Blue iPhone 5C packaging closeup

The Chinese technology blog C Technology over the past week posted purported shots of the iPhone 5C packaging as well as an alleged video of the fully assembled and powered on red plastic iPhone 5C variant, running the stock iOS 7 Safari browser.

Monday morning, the blog posted another video apparently depicting a light blue iPhone 5C in action, running iOS 7. The short clip takes us through the Home screen, user interface transitions, Safari tabs, the Lock screen and other aspects of Apple’s redesigned mobile operating system…

I’m sorry, the video isn’t embeddable so you’ll have to hop over to C Technology and come back here to join us in comments.

UPDATE 1: we have a YouTube version up, courtesy of the French blog The re-captured clip has some frames missing – that’s why the animations don’t appear as smooth as you’d expect – so make sure to check out the YouKu (China’s YouTube) smoother version before commenting.

UPDATE 2: the C Technology website appears to be currently down. Good thing NowhereElse immediately captured that video.

Your key takeaway, based on C Technology’s original clip: the iOS 7 user interface appears to run smoothly on this supposed iPhone 5C unit. This matches up with analyst reports that describe the device as basically an iPhone 5 hardware redesigned around a polycarbonate plastic enclosure.

There’s definitely an A6 chip inside this thing.

What do you think?

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  • Louis Pei

    Has it been official it will be called the Iphone 5C yet?

    • Filip Zíka

      Nothing is official yet

      • Louis Pei

        Even my parents’ divorce ? Yey!

      • Oliver

        talk whit your parents… doing it could change their minds.

      • El Barto

        There should be some rumors about this…

      • I almost got divorced, so I gave my wife the iPhone 5D

      • FOFF

        its has been on some packaging image leaks

  • Jonathan

    Pure awesomeness.

  • Marcus Daniel Houser

    I wonder why the vid is so short. I mean, if your going to take a pic, make it clear, if your going to make a vid, let it be longer and informative. Why is it we always get crappy pics and vids whether it is a iPhone, ufo, fight, it seems the only ppl who can get vids right and pics right are the porn industry.

    • Dontwannaknow

      I wonder that too.

    • Jem Roxas

      Hahaha made my day!

    • Leaked videos and photos are the new viral teasers.
      Starting to believe that they are staged on purpose by Apple.

      BTW, what you have said its like the UFO videos and photos.. lol.. low quality.. shaking… blurry….

      • FOFF


    • Vic O.

      Dude, your comment cracks me up to no end. You’re right on the money!

    • FOFF

      hahhahhaha cause porn is better than everything

  • Yunsar

    Is there a border around some icons?

  • Prasoon Singh

    As of right now, the budget iPhone seems to be real. Just 24 hours away!

  • Clearly that hand is fake!

    • c0nath


  • Moi

    Ok what’s the deal with that crappy videos , you have in your hands a long waited device but you prefer to film it using a Crappy camera

    • FOFF

      its dramatic and exciting lol

      • Moi

        Haha , I see you replyed to almost every comment here , I guess your booored !

      • FOFF

        i had a comment to make.. .. why is it that humans have to get so emotional about every little some thing ? the point is to comment and have conversations..

      • Moi

        Take it easy boy , I found it funny i said haha ! Remember and for conversations I don’t mind to start one whith any one but you Cuz you seem to be aggressive

  • Kevin

    Dutch iOS 7 on it, it says on the lockscreen ‘schuif om te ontgrendelen’

  • Adnan Mosali


  • c0nath

    So…I think th iPhone 5C will be China-exclusive. Why?
    1. Apple is holding a seperate media event (!!) in China
    2. The normal iPhones are selling great in Europe and the US. No reason to put a low-cost variant there.
    3. If you want low-cost, just get a discounted older-gen device.

    • FOFF


      • c0nath

        Turns out, I was wrong.

  • c0nath

    It might just be an iPhone 5 in a blue case.

    • FOFF

      or a blue case on an iphone 5!!!

  • rasengan720 .

    I can’t wait till tomorrow night!!! ^_^

    • FOFF

      i can wait..

  • Dickbag

    If they really had something legit to show, it would be captured with a real camera (OR AT LEAST AN IPHONE) and not a rock with a camera from 2003.

    • FOFF


      • Kurt


      • FOFF


  • M Last

    15 seconds & bad quality?
    what the hell was that ?

    • FOFF

      it was fun…lol

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    why are these videos always recorded at such a low quality ? It can also be an ipod touch or iphone 5 with a case that makes it look like an iphone 5c

  • Taf Khan

    Video is currently unavailable… What happened? Taken down from YouTube! Maybe Mr Cooke wasn’t too pleased.

  • laszlo gaspar

    This is crazy, the leaks are getting better every year. So much for Tims doubling down on security.

  • Dante Arellano

    What idiotss it’s a ipod with a case please.