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Remember the concern over the higher-than-expected price of the newly-introduced iPhone 5c?

It was predicted to be Apple’s entry into inexpensive smartphones for China and other emerging nations. Now comes news Apple may indeed have a low-cost iPhone for China: the iPhone 4.

The device – largely unavailable virtually everywhere after Tuesday’s double iPhone 5s/5c launch – remains for sale in China at $423. The price tag happens to fall just where analyst originally expected for Apple’s inexpensive iPhone…

“In an unconventional move for the company, Apple has chosen to keep the three-year-old iPhone 4 on mainland China shelves even after the unveiling of the new flagship iPhone 5s and mid-tier 5c,” writes AppleInsider.

Although Brazil and Indonesia still sell the iPhone 4, China is the only first-party nation offering the smartphone alongside the new iPhones. Apple’s online and brick-and-mortar stores in China sell the iPhone 4 for $423 (2,588 yuan).

The price point works out to $114 (700 yuan) less than the iPhone 4S. It’s also $310 (1,900 yuan) and $441 (2,700 yuan) under the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, respectively.


The iPhone 4 in China can also be purchased through Apple via $19 per month installments over two years. The handset is also available through China Unicom, an Apple carrier partner, for $433 (2,648), as well as other authorized resellers.

The belief is that the iPhone 4 offer is not temporary, as a way to get rid of current inventory. Instead, the move is viewed as Apple’s way to enter the mid-tier smartphone market in China without slashing the firm’s profit margin.

Although the iPhone 4 is based on three-year-technology, Apple still keeps its successor – the iPhone 4S – as its bargain option.

Over in the United States, the 8GB iPhone 4S is offered free with a contract, or for $450 unlocked. The iPhone 5c has taken the position the iPhone 4S occupied up until Tuesday and has now become “last year’s” $99 iPhone of sorts, because the handset features virtually the same internals as the iPhone 5, only dressed in vivid colors.

  • David Gitman

    I am an owner of iphone 4 and I am really disappointed of iOS 7
    first :
    The gm on the iphone 4 laggy
    second :
    it looks just ugly on it
    and yes i know its 3 years old device but why do i have to stay with this ugly control center?

    • Kevin Guzman

      You should probably upgrade. You just said its laggy – its laggy because its meant to be operated on the most recent releases. Seriously, consider upgrading or you won’t have the same experience as everyone else with newer devices.

      • David Gitman

        upgrade for me is hard.. unlike usa the iPhone here is very expensive + i didn’t finished to pay for the iPhone 4 :/
        why did they even gave iOS 7 for iPhone 4 if its laggy?

      • Kevin Guzman

        Sorry to hear that, really didn’t take that into consideration. I’m sure someone will come up with a way to reverse the iOS upgrade for older devices.

      • David Gitman

        I really hope so.. thank you for your concern

      • Kurt

        They made it laggy on purpose. Other OSes when you upgrade your devices runs better. Windows 8 is better than 7, which is better than vista/XP…same goes for Android

      • Core

        this blog is dedicated to mostly jailbreaking why are you here?

      • Kevin Guzman

        Who… Are… You…?

      • Kurt

        iOS is the only OS that when you upgrade the OS you get it gets laggy. Android, it goes faster, Windows, it goes faster, Mac OS? not sure

      • KNS

        Nah, not true. Android’s upgrade’s pretty minor. Like 4.0 to 4.4, the latest. They’re not major like iOS 6, 7 etc.. And I god knows how many years till Android 5.0. Mac OS Mavericks supports Mac from 2007 and up, which is like 7 years of support for upgrades. iOS devices supports for up to 4 years of upgrade. Windows, well, better go buy new RAM, CPU, processors…etc…

      • Kurt

        iPad 1

      • KNS

        Well, the iPad first gen is the pretty much the first ever device. Treat it like an alpha kinda thing. Instead, compare it with Android’s first smartphone, the HTC Dream. It started with Android 1.0 to Android 1.5.

      • Kurt

        it had the same innards as the iphone 4. and the iphone 4 and iphone 3gs both got ios 6. but at least i didn’t pay for my ipad :-s

      • Benchmark Apps

        Someone that understands.

      • KNS

        Aww stop flattering me.

      • Benchmark Apps


  • David Fabian

    That’s kind of crappy that Apple won’t kill off the iPhone 4 and at least offer the 4s as their “new” budget option in China. In light of iOS 7 and a lot of newer apps, the iPhone 4 is *just barely* a capable device. I think this will only reflect poorly on Apple from a customer experience standpoint in the long run.

    • vs511

      Couldn’t agree more. Tim has created so much of fragmentation. Hate it.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Is it just me or is iOS going to get a lot more fragmented than it has in the past what with the iPhone 3GS not getting support for iOS 7, China still able to buy the iPhone 4 but many countries already having it retired and replaced with the 4S and the iPhone 5 being dropped…

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      I don’t see why the 3Gs should have iOS 7 support, Its been there since 2009 its getting old. Also it will be very laggy, this is coming from an iPhone 4 user with iOS 7 GM and a very laggy experience.

  • 919263

    Does not make any sense. Iphone 4 is not LTE compatible, does not have as many Frequency Band compatibility…
    The whole reason why China Telecom did not let Apple into the country all that time back. Now suddenly that same technology would be allowed.. I dont think so. Someone needs to check the source of this tidbit of grapevine….

  • leart za jmi

    iPhone 4 still is a good looking phone, for sure it will be slow on ios 7 since is single core processor and graphic, but the materials used in, glass and steel, make ip4 to look great. if you cant afford the latest one owning a ip4 is not that bad

  • chumawumba

    Who cares, the Chinese can just use their shitty knockoffs.

  • Stefan Jansen

    Is anyone seriously going to pay $420 for a 3 year old device?

  • Guest

    iPhone 4 is soooooooooo laggy

  • A B

    The iPhone is the same price in India as well and is still available @ ₹ 22k which is about $ 350-375