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Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller noted during Tuesday’s iPhone 5s/5c keynote that both new iPhones feature a slightly bigger battery though he stopped short of giving us specifics. Now, Apple’s specs page would have us believe that both new iPhones feature essentially the same battery, though that’s not true.

Per Apple’s stats, both devices provide ten hours of talk time on 3G, 250 hours standby time, 8 hours of Internet use on 3G (10 hours on LTE or Wi-Fi), 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback.

What Apple didn’t tell us is how it’s managed to boost the iPhone 5s battery capacity by as much as ten percent. The iPhone 5c battery life gains are more modest at a respectable five percent compared to the iPhone 5…

Hardware wizards at AnandTech took a long, hard look at the FCC documents for the new iPhones in an effort to dig up useful detail concerning the device’s battery technology.

Per the documents, the battery inside the top-end iPhone 5S is listed with a capacity of 5.96 Whr. As for its less-pricey brother, the iPhone 5c, the FCC rates that device as having a 5.73 Whr battery. By comparison, the 1,440mAh battery inside the discontinued iPhone 5 was rated at 5.45 Whr.

iPhone 5s 5c battery (AnandTech 001)

All three devices’ battery operates at 3.8 V.

AnandTech observes:

While I’m somewhat skeptical sometimes of the accuracy of battery capacities as reported in FCC disclosures (which I noted about the battery size for the Nexus 5), these numbers seem credible given what I’ve heard, the statement Apple made during the keynote about the 5C battery size going up, and what I’d expect with some board re-layout for the 5S.

So, how was Apple able to cram sophisticated technologies inside the iPhone 5s – including a fingerprint sensor, a better camera and a faster 64-bit A7 chip – and yet improve battery life?

iPhone 5c (higher capacity battery 001)

That’s the magic of vertical integration for you.

Apple builds hardware, makes it own operating system and software, designs battery technology and semiconductors and works closely with its vast supply chain in Asia so that all the components are optimized for performance and power efficiency.

It starts with the all-new 64-bit A7 chip, which is designed to be “incredibly energy efficient”. It’s clever enough to shut down idle parts to preserve power and adjusts its clock frequency depending on load.

Apple also introduced a new M7 motion coprocessor alongside the A7. That piece of silicon constantly collects motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass sensors, allowing fitness apps to access that information without constantly engaging the A7 chip.

Apple A7 chip (Secure Enclave 001)

The M7 is much more efficient at these tasks than the main A7 chip, but that’s jus scratching the surface. The M7 module coupled with some pretty amazing software design further improves battery life. Here’s an example Apple provides on the iPhone 5s website.

M7 knows when you’re walking, running, or even driving. For example, Maps switches from driving to walking turn-by-turn navigation if, say, you park and continue on foot. Since M7 can tell when you’re in a moving vehicle, iPhone 5s won’t ask you to join Wi-Fi networks you pass by.

And if your phone hasn’t moved for a while, like when you’re asleep, M7 reduces network pinging to spare your battery.

The iPhone 5s also achieves its battery efficiency by packing in a larger 1,507mAh battery compared to the 1,440mAh battery inside the iPhone 5.

As for the iPhone 5c, that handset is based on literally the same hardware as its iPhone 5 counterpart, including the battery. That being said, Apple engineers may have achieved a five percent battery life boost by optimizing the logic board layout and perhaps tweaking the a6 chip, like they did with the third-gen Apple TV’s processor.

Image top of post: iPhone 5c battery, via C Technology.

  • Johnny True

    Apple rocks!

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    If this improvement is true I’ll be very happy, I mean they are close or the same as the iPad battery duration.

    • Tom Brady

      Yea me too. Some people make a huge deal out of the battery life. ”I can talk on my Motorola RAZR for 21 hours straight”

      • Joseph

        I wouldn’t call having a gigantic battery being crazy. Depending on what you do with your phone, that’s actually essential. If it isn’t, you get more time out of your device, which is still much better.

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Sure, I would love to have even more battery life, the more the better, but 10 hours of heavy use is good enough for me as I’m never more than 8 hours away of a chagrin station. (I travel a lot but my flights never take more than 5-6 hours)

  • Rowan09

    Damn it I may have to sell my 5 to check out this 5s. I can sell it for around $500 on eBay.

    • emal bazger

      How much is it’s storage?
      I am selling mine too, for $500 and it’s 16 Gigabytes

      • Rowan09

        32GB I’ll post it for around $550-$600 it’s in mint condition and on eBay storage size doesn’t really get you much as long as its a 16GB or higher.

      • Tom Brady

        These phones must be unlocked too?

      • Rowan09

        Mine is unlocked but that doesn’t really matter because an iPhone unlock for a GSM AT&T phone runs for around $3-$10.

  • emal bazger

    Not 1,507mAH it’s 1,570mAH iPhone 5s battery size

    • George Yfantopoulos

      That’s what it says…
      1,507 for iPhone 5C
      1,570 for iPhone 5S

      • Danny switcher

        it’s written in the aritcle “iPhone 5s by picking 1,507mAh battery” look

        “The iPhone 5s also achieves its battery efficiency by packing in a larger 1,507mAh battery compared to the 1,440mAh battery inside the iPhone 5”

      • Saeed Ghattas

        Loom at the battery chart! It’s 1570 for the iphone 5s and 1507mah for the iphone 5c

  • mrgerbik

    Faster more powerful processor + larger battery doesn’t equal more battery life… I bet it will be the same life or less then 5

    • Arnaud Nelissen

      You must work in (or study) IT to be able to affirm that… Let me laugh.

    • Johnny True

      Comparing to iphone 5 iphone 5s got +2 hours of LTE browsing, +2 hours of 3g talking and +25 hours standby time.

    • Saeed Ghattas

      No it wont’t.

  • jose carlos

    Apple are just a bunch of GANGSTERS I’ve said it and say it again.they just laugh at customer.They care only about investors and them selfs PERIOD

    • Tom Brady

      Why do you think that

    • Rowan09

      If they cared about investors only which all public companies do since they can take legal action against them, they would have sold the 5c for $249-$400.

      • Saeed Ghattas

        And they would make bigger screens and never care for the developers and the ecosystem users that still have the older versions…and put more megapixels in the camera and never care for the quality, and they would never put a dual new technology “true tone flash”

  • Кристофър Теодулу

    If you opened the iPhone 5 like me, to replace the battery, you can clearly see that there is a 2cm hole above where the battery sits, from there i knew that the next iPhone (now known as iPhone5s) will have bigger battery.
    I hope the 5s battery connector is the same as the i5, so i can order i5s battery for my i5.


      Hope that works. I’m interested in doing the same cause I don’t plan on upgrading to the iPhone 5S. I’ll be waiting for the iPhone 6

  • seyss

    could be software optimizations

    • mehrab

      64 bit is very more efficient then 32

  • Guest

    Love Apple ;P

  • jose carlos

    I do not WAST my time with replying to mt words.10 out of 10 who are replying to what said are HYPOCRITS or HANDS in the COOKIE JAR.

  • leart za jmi

    love Apple 🙂

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I wonder if the iP5s battery can fit inside the iP5. This way people who don”t upgrade frequently (like me) will have a better replacement when the iP5 battery naturally dies.

    • Chris Willard

      If you upgrade frequently, you’ll be long since done with both your iPhone 5, and 5s, before either of them reach the point where their battery will naturally die.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I purchased my 64gb iP5 for $870, with no warranty whatsoever. I can’t afford to spend the same amount and take the same risk frequently.

    • Facebook User

      Interesting Idea, I’ve been thinking the same thing, I brought my iPhone 5 outright and it’s now getting to about 1 year old, I have no plans to upgrade, although I have noticed the battery life is getting worse.
      From the pictures I’ve seen on the internet from the iPhone 5s tear down, the batteries look identical in size and appear to have the same connector in the same place.
      Once I find a place to get hold of an iPhone 5s genuie battery (they shouldn’t be that expensive). I’ll order one and see if it fits in the iPhone 5 case !

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I compared pics on iFixit and the connectors don’t look identical. Not sure though.

      • Facebook User

        Hi, Yeah I’ve just come to the same conclusions, the iPhone 5 battery has 4 pins on the connector, the 5C & 5S battery have only 3 pins, so I don’t think it would work.

  • Tom

    no quad core

    • Eduardo Marquez

      Quad core is as irrelevant as more pixels in a camera. Its all about efficiency and speed just as its all about the size of the camera sensor rather than more pixels.

  • Brian Kieffer

    “Since M7 can tell when you’re in a moving vehicle, iPhone 5s won’t ask you to join Wi-Fi networks you pass by.

    And if your phone hasn’t moved for a while, like when you’re asleep, M7 reduces network pinging to spare your battery.”

    Now that’s badass. Apple truly can still innovate.

  • babiloe

    Ok i wish i could get 5s battery or bigger to change / upgrade my 5 batt later when warranty finished

  • dan

    to be honest I havnt found any dif in battery life between the iphone 4, 4s and 5 !

  • Adrian C

    Where does apple say improved battery performance? They say ‘Higher capacity battery’ which is true. However, as far as performance goes, the iPhone 5S uses more battery. Therefore an improved battery performance isn’a given.