A new image surfaced online this weekend, claiming to depict a dozen iPhone 5C units in their retail packaging. The phone, which is believed to be Apple’s long-rumored budget iPhone, is shown in a transparent box similar to that of the iPod touch.

The image was accompanied by two other photos, which also claim to show 5C packaging material. If legitimate, they offer a sneak peek at the handset’s user manual, including a device diagram and legal information, and its SIM card ejection tool…

9to5Mac points to the three photos, which were originally posted by iApps.im and an anonymous Weibo user. The site notes that while it’s impossible to determine the legitimacy of the photos, the packaging does line up with past patterns and reports.

iphone 5c material 1

Agreed. Back in July, similar white plastic boxes with the name ‘iPhone 5C’ etched into the sides were photographed—it was the first time that we saw the 5C moniker. It’s believed that the ‘C’ stands for color, as the phone will come in various colorways.

And, as aforementioned, the packaging in the above photo lines up with that of the iPod touch. It’s also reminiscent of last year’s iPod nano boxes, where Apple matched the color of the wallpaper in the faux Home screen image with that of the device.

As for the manual and the SIM card ejection tool, they seem to be consistent with the material offered in the packaging of Apple’s current iPhones. However, because the photos are so blurry, it’s almost impossible to glean any information from the inserts.

iphone 5c material 2

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the rumors, the iPhone 5C is expected to debut alongside the new iPhone 5S later this month. It’s believed to have similar specs to that of the current iPhone 5, with a full retail price between $300 and $400.

  • I’m a barbie girl in pink world… 😛

  • Christian Mejía

    Off topic but, since “champagne” would not be able to be used for the i5s couldn’t they use “apple cider”? Close enough. Or just “cider”

    • iOops

      The color is also close to pee color. I do hope they come up with something more fancy then iPee 5S

    • Chuck Finley

      Apple cider doesn’t exactly scream “class” though.

      It screams “pissed up teenagers”.

  • mehrab

    Why the hell did they show ios 7 with that horrible HORRIBLE wallpaper???

    • Yunsar

      Yeah they should just leave it with the default wallpaper

    • David Gitman

      Horrible background for horrible icons

      • mehrab

        Didnt like them much (icons) after a week i fell in love lol

  • Abdl

    Some say $400-$500…. I just hope it will be very cheap,so that i’ll add it up to my current 4S

  • Conanda

    i don’t like the “pink” background. i hope apple have more nicer background for the product. i hope apple can make iPhone 5C is elegant but still cheap device.

    • iOops

      The background image only represents the shell color of the phone. This is a pink phone.

      • Conanda

        yes. i know it. but i hope it have little pattern or design with pink or anything about the phone color. because whatever i know, iPhone is phone with smart design. 🙂

      • iOops

        It’s just the screen peel-off picture. The actual device will probably ship with the standard iPhone background (if that is what you are concerned about).

      • Conanda

        yeah. i know it too (because i had buy iPod Touch before). but i hope apple have “good looking” for New Consumer. it’s make iPhone 5C is just cheap iPhone, not a “recycle” iPhone. 🙂

        because in Indonesia, my country the phone shop will show the phone box in glass case. if iPhone 5C box standing between samsung and sony device, i think it will not look interesting. i hope apple can make more “high looks” but with cheap price.

        this what i mean. 🙂

        *sorry for my bad english* 🙂

      • Joseph liong

        No “cheap” prices for apple product..

      • Conanda

        apple always produce expensive price, i always agree with that, but still have best product. my iPod Touch still have a nice work until 4 years. 😉

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        its red…

      • iOops

        It could very well be, however with the bad photograph, I am going to say Pink for now as that is what it looks like. We won’t know for sure until they are announced.

  • Steve Jobs

    what about the Specs of 5C ?

    • Chliii

      it’s a repackaged iphone 5, see the other articles already posted here…

  • PainToad

    Got to admit leaning towards Nexus 4 after the price drop 🙁

    • AppleAnalist

      Bye! or did you want a goodbye party?

    • CPVideoMaker101

      Don’t forget to install paranoid android on it. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T GET 8GB. It’s going to be a night mare. Also root.

    • Maxim∑

      NO TRUST ME. I just bought a nexus 4 last month, it over heats and has terrible battery life. I tried every single ROM+Kernel combination and could only get 2 hours screen on time max. The display brightness is also half of what the iPhone 5 is capable of reaching and colors on the nexus 4 are off. It’s all online wasn’t just my phone!

      If you want to go android I recommend waiting for the Nexus 5 or maybe the Note 3 but it will be huge 🙂 even the HTC One is a good choice but stay away from the S4 because performance is not consistent and it’s bloated with useless things that you will just turn off in a week

      • mehrab

        Htc is not a better performer then the gs4.

    • mehrab

      I love the nexus 4 favourite android devicce but i”d take an 4s for the camera ecosystem and the performance the nexus 4 is slower then the 4s and the 4s shows more details/graphics in games and has a better screen

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iPhone Hello Kitty…. Goes well with iOS 7 Hello Kitty… ^_^

  • Gonçalo

    I still remember the time when we just knew how Apple products were at the official presentations, good times…

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      rumors and leaks are ruining all fun

      • Kurt

        You’re not having fun now? I am. And I think you too. That’s why we come to IDB right?

  • siddique

    Guys just think if ip5c wil come ,then wht wil hapn to ipod touch market ??? No 1 wil replace iphone cheap with iod touch..

    • Cameron Nelms

      The iPod may go to kids who can’t have a phone? Or people who just want music and games?

    • Dani Hayes

      Same thing that happened to them when the iPad mini was released.

  • batongxue

    Something not related.
    Apple should be sending invitations in 2 and a half hrs.
    Come on!

  • macboy74

    Fake fake and umm fake.

    • Dani Hayes

      I hope Apple unveils these just to see how they would hype them up. It would be hilarious.

  • A fugly phone for a fugly OS…

  • 3aloo1

    Pink stands for b*tches LOL

    • FOFF

      pink is the new manly color..