iPhone 5S (gold, two-up, left angled)

There has been little, if any, confirmation regarding the next iPhone’s improvements in the cellular radio technology department, which hasn’t stopped pundits from speculating whether or not the iPhone 5S features support for the ultra-fast LTE Advanced standard, also known as LTE-A or simply LTE+.

Samsung notably promised to offer an updated version of the Galaxy S4 with LTE+ soon and now a cryptic comment by Deutsche Telekom suggests the iPhone 5S could in fact work with the latest cellular networking technology that offers at least twice the download speeds of the current-generation LTE standard…

The German blog Macerkopf.de passes along a passage from Deutsche Telekom’s press release announcing the carrier will be launching the 150MBit/s LTE Advanced network later this month.

“Appropriate devices from other vendors will follow by the end of September,” a machine-translated statement reads. This is of course pure speculation as “appropriate devices” could mean a whole bunch of upcoming handsets.

However, with Apple launching its new iPhones next Tuesday, we think it’s fairly safe to assume that the iPhone 5S will support LTE Advanced. The Korea Times suggested as much back in July, claiming the Korean carrier SK Telecom and Apple were expected to unveil an LTE Advanced iPhone variant “in the coming months”.

“SK Telecom is approaching Apple to put our LTE-A technology on the upcoming iPhone 5S,” an anonymous executive for the carrier told the newspaper at the time. “We are in the middle of negotiations.”

LTE Advanced theoretically allows for simultaneous download and upload speeds of 300 megabits per second, or up to three times faster than current LTE theoretical speeds.

Back in the United States, Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile is prepping to leapfrog LTE competition with high-speed LTE Advanced. The telco’s head of radio network and evolution strategy Yasmin Karimli told VentureBeat his company already has the latest hardware in place.

“Others may have hardware that’s two years old, so they may have to rip and replace,” he said.

  • siddique

    The iPhone 5c won’t be retina display???

    • Apanizo2

      Probably not

    • Apanizo2

      5 days till we find out

      • Saeed Ghattas

        I think it will have. Apple won’t go that low.

      • Like they did with the iPad mini?

    • Eduardo Marquez

      Guys the iphone 5c is a regular iphone 5 but with a plastic colored shell. Its that simple. And for the record every iphone from here on out will be retina. When was the last time you saw an iphone with out retina? I’l help you out 3gs.

      • siddique

        its a politics of apple,introduce product with no retina,after a year upgrade it with retina and then upgrade itz inch size…

        iphone 3g >3gs>4 came wd retina 4s and 5 changed in inch size.
        ipad 1,2 and the 3 upgraded with retina ..

        ipad mini non retina…coming retina model on a way,,,

        the same wil hpn with iphone 5c too…

      • Eduardo Marquez

        The 4 and 4s were the same screen size and they were both retina. Trends change. Its important to know that and except it

  • Jackson Grong

    The Average 3G Internet speed in america is 7 mb/s, why do we need LTE+!?
    No carrier even uses LTE at full potential.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Agreed. Im not even getting the same speeds on my Iphone 5 that most of the reviewers got back last year. So until a lot of areas are supported this wont mean much.

  • pauleebe

    5C will be retina. Making it non-retina will introduce another resolution for developers to support (568 x 320). All apple devices are headed in the retina direction.

    I don’t care for LTE advanced. LTE is hardly rolled out in non-USA markets, and even in the USA, speeds are high enough to take advantage of it. Plus the battery life will probably be dismal.

  • Eduardo Marquez

    The faster the better. Time is money in my world

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Not until iPhone 6.

  • johndhynes

    The gold iPhone 5S is going to run iOS 6?

    • Daniel Eliasson

      Are you stupid? This is a mockup.

      • johndhynes

        Thank you for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. Since that went over your little head, I’ll explain. A mockup of 5S should show the new iOS, which has been all over the Web for months, or else it’s just silly, like you. Check Wikipedia under “sarcasm”.

      • Daniel Eliasson

        wow m8 2 edgy 4 me m8 sorry m8 messin wit da wrong guy here m8

  • Dante Arellano

    I’m still have using edge in some places in richmond va carries needs to put money in towers first.

  • Rohan Rashid

    what i really wanna know how the fingerprint sensor will affect case companies like otterbox. their cases cover the home button.