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Typically, when you go to a movie theater to watch a film, you’re asked to shut down all mobile devices. “Please silence your cell phones now,” is a common request you’ll see on screen, right before your flick begins.

But that won’t be the case at Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live event. Movie-goers will actually be encouraged to bring along their iPads, and use them, as they interact with the film using a special app…

SlashFilm (via MacRumors) reports:

“Bring your iPad to the movie theater and experience special event screenings of “The Little Mermaid” on the big screen like never before! It’s “Disney Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid,” where you become part of the story. Interact with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Compete with the audience as you play games, sing-along, and collect hidden treasure. But watch out for Ursula, who just might try to steal your points. It just got better, down where it’s wetter, with “Disney Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid.”

And here’s a little promo clip from Disney:

It’s interesting that the companion app appears to be iPad-only—no Android. But I supposed Apple and Disney have always had a close relationship. Disney, in fact, recently honored Steve Jobs with a Legends award.

If you’d like to check it out, The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live hits select theaters on September 20. And the accompanying app, Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid, can be found in the App Store for free.

What do you think, is this a good idea or a bad idea? Why?

  • Nate McKelvie

    This is actually a very cool concept, I’m not the biggest little mermaid fan, but could be very interesting to see this with other films, especially like mystery type dramas or crime shows where you could try and collect evidence and solve the crime yourself

    • Rob Spalding

      havent they already done this with apps for home viewing of blurays?

  • 404 Not Found

    Gonna suck if you’re the poor kid XD

    • Benchmark Apps

      Love your username. 😀