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September marks the start of a new school year for most of the U.S. Whether you are headed to your freshman year in high school, or in your final semester of college, you probably have a daily class schedule that you need to organize.

TimeHive – class timetable is a productivity app that makes your class schedule easy to follow. Plus, you can add all of your syllabus information and keep track of lecture notes in one convenient app…

I wish I had an app like this when I was in college. I didn’t even have an iPhone back then. Not that I’m so old, but Apple didn’t even launch the first iPhone until my last semester in school.

TimeHive 2

TimeHive lets you make your own timetable. The display shows classes as a grid, similar to a weekly calendar. Classes are color coded to make it easy for you to see where you need to be every day of the week.

There is a to-do list where you can add future projects, like class presentation and term papers. You can set the due date of the project and track your progress on the timetable.

Keep your lecture notes all in one place right inside the app. You can categorize daily notes for lecture, exam, and more. I know how hard it would be to take notes on your iPhone, but if you have a compatible Bluetooth keyboard, you could easily type what you need to. Plus, this app tracks your notes by each calendar dates. So, if you have an English class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the app generates lecture notes for every date during the semester that you have the class. If you are trying to remember what was discussed last Monday, it is easy to find the right date. If the class was canceled or there just wasn’t a lecture on a particular day, you can select a tab that will label the day accordingly. That way, if you can’t remember why you didn’t take notes a month ago, you’ll be able to tell that the class was canceled.

The app also features push notification so that you can set reminders of upcoming assignments and exams. You’ll never be caught off guard again when you are told at the beginning of a semester that you will have to write a paper at the end of the semester.

TimeHive is available for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

  • Bob

    The one I use to use was called ‘Class Timetable’, simple and looks nicer. It’s better than this.

  • ehX

    Right now I’m looking for an app that will tell me when my assignments are simply due. The app mentioned here costs a dollar, so I’m checking out Class Timetable (as mentioned by Bob) and something called myHomework Student Planner which is also free.

    If anyone has a good app that will simply do this for me and is more convenient/better than using my Reminders app for this, please let me know.

    • Jude Capili

      I personally use “myhomework”.

      • Alex Rodriguez

        I use myhomework also !

      • ehX

        The problem is that assignments wouldn’t show up on my notifications. I want something so that the second it’s added it shows up when I pull down the notifications until I click a button that says I’ve finished it.

        Right now the way I do it is I put it in Reminders and set the alarm or due date for yesterday so it shows up, but it’s inconvenient and inaccurate.

  • tward09

    Who has macroeconomics and sports science in the same schedule?

  • James

    It’s very beautiful timetable!!
    Easy and simple to use!!

  • weztimonial

    TimeSpread vs this? Which is better?

    • James

      TimeSpread is just timetable.

      TimeHive is not just timetable but schedule organizer like iStudiez.
      And TImeHive has simple and beautiful UI. I like it.

  • Eddy Castro

    I use iStudiez Pro

  • richrich

    I wish I had an iPhone when I was in school.