    I hope the GM isn’t the release coming out on Friday. It seems quite buggy.

  • karmaghost

    Works with iPhone 5 but it’s much faster to repeatedly tap the shutter button.

  • laszlo gaspar

    it’s so slow on the iPhone 4S, it only takes 2-3 photos a second. Barely worth it.

  • Thiago Queiroz

    iPad mini works too.

  • Joachim Simonsen

    Works on my iPad Mini too!

  • XboxPS

    Works with my iPad 2.

  • AhMeD kHoKhAr

    it,s so beautiful i am just waiting