Sony Xperia Z1 (lifestyle 006)

The IFA 2013 show is now underway in Berlin, Germany and the consumer electronics giant Sony has just wrapped up its major keynote which saw the official announcement of a brand new flagship smartphone, the 4G LTE-enabled Xperia Z1. Previously code-named the Honami, the Android smartphone combines the very best of Sony’s technology and boats “a groundbreaking camera experience”.

More on that a bit later. The Japanese company also unveiled a second-generation smartwatch and launched two all-new powerful camera lens accessories. Jump past the fold for cold hard facts…

Tapping Sony’s cameraphone expertise, the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean device comes outfitted with a 20.7-megapixel camera and runs a speedy quad-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM, clocked at an impressive 2.2GHz.

It also boasts a five-inch display with Sony’s Triluminos technology and full HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixel resolution. It surely doesn’t hurt that the Xperia Z1 is waterproof.

Sony Xperia Z1 (lifestyle 004)

The device sure looks sleek.

I’ll let Sony do the talking:

Its stunning looks combine Sony’s acclaimed OmniBalance design with premium materials and precision engineering in a slim waterproof and dust resistant smartphone (IP55 & IP58).

A solid one-piece aluminum frame with tempered glass on the front and back ensures beauty and durability as well as a consistent viewing experience from any angle.

Check out the promo vid below.

The Xperia Z1’s camera startles with advanced tech, no question about it.

Not only does it has a 20.7-megapixel sensor – which puts it in the prosumer category – but also comes with Sony’s excellent G Lens with a 27mm wide angle and bright F2.0 aperture. But wait, we’re only getting started.

Sony Xperia Z1 (lifestyle 003)

There’s also a large custom-made 1/2.3-type Exmor RS mobile CMOS image sensor and an on-board dedicated Bionz processing engine for mobile. Typically found in Sony’s compact digital cameras – and now powering the company’s new smartphone camera lens attachment – the Bionz chip is used to accelerate processing of high-resolution images.

In fact, the Xperia Z1 can be paired with the just-released Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 lens cameras.

Sony Xperia Z1 (camera tech)

The included suite of Xperia Camera apps deliver a range of interesting features, including live social broadcasting, as depicted on the image top of post. You can also point the phone at landmarks to get all sorts of useful information.

The Xperia Z1 can take up to 61 images in two seconds, letting you choose the perfect shot. Another sweet capability: one camera app has a nice overlay of customizable animations to create cool pictures using Sony’s SmartARTM augmented reality technology.

In addition to a tripod (below), Sony is also selling the Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M accessory which helps the Z1 detect smiles without the need to hold the handset.

Sony Xperia Z1 (camera stand)
Sony’s Smartphone Tripod SPA-MK20M provides extra stability.

Sony claims the combination of these technologies delivers the same level of quality and performance as a conventional compact digital camera in a slim, waterproof smartphone. High shutter speeds and 3x clear image zoom also “prevents shots from being blurred while enabling them to be captured at distance”.

Check out the Xperia Z1 camera promo below.

According to a media release, the Xperia Z1 has a massive 3000 mAh battery and will launch globally from September 2013 in black, white and purple color variants.

Preloaded Sony apps include Sony’s Walkman (22 million songs through Sony’s Music Unlimited service), Movies (more than 150,000 movies and TV shows through Video Unlimited2 from Sony Entertainment Network) and more.

Sony Xperia Z1 (lifestyle 001)

The device also come with PlayMemories Online, a cloud-based image and video service integrated right into the Album app, with an All Sync feature letting you auto-upload all your photos “without storage limitation” due to the images being resized to 1,920 pixels wide.

Sony Xperia Z1 (lifestyle 002)

Check out the additional Xperia Z1 information on the Sony Mobile website.

In addition to the new flagship smartphone, Sony unsurprisingly introduced the QX10 and QX100 camera lens attachments that latch magnetically onto your iPhone or Android device.

The accessories pack in a standalone sensor with Carl Zeiss optics – the same used by the Nikon 1 system – and as such are basically complete cameras in their own right that basically relegate your smartphone to a glorified real-time viewfinder.

Sony QX100 (image 001)

The $250 QX10 has an 18.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with a 10x zoom lens, the same sensor and lens of Sony’s $400 WX150 Cyber-shot camera. The more powerful $500 QX100 (now available on Amazon) has a 20.2-megapixel Exmor R sensor with a 2/1.8 Carl Zeiss lens, the same sensor-lens pairing from the Sony RX100 point-and-shoot camera (the most praised sensor for high-end compact cameras).

There’s also a gold variant, just in case.

Sony QX100 (image 002)

I’m loving the official ad: it’s quite smart in showing off the remote shutter capability – that alone allows for some interesting shots that are not necessarily possible with your phone’s built-in camera.

Both accessories feature a Bioniz processor and connect with your smartphone over Wi-Fi (or NFC), using Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app that will be hitting the App Store later this month. The QX100 comes equipped with a dedicated control ring for camera-like adjustment of manual focus and zoom, which is super nice.

Sony QX100 (lifestyle 001)

Finally, a second-generation Sony smartwatch is now official.

Sony smartwatch (three up)

Billed as the “world’s first Android-compatible smartwatch with one-touch NFC”, the Sony SmartWatch 2 uses as a second screen for the Xperia Z1 and lets you read messages, handle calls, access notifications, trigger the Xperia Z1 camera shutter and more. It’s water-resistant, has NFC and sports a 1.6-inch transflective LCD screen with a rather paltry 220-by-176 resolution.

Sony smartwatch (lifestyle 001)

Preloaded apps include SMS/MMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, music remote extension/music handling, Calendar, Weather, to name a few.

Sony says it’s working closely with developers “for even more optimized apps”, including companion smartwatch camera apps to enhance the Xperia Z1 experience. Sony shared little in terms of price points and availability other than noting the new smartwatch is “coming soon”.

What do you think about Sony’s announcements?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wow that phone looks beautiful! If only Apple did something this amazing. But I dont want to move to android, but this phone will be tempting to some, even to me.

    • mehrab

      Always had the worst experiences with xperia phones. Trust me you wont be happy after you use it for a few months

      • Andy.w

        wow, i had the worst experience with APPLE, since their battery life sucks. plus no Memory Card expansion. not to mention, Jailbreak are likely loosing. unlike SONY open up their bootloader to be Unlocked from their sony website, meaning Rooting is 100% possible!!!

      • mehrab

        Duh your a geek you must love hacking twinkering customizing your phone thats what android is made for. For the avg user they need simplicity smoothness and design and usefull features great camera and an amazing ecosystem

      • Andy.w

        IPhone never had a good camera to begin with, quality is always smudge and pixels with black dots. Even people from Cupertino Apple HQ talks about camera ain’t as good as Android phones. Funny thou, that actually use Android over iOS.

      • mehrab

        The iphone 5″s camera is better then the nokia lumia 920,gs4,htc one ARE YOU KIDDING YOURSELF? THE IPHONE NOT HAVING A GOOD CAMERA? Look at android phones they sont have good camaras at ALL iphones have the most used cameras in the internet and the whole freaking world your seriously messed up? COMPARE SIDE BY SIDE THEN SEE SHERLOCK since you dont have the devices i”ll tell you to look around the web. And hello? I prefer ios

      • Kash Gummaraju

        used vs. quality
        get it right. the iphone doesn’t have a good camera only the most used one. htc one is king of lowlight as well as 920. gs4 king of tricks. iphone king of popularity. I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m making sure I can make myself understandable to you, since you seem to be rather uneducated.

      • Rowan09

        I never used the HTC One but the iPhone 5 camera quality is great, it’s far better than the S4 and Note 2. I use my iPhone 5 for my current job in which I have to take pictures for advertising. Your statement about saying its popular implying the camera sucks is far from true. Tests even confirms the iPhone 5 to have a better camera than the S4.

      • mehrab

        And video recording is much better on it too. On the techobuffalo video of the gs4 vs the iphone 5 they gafe the win to the gs4 but said they”d rather use the iphone 5 for pkaying games and taking pictures.

      • mehrab

        Sure im so super uneducated. Its the most used has better low lights then the nokia lumia 920 sometimes shows the most accurate colors then any beats the htc one and samsung galaxy s4. All you said up there just came out of your brain i actually tested these devices and also seen comparisons do that and maybe your super educated brain will adapt that the iphone 5 has an amazing camera.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        Thanks, but I own a gs4, htc one, i5, and a 1020. I know exactly which one is better from hands on experience not from the internet. And I can tell you the i5 is the worst.

      • mehrab

        LOL. MMM YES OKAY SURE BRO SURE.. First off your lying second off yes the iphone 5 is the worst only 8mp cam and dual core awwww poor little iphone :((((

      • Kash Gummaraju

        sure don’t believe me, couldn’t care less

      • mehrab

        What makes you like the other phones more? Im going to laugh my ass off now. Please tell me 🙂
        Btw im a current htc one owner 😉 and ex gs4 owner (no pressure) and my brother owns the lumia 1020 so yeah i pretty much know what it can and cant do but pleaseee share your amazing willingly ness to give up on the greatly designed with a great camare smoother then Anything on the market loaded with the best ecosystem andh as excellent mutitasking makes 1gb feel like 3 gb of a phone. And pick a camera phone with okayish multitasking or a phone that heats up while during games and is very laggy and has an awful screen and is plastic
        And a great aluminium designed inspired by the iphone 5 design with a bad camera (good, in low light) with lag on games and here and there.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        what lag? none of the phones you targeted have no lag, maybe you’re one of those unlucky people to get that 1 in 1000 instruments with defects. My htc one has no heating issues unless I run epic citadel and play music at the same time. gs4 awful screen? it maybe 441 ppi, but amoled emphasizes the colors and makes things very nice and lively. Put stock android on the gs4 and one and you get rid off all lag, heating issues, inadequate battery, or memory issues. You probably run your phones with the skin, no wonder you hate them, I hated my one for as long as I had sense on it. But with Stock it’s what iphone users experience with the midrange specs that they have. why else do you think google doesn’t release their nexus lines with THE top of the line specs? For cost savings and since stock doesn’t have any demands on the hardware or RAM.

      • mehrab

        Google makes money thru software hence their hardware costs is very low. I am someone who sees the smallest of dropped fps first of gaming is a big deal to me and web browsing which are not even close to my iphine 5 in terms of fastnestt of loading pages and smoothness (you have the iphone 5 test it out yourself lol) sense and touchwiz are horrible i only like my nexus 4 but my nexus 4 is slower then my 4s which kinda sucks its smooth but not as smoothly consistent as ios. Apps are never optimized sometimes it lags. Other then that you probably are use to the lag. Okay mid range specs? Explain this then why does my note 2 gs4 htc one nexus 4 all fail to lauch (most apps some apps load quicker on the htc/gs4 lol thei phine 5 is a year old afterall but yeah after its lauched the 5 is better navigating the apps) and ALL GAMES LOAD QUICKER SHOW MORE EFFECTS AND IS SMOOTHER FOR E.G MODERN COMBAT 4,N.O.V.A 3,NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED, excom is not even on android neither is fifa 13 LOL. And explain to me why my htc one/gs4/note2/nexus 4 cannot keep up with the ram of my iphone 5 and why cant they smooth smoothly?

      • mehrab

        Here eat this

      • Girish

        LOL,,that line “Phone never had a good camera to begin with” made me rofl

      • iamnotfan

        I had the worst experience in mobile phones , I am switching to landline phones

      • Dan

        You never know, they might have gotten it right this time. Best thing is to wait a few months and wait for the reviews.

      • mehrab

        Yeah yeah lets hope. I prefer ios but on android side of things im completely a nexus lover not the tablets but the smartphone *nexus 4* i liked the smoothness of it much more then of the note 2 i generally liked the note 2 for an andrid but the note 3 is just too big for me i think where sony is lacking is optimizing the software

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Oh dont worry I’m not going to get one. I’m sticking with Team Iphone, but the video makes it look great.

      • mehrab

        Specs make it look deliciously temping then you make the switch and specs dont mean a thingi. Reality cos your phine is not responsive as your iphine ever was

  • Luke Mulholland

    Actually like it.

  • n0ahcruz3

    My next phone.. Ahem Battery life?

    • Joseph

      Remember, it’s 3000mAh. Putting that into comparison, the Moto X, which needs a large battery due to it’s features, has a 2200mAh battery, which is already monstrous.

      I think I can assuredly say this thing’s battery life is better than the iPhone’s, though.

      • n0ahcruz3

        3000 is a big capacity. If the battery life of this phones meets my criteria then its goodbye iphone. Iphone’s battery is freakin horrible(4S). I dont care much about ecosystem now, just a good battery life will be enough for me apps and camera will just be an icing on the cake.

      • Rowan09

        My Note 2 has a terrible battery life compared to my iPhone 5 and I barely use it. It’s not only about the battery size but the ecosystem behind it.

      • Dan

        Really? My Note 2 has good battery life. I’ve been up since 6 am (9 hours now), I’ve watched one 45 minutes of video, played some games, been on the web etc. and battery still at 75%. I usually finish the day with 60, which is pretty good in my book.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t know. I have a new battery too and I barely use it. If I leave the phone for a day without any usage it dies.

      • Dan

        One thing I noticed, if you live/work somewhere you have bad reception, turn off the LTE. I leave my phone on 4G at work (26th floor of a 60 floor building, bad reception) and it helps a lot. I also turn off wifi and gps.

      • Kurt

        He always says negative things about his Note 2 (that’s if he really has one)

      • n0ahcruz3

        My 4S barely last a day. And im biased towards iphone. Been an iphone user since the 1st iphone.

      • Rowan09

        If its goes to almost a day that’s actually pretty good, but when you go to LTE phones it kills the battery like crazy. They should definitely upgrade the battery on the 5S because LTE is not battery friendly at all.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Well thats light to moderate use. If heavy, it wont even reach 12 noon. 6am 100% down to 10-20% on 4G at 11am. Thats how bad it is.

      • Kurt

        If I play gangstar or a similar game with the 4S, It lasts around 2 or so hours. The battery drops unbelievably fast. It’s pathetic. I can’t wait to get my Note 3. Here we get an extra battery and an external battery charger. Actually all phones get that here (except for the iPhone of course which has been free since December!)

  • Boss

    Apple better step their game up on Sep 10th

    • mav3rick

      They will: with colored plastic cases over same last year underspec hardware, a golden phone- LOL, a fingerprint collector and a tweaked camera. Dubbed by blindly purple rainbow mesmerizing new OS. Innovations all over…

  • That watch beats anything Apple will bring out that you can wear on your wrist, not to mention they can then probably sue Apple because they beat them to it.

    As for the phone, of course it’s all marketing tricky in those ads and it probably wont live up to the hype the persieve in them.

    Apple is way to slow at stepping up their game, 5S wont be near this phone, let’s hope for the 6 beating them all (doubt it would)

    (And no i’d never take an Android phone either)

    • So tacky it shows Sony constantly on that watch and watch…

    • iBanks

      I LOL’d at Sony can sue apple because they beat them to it. Think about that one and then think of all the other smartwatches that has been out for quite some time now. The watch is sexy, reminds me of my iPod Nano.

      • Pitchy

        That has never stopped Apple from suing others for doing something Apple is doing even though the other company or someone else did it first.

    • mehrab

      Excuse me? I hope you know that the iphone 5 defeats the gs4/htc one in performance gaming and multitasking performance not to mention the cameras and the display granted not the sharpest but whats the point when we cant make out the pixels its super bright and has amzzing contrast blacks whites etc and is nicely sized for one handed operarion. and btw iphone 5 is still the best designed by far

    • Joseph

      Oh, they definitely beat both Apple and Samsung to the punch with a smart watch. Sony is already on their second generation, as claimed in the article.

    • Pitchy

      That watch is basically already out. They have had a smart watch for a year or two already. This is just an update that looks like the addition of NFC. I have a buddy at work that has had the first version of this for sometime now. It’s pretty awesome and looks better than Samsung’s.

  • Schalkb

    I like the watch!

  • Felix Rüdlinger

    *berlin not berling…

  • rasengan720 .

    If only that camera module could be used for the next gen of iPhone…

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    You have to admit, this is a very impressive phone. I’m still not sure if I would want a smart watch, but it’s definitely something cool Sony has released as well. Compared to the iPhone, the design is something the iPhone has with all glass and metal, the broadcast feature is cool, being waterproof is definitely awesome, but I am definitely impressed by the camera. There should definitely be improvements to the iPhone’s camera and I’m sure it will happen next week. Now we just wait and see. I still wouldn’t want to switch to Android though, I have a lot of investment in Apple’s ecosystem. But this is definitely another great option for those Android users.

  •  Rich 

    Im very impressed. Kudos Sony.

  • Rowan09

    Nice. I think Sony makes some of the best electronics and the watch looks a lot better than the Samsung Gear. I’m surprise I don’t see a post involving the Samsung unpacked event which was once again horrible.

  • Dan

    This phone is impressive. I was thinking about getting the Nokia Lumia 1080 (for the camera), but really didn’t want to move to windows phone. With this one, you get a great camera and android, win/win. If Apple comes out with something as impressive though, I’ll have a real dilemma on my hands lol.

    • Joseph

      Thing is, Sony has a background in cameras and lenses, and Apple doesn’t. Sony has the advantage in this case, and, unless Apple doesn’t want to use their exclusive iSight cameras in the next iPhone, then they won’t catch up that fast, methinks.

      • FOFF

        the iPhone 5S is using sony optics and sensor..

    • n0ahcruz3

      Same here. I was thinking of getting a lumia but windows phone lack the appeal to me. Still waiting what apple has to offer on sept 10. But if rumors were true about the iphone specs eg. Fingerprint scanner, upgraded camera but same 8mp, same 1gb ram & dualcore processor. This phone will be a win win.

    • FOFF

      the 5S will just be a boring S model identical t the all our hopes are in the iphone6..

    • Kurt

      You’re right. This is one nice phone! great features and great look

  • neoamaru

    Suddenly that makes my Xperia Z look like of course i’m getting it!

  • n0ahcruz3

    One thing i dont like about this phone is the name Sony on top of the phone. Why sony?

    • FOFF

      sony always places their brand name very prominently

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah, and i find it quite intrusive when viewing content imo.

      • Kurt

        It’s like free advertising for them. They should pay you to advertise for them.

    • mav3rick

      Yeah, if it doesn’t have the bitten fruit stamp it must be bad…

      • n0ahcruz3

        No, what’s wrong about putting it at the back? And no im not an apple fan boy.

  • Dani Hayes

    Utterly beautiful. But alas, she runs Android :/ Sony needs to make a WP8

    • Dan

      I much prefer it running android, the WP8 app selection is horrible

      • Dani Hayes

        Yes it is but Android is to laggy and always buggy. WP8 is smooth.

      • Dan

        No lag on my Note 2, wouldn’t expect any on this phone either 🙂

  • FOFF

    looks great i wish it was the ihpone6 to bad it runs crappy android though

  • FOFF

    this thing kills the HTC ONE.. too bad the android hardware market is soo

  • Gregory Kitchens

    I’m actually stunned at how amazing this phone looks, and the image and display qualities…this is coming from a hard core Apple supporter… I really like the watch too, much better than the new samsung smartwatch.

  • Paulo Costa

    QX Lens + Google Glass = Pervert’s Paradise

  • mav3rick

    Now, these are some products, this is what innovation means! And services, too:
    “Preloaded Sony apps include Sony’s Walkman (22 million songs through Sony’s Music Unlimited service), Movies (more than 150,000 movies and TV shows through Video Unlimited2 from Sony Entertainment Network) and more.”

    Not plastic colored cases with same last year hardware inside, blindly white screens, childish icons, text or sketched buttons on purple rainbow mesmerizing look as new OS. All are freaking out that they’ll be new plastic colored cases, lengthy articles on this and that it’ll be a maybe gold new phone, many posts about some simple rainbow blended colors wallpapers. LOL

    This is the next smart phone even that will still need to hang on on bitten fruit realm being heavy invested in their apps…

    And Sony’s smart watch is beating by a punch Samsung’s just unveiled.

  • Riaz Toorabally

    I’m an Apple fan.. Seriously.. There is no way that that the iphone 5s can complete with the Z1.. Apple are going to have to stop their stupid court wars with every smartphone manufacturer and start concentrating on making better products.. Was thinking of getting an iphone 5s, the Z1 is starting to change my mind..

    • mav3rick

      How come compete not? It will have a new golden case… And it will collect your fingerprints…

  • mav3rick

    Just watch Xperia Z1 presentation on Sony web site. What SmartTags can do with the phone, water / dust proof, what real camera means…
    And in the bitten fruit realm all are freaking out about plastic colored cases, a possible golden case, a fingerprint sensor and rainbow neon colors on wallpapers and screens…

  • Gus Me

    Wow, this thing looks amazing. I know it’s an ad, and it’s all about the sale, but wow! I’ve seen a few too bad it’s running crappy Android and what not, but I’m wondering when us iPhone users finally say iOS x.x is great too bad it’s in that same old style phone. I’m leaning toward upgrading to an iPhone 5s, but this thing looks really nice. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on reviews.

  • Grande PHD