AppleCare (iOS 7 vacation blackout)

Just like it did ahead of every iPhone launch since the original iPhone’s release back in the summer of 2007, Apple is now canceling vacations for its AppleCare support personnel ahead of next month’s release of new iPhones. Specifically, Apple is restricting employees from taking time off from September 15 and all the way through September 28.

Of course, Apple during this two-week window is expected to announce and start selling the iPhone 5S/5C and release iOS 7 for public consumption. Just earlier today, we reported the firm is now asking its registered developers to update their applications with app icons optimized for the new iOS 7 sizes…

AppleInsider was able to get hold of an internal company document, pictured top of post, revealing the September 15-28 blackout period for the AppleCare support personnel.

Apple is expected to announce new iPhones and release iOS 7 the same day, on September 10. However, the iPhone 5S and its rumored plastic variant is understood to go on sale ten days later, on September 20. The vacation blackout not only covers the expected launch, but a full week after.

To cope with the expected influx of customer inquires about iOS 7 between September 10 and 20, the AppleCare employee training is now underway, with particular focus on the Find My iPhone, Activation Lock, AirDrop and Control Center features, the new iCloud Photo Sharing options, and stock Camera and Safari apps.

Despite the major overhaul, Apple is said ti be “confident” that support calls over the new interface will be “quick and simple” and has allegedly instructed support personnel to tell its possibly puzzled customers that even though iOS 7 looks significantly different than its predecessor, it still works the same.

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    Too bad iOS 7 beta isn’t made available to people with free Apple developer accounts, because I would snap it up in a heartbeat. However, I’ll wait until they release it to the public. What’s really freaking me out is that some rumours are suggesting an October release for iOS 7 for iPads. Although, “Good things come to those who wait.”