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Perhaps one of the biggest problems in the jailbreak community today, apart from piracy, is the growing amount of scammers. These are sites or services that promise to provide users with jailbreak and unlock solutions, in return for money or other malicious intent.

And what’s worse is, often times these services are very misleading, claiming to do things such as “jailbreak iOS 6.1.4” or “downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5″—which we all know aren’t possible yet. So we’re highlighting some of these sites in order to warn users to avoid them…

Luckily, the information wasn’t very hard to come by. The folks over at the iPhone wiki just posted a huge list (or updated a previous one, we couldn’t tell) of URLs for dozens of so-called ‘jailbreaking’ and ‘unlock’ sites, as well as some details about what they do. For example:

  • – Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $24.95
  • – Survey scam
  • – Forwards to
  • – Sells unspecified tool for $49.99
  • iphonejailbreakplus.- Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $29.95
  • – Sells unspecified tool for $27.00
  • – Survey scam, all set up in advance for iOS 7
  • – Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $29.95 per month
  • – Sells an unspecified tool for $29.99
  • – Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $14.95
  • – Sells an unspecified tool for $9.95 or $29.95
  • – Copy of pod2g’s blog
  • – sells PurpleRestore and other internal tools at high price promising they’ll allow to downgrade any device/firmware and to install any firmware on any device

And there are many, many more.

I can’t begin to tell you what a great tool this is. I get questions and comments from readers and Twitter followers all the time asking about these services and if they’re real. And while my boilerplate response is if you haven’t seen it on iDB, it’s probably not legit, this will help.

It’s sad, really, that these guys probably make good money by either reselling other people’s work, or essentially stealing their money. But here’s hoping that shining more light on the scammer scene will help put a dent in their business.

  • MyFlammingSkull

    Don’t forget to mention @7inj3ct3D! Top scam list!

    • sivkai

      Completely agree. This guy is asking for donations for a “jailbreak” he has yet to realise! Where do these assholes come from? More surprising is that there are idiots who are actually sending him generous amounts of money!

      • Antzboogie

        I agree but you cant spell bro lol.

      • sivkai

        What did I misspell?

      • Wyeth Joseph Pio Dion

        He’s trolling you. You only misspelled “release” as “realise.” It’s a common mistake. You were actually closer to “realize.”

      • planetcoalition

        In British English it is realise.

      • Wyeth Joseph Pio Dion

        Well, that would explain that. So, in fact, the troll and myself were both wrong. I guess you learn something new everyday! Thank you!

      • Xavier Minz

        no its not!

      • Fran

        Somebody needs to find this little shit and stab him to death

    • Kevin Guzman

      The dude is so stuck up.

  • on3simpleclick

    Not sorry, but you have got to be a complete idiot if you are stupid enough to think that you can buy yourself a jailbreak for your device.

    • Theta

      Well it’s probably aimed at newbies that haven’t fully grasped how jailbreaking works. There’s always gonna be suckers that get conned.

  • n0ahcruz3

    I tried one iphone unlocking site. I was desperate so i tried it. And as soon as they emailed me that my iphone was unlocked. I immediately connect it to itunes and to my surprise it got unlocked.

    • iViperzLTD

      Unlocking is different since it’s via the carrier it’s locked to and many website do actually do legitimate unlocks, obviously at premium prices. Just be especially wary of jailbreak sellers since every jailbreak software to date has been free (as far as I’m aware), though I doubt you’re a newbie to be buying jailbreaks 🙂

      • n0ahcruz3

        Im fully aware about carrier unlocks after u met all the criteria to be eligible for unlock. This website unlocked my iphone even when i still got 1 year left of my contract. I need an unlock phone bec. I travel alot. And yes im not new to jailbreak. Im one of those people who wait overnight for a untethered JB 😉

      • jess_love

        what website did you use to unlock it ? (and because I am new to jailbreaking, who did u use for that?)

    • Desiree Rosado

      what site did you use? Trying to find a legit one that’s not a scam.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Im sorry I forgot the name that was like 4 years ago.. Im pretty sure it was from UK. Coz I remember it has a UK.

    • Jennifer

      Excuse me, I’m also curious as well, what website did you use to unlock your Iphone? I’m in a situation like that as well. Thank you 🙂

  • Tom Brady

    No lie, its guys in my city that charge 25 bucks to jailbreak iphones. And they charge like 75 bucks to change the color of your phone.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Lol thats messed up

    • Franck Kamayou

      The guy in your city charges you for his ‘know how’, for the people that are not handy with computers and complex manipulations. Many people are afraid of jailbreaking their devices on their own so they’d rather give it to someone else and pay to make sure it’s done right. They are not scamming or selling you software.

      75 bucks to change the color is the same thing, they don’t just paint it, they take the iPhone apart and put it back together with different parts. The iPhone 4/4s is hell to take apart!

      • Jonathan L. James

        Very very well said! Yes we charge for the know how. For the time it takes to stop what Iam doing and spend 15 minutes jail breaking your iphone. We run a business. And 20 bucks is not much for something you want. Plus then they want me to show them how it works and how to add themes etc.

        And the color conversion kits average 40$. Plus average labor of 35$ No we are not trying to rip you off. It’s a business. 15 minutes per phone + 10 minutes to explain how it works. 25 minutes x 12 customers average = 5 hours. 5 hours worth of work for free? I don’t think so

  • chumawumba

    Make sure to stay away from the idiots who fall for these

  • let me inform my city . ABOUT THIS b.s .

  • Abdl

    Who would fall for these?! O_o

    • Jonathan

      Idiots. Period.

      • ConduciveMammal

        You make it sound like everyone is as knowledgeable about this subject. Whilst at the same time making yourself sound like a pretentious dick.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        He doesn’t just sound so. 😉

      • Jonathan

        Just a personal guess. That’s all. No harm or offense to be done to anyone.

      • bob

        no people new to jailbreaking, like the ones who have tried to look up cydia on the app store and the newb people.

      • Franck Kamayou

        try rooting an android device…

      • Jonathan

        I hate Android. I’ll pass.

    • Derp

      I’m not surprised at the stupidity of humans anymore.

    • Rowan09

      A lot of people, it’s not everyone that knows how to jailbreak an iPhone or even tech savvy. It’s not that these sites only offer unlock service which is a lie, they tell you to pay a one time fee for joining the site, etc.

  • Jonathan

    I want to personally drive to the owners of the scam and slap them.

    • bob

      I already did.

      • bob

        Just kidding.

      • Jonathan


  • Jonathan

    They probably hid the small print.

  • ConduciveMammal

    Anyone know of a decent and permanent service for me to have my iPhone 4 unlocked in the UK?

    • Victor

      depends the price you’re willing to pay

      • ConduciveMammal

        I was hoping around £20-£30

    • Ted Forbes

      Try Sim-unlock dot net. Most UK iphone carriers are pricey to unlock though. Good luck!

      • ConduciveMammal

        Okay great thanks. I’ll be sure to check it out.

    • Franck Kamayou

      try i m z d l
      Sometimes in Europe, it’s easier to just call the carrier. They are less difficult with unlocks unlike the USA.

  • Ricky

    In my coubtry they sell jailbreak for $5 and people buy them

  • seyss

    lol @ “per month”

  • Ted Forbes

    Finally a list that is helpful. Lucky for me I found the right website service for carrier unlocking from the start and it is inexpensive. I did some research before hand and some of these sites were on my list to start. Lucky enough I choose the right one and still use it today. I have not lost any money trying to unlock networks or network search but I know many people who have. Thanks for the list.

  • iamnotfan

    Sorry it’s out of topic.
    trubo sim or Gevey sim does it really work on unlocking 4s


    • ConduciveMammal

      I think it depends largely on the firmware version. I’ve heard nothing but good things though about Gevey sim

    • Ted Forbes

      Yes but it depends on the carrier and ios version. However factory unlocking have become more readily available, pricey but reliable.

      Considering the trouble you will run into messing around with these sim unlock methods or if you update the sim method becomes obsolete and you would have to do it again each time. Sim unlocking methods are more expensive.

      To me It is safer and in most instance it is cheaper (especially AT&T) to go with factory unlocking your iPhone. That is unless your carrier is not available.

      • iamnotfan


  • Ottawa Gamerz

    i was stupid once and tryed one of those sites long ago for my 30 bucks i got how to do it with red snow so like a little faq so i learned how but now since they make it so simple dont bother!!

  • These should be called fakebreaks

  • Tom

    its cheap to unlock just use ebay its only 2 bucks no need to restore

  • nyangejr

    chop my money

  • siddique

    I have a mobile shop..i take 60 saudi riyal (3.75 riyal per one dollar) to make a jailbreak for ….

  • richrich

    thank you for this article, people need to be made aware.

  • jonathan

    unlock-ios .com is this a good website

  • John Smith

    I was considering promoting some of the sites in this list.
    If I understand correctly, many are simply selling freely available software/firmware like redsn0w?

    So they are not scams in the sense that they promist something and you don’t receive it.
    They are just selling something you can get for free? Like botteled water.

  • Csempe Kitty

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