iPhone 5s pricing

Now that you know all about the new iPhone 5s, the next two questions are: “when can I get it?” and “how much is it going to cost me?” As far as price goes, Apple has stuck with its usual scheme: the 5s will start at $199 for the 16GB model with a two-year carrier contract. And availability will depend on where you live.

It appears that Apple will not be putting this handset up for pre-order like it has in year’s past, but it will be available in-stores on September 20. Note that this initial launch group now includes China, which is pretty significant considering that it doesn’t typically get new Apple products until several months after launch.

iPhone 5S availability

If you do not see your country listed above, don’t worry, you may not have that long to wait. Apple has promised that its new handset will be available in over 100 countries, on over 270 carries by December of this year. That sounds similar to the iPhone 5, indicating that Apple has hit its stride in international distribution.

iPhone 5S december availability

Back to pricing: for those looking to buy the new iPhone at full retail, it looks like Apple has decided to stick with the usual pricing scheme: $649 for the 16GB, $749 for the 32GB and $849 for the 64GB. There’s no word on when an unlocked version will be available, but it appears that T-Mobile is going to be selling full retail versions of the handset at launch.

5s full retailSo, who’s going to be picking one up next week?

  • Tobias9413

    Honestly, I was going to buy it but now I’m like ehh. I expected a little bit more than that apple :,(

    • Casey H.


    • CASEACE79

      Really??? It’s an S year. You had to know there wouldn’t be a hardware redesign. Expecting anything else is unrealistic.

      • Tobias9413

        No I knew that. It’s just I expected more. Better camera. More than just a ring around the home button for the sensor. I hope that ring would light up when you got notifications and such. It’s not that I expected a big redesign. Just more. Maybe it all looks to ehh and doesn’t surprise me because of all the leaks all time and I’m always on iDB so yeah. Still sucks.

  • Andrew Brown

    It only said preorder was for iPhone 5C on the 13th

    • Andrew Brown

      Lol nice save on redoing the article…

  • Alan Absalon


    • jocastro

      good for you

  • Sokrates

    they obviously have limited availability for the 5S.

  • Mr.H

    I’m gonna buy the gold one with 32 GB .

  • At

    Pretty disappointing they didn’t go to 32/64/128. That was my decider right there. Will not be upgrading to yet another base 16gig model. Always next year.

    • burlow

      yes, yes I would

    • burlow

      so, skip paying $300 now for 32GB, and wait until next year to pay $200 for 32GB?

    • Boss

      1080p movies for trips?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Another meh iPhone announcement… iPad event can’t come sooner…

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Everyone should have expected this year to be ‘meh’.

    Now that iPhone 6 next year…

    • Guest

      Sadly, I don’t see the iPhone 6 event that much of an exciting event, either. Although, I obviously can’t know this since that’s about a year away.

    • iThinkergoiMac

      I will probably get flamed for phrasing it this way, but: if you think the 5S is “meh”, you don’t understand the big improvements of the 5S. It’s a BIG step up from the 5.

      • Blip dude

        No flame, it’s an Opinion. My personal opinion though is that it is not that much of a big improvement. Yeah, 120fps slow motion is nice, so is 64 bit. But gold?? and a fingerprint sensor?? Thanks, but I’ll pass. Right now what I want is a 4.5 inch phone (5-inches is just too much for me), and not have to go to Android in the process. Plus, even if I would consider buying this for the slow motion camera, I will wait until there is a Jailbreak for iOS 7 first.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        64-bit is a huge improvement, as are the camera improvements they made. The finger print sensor is really sophisticated and, because it’s more of an identity device than simply a password replacement, it has some really cool potential if it works as well as they say. I’m actually very happy with the improvements they made. I think it should come as no surprise that they didn’t change the screen size (they already did last generation), and for me that’s not important. I’ve got an Android phone with a larger screen, and it doesn’t actually display that much more than my 4S does.

  • Taf Khan

    Honestly I like it, features, spec bump n all, all good..

    Do I need to upgrade from an iPhone 5? Not convinced I do, different design and larger screen would have made it a must upgrade.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Meh yawwwwn

  • pauleebe

    The only disappointment is the lack of preorder.

    September 20th is going to be bloody 😉

  • Latrese

    And the 5 will be how much? I don’t think the 5S is worth the extra money…

    • Guest

      The 5 will be non-existent. The 5C is taking place of the 5, and the 4S is going to be free on contract.

      EDIT: iPhone 5C is $99 on contract.

      • Latrese

        That’s dumb ass hell. So my options are paying $200 for a low GB slightly better iphone 5 or looking like a middle schooler with a colored phone???

      • CASEACE79

        Only reason they created the 5c is because they couldn’t offer the 5 in the current pricing model they have created in it’s current form

  • Will definitely be upgrading my 4S to the 5S.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    No Pre-order wow…

  • Amad

    Does this mean 5s has more RAM then ip5 does anyone know or make a educated guess?

  • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

    I was going to switch from verizon to t-mobile so that I can get unlimited back but on Apples website, it’s showing that the new iPhone is only Full Price for T-Mobile. Not the $200 down and $20 a month plan they have for the 5. What’s the deal????

    • iThinkergoiMac

      That’s up to T-Mobile. The current iPhones are full-price on T-Mobile, it’s their own deal that lets you go cheaper.

  • Jason Dennery

    My biggest concern is that they integrate the IGZO tech next year for the iPhone 6, and also base model starting at 32gb all the way up to 128gb.

    It might be a moot point to some, but storage is very important to some people; myself included.

    To those of us who jailbreak, and have a lot of music (I currently have over 200gb of music, and that’s not nearly as much as a lot of people) it is very hard to narrow down your music selection to a paltry 16 or 32 gb device and still have room for jailbreak tweaks, games, apps, photos, documents…. Etc.

    The only way I would have upgraded from my iPhone 5 to the 5s is if they offered the 128gb option. It’s simply not worth it to me to upgrade for a faster processor and camera improvements. I would likely never use the fingerprint scanner because of privacy concerns. As soon as iOS 7 is jailbroken though, I will most certainly be installing it. iOS 7 wasn’t big enough of an upgrade for me to give up my jailbreak tweaks. I have my phone set up exactly the way I want it and IMHO, in a much better looking package than iOS 7.

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      You might get a big surprise with the fingerprint scanner. We are not talking about old tech that could be fool by a photocopy, this one (as per the spect) would not be fool by a latex copy of your fingers!

      A lots of technologies have improved but still suffer from the stigma of the old versions’ weakness.

    • Mike

      What tweaks do you use? I feel the same with my tweaks

  • nohope

    No Pre-order? What tha….so what is the expected delivery date if you order online on the 20th?

    • Casey H.

      Im working on finding this out too!

      • nohope

        Right, but what is the estimated delivery time frame, Friday the 27th etc?

    • Casey H.

      An apple rep confirmed that Apple did not note a time for the order start time on the 20th. She said the absence of time is meant to be understood as midnight of the 20th. Hopefully she is accurate.

  • Dalton

    i was planning to preorder 64 Gig gold 5S at midnight on verizon…. Looks like ill be waiting at my local best buy hoping I get one… Honestly am a little upset I can’t preorder. But I cannot wait to have it and say my goodbyes to my 4S, Happy late birthday to me ;).

    • CASEACE79

      Well looks like you’ll be waiting a very long time as it is ONLY available at Apple stores on launch day according to Apple’s wording.

  • geekinit

    Wow. I got the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5 on day one every single year but I really don’t see the need to blow $399 just so I can have a finger print scanner.

  • MrSolo816

    I’m not sure. I think I’ll prob wait for the iPhone 6. Who knows though.

  • I am disappointed with apple, i was going to switch back to iPhone from my Galaxy S4 and now i wont.

    • 3aloo1


  • hebron2000

    I am disappointing not too much change what about large screen
    this is important thing .
    the rest of new thing in the new iphone most of the smart phone has it.
    disappointing…next year !!!!

    • CASEACE79

      You act like this is a surprise. It’s apple and it’s an S year. Expecting anything else is just wishful thinking. Being disappointed is completely unrealistic.

  • Quang

    There is still no Up Next in iOS 7’s Music app 😐

  • Max

    Why wont they allow us to preorde the iphone 5s? I know why!!! They want a huge huge line to form at their store for more publicity!

    • 3aloo1

      Exactly What i think

    • CASEACE79

      Nope! Adding China to release day has eaten up a large % of available devices. The lines definitely won’t hurt though.

  • 3aloo1

    Whats the prices of iphone 5c


    Really all these posts about being disappointed??? It’s an S year. What did you guys expect. Stop being unrealistic. You all are part of this community and should know better. Hell this year there is even a physical hardware change with the sensor (like it or hate it doesn’t matter) and a new color (again doesn’t matter if ya like it or not) This is much more than we got in years past. Think 3GS and 4S. Expecting anything else from apple is just being unrealistic.

  • richrich

    here in Europe it will probably go for $880 unlocked, like they always do, which really sucks.
    aand we’re going to have to wait till December.

  • Mimi Burke

    I bought (on waitlist) an iphone 5s Verizon for an October delivery. The improvements look good to me, especially the software and camera features. I bought the gold color and am curious if that color is still available in 16 GB. If anyone hears of an estimated October delivery date, please post it. We also need to know if Apple can circumvent the hackers into the fingerprint sensor.