iCloud Beta redesign

Apple’s streamlining, redesigning and flattening efforts go beyond iOS 7 or Jonny Ive’s title. Today, the company has issued a major revamp to its iCloud.com Beta website. The enhanced experience focuses on an all-new yet familiar look which takes more than a few clues from iOS 7, to put it mildly.

But rather than draw snippets of inspiration from the forthcoming iOS 7 refresh, Apple has taken it upon itself to actually recreate the complete iOS 7 look and feel, right in your web browser and down to the flattened icons, minimalistic look and light fonts.

I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots so do check out the full gallery right below…

Right below is your new iCloud Home screen.

That background is taken from iOS 7, by the way. It’s animated smoothly on my mid-2011 MacBook Air, right in the Safari browser – it’s pretty incredible. Just don’t try turning your Mac upside down or shake it.

iCloud Beta (redesign 002)

Check out the Account section.

iCloud Beta (redesign 003)

You gotta love the circular selector in the profile image manager.

iCloud Beta (redesign 018)

I also love the time zone selector (below). For those wondering, iCloud web apps feature web notifications but you can’t mute these yet like in OS X or iOS.

iCloud Beta (redesign 019)

The iCloud Mail is fast and responsive.

iCloud Beta (redesign 005)

Check out the “app switcher”, it looks great! Notice the new Home button which takes you right back to your iCloud Home screen. Again, just like in iOS. Streamlining, indeed.

iCloud Beta (redesign 006)

iCloud Contacts, just like in iOS 7.

iCloud Beta (redesign 007)

Of course, there’s a reason they’re calling it iCloud Beta.

iCloud Beta (redesign 004)

Your new iCloud Calendar.

iCloud Beta (redesign 008)

iCloud Notes, one of my most often used stock apps.

iCloud Beta (redesign 009)

Clicking the down arrow in iCloud Reminders reveals all your completed tasks. Plus, there’s a handy button to delete all the tasks I’ve completed to keep my reminders clean and uncluttered.

iCloud Beta (redesign 010)

Find My iPhone opens with a nice compass animation as the web app is busy locating my devices. Strangely enough, Find My iPhone still uses Google Maps tiles.

iCloud Beta (redesign 011)

Linen background in iWork apps? Boom, gone!

iCloud Beta (redesign 012)

Of course, iWork for iCloud apps now support rich editing capabilities, here’s Pages.

iCloud Beta (redesign 013)

And Numbers. Not everything is in place yet. “Chart editing is coming soon,” a notice reads.

iCloud Beta (redesign 014)

And Keynote.

iCloud Beta (redesign 015)

iCloud Beta (redesign 016)

Even the error page has to be beautiful!

iCloud Beta (redesign 017)

All told, I’m sure you’ll agree this is very well done. I’m curious as to whether this apparent streamlining of iCloud web apps indicates the possibility of a flat OS X down the road.

There’s no escaping the fact that OS X Mavericks is a mixed bag of clean and skeuomorphic design (we’re looking at you, Reminders!) as Apple surely isn’t done yet with the de-Forstallization of the Mac operating system.

Oh, wait

  • Sokrates

    This looks INSANELY GREAT. Well done Apple.

    • Bob

      yeah I aggreeeee

    • ReanimationXP

      I don’t.

  • abdullah575

    COOL !!

  • At

    I’m gonna be using pages today, can’t wait to try it out.

  • Hey I have the same songs as urs in my list too 😀

  • Mohammed Sahib

    The next MAC OS will most likely adopt the flat design as well.

  • Bennett Newsome


  • Dan

    Like the new look.

    Imo they should seriously overhaul the email though. I’ve tried several times to use my @me email as my main email but it’s severely lacking when compared to gmail.

    I just end up forwarding my@me emails to my gmail account.

    • mehrab

      For services of apple i just use facetime and imeesage and icloud. Email and everything else >Google

  • Jonathan

    I didn’t pay $99 bucks for nothing! Way to go apple!

    • Maxim∑

      lol you can sign in without a developer account 🙂

      • Bob


      • inf3rn0


        For me this seemed to be the case at first, as I was able to sign in without a dev account no problem. However, I tried again today, and it gave me a popup notifying me that I had to have a dev account to sign in.

    • ReanimationXP

      It would seem you did..

  • diggitydang

    Looks slick! Likin’ it…

  • Guest


  • madmaxmedia

    Interesting, looks a lot better than the current linen page.

  • Franck Kamayou

    It’s interesting that Find My iPhone is using Google Maps… even though Apple already has its own mapping software.

    • Brandon Miranda

      i am apple fanboy but you dont want to lose your phone and get wrong directions to it now dont you? 😉

      • Franck Kamayou

        Correct, but I am more talking about the philosophy of Apple wanting to move away from the google maps in general…

      • Brandon Miranda

        i understand.

  • NICE!!!!

  • Zero

    I wish the Apple TV gets a cleaner,and flat UI too.

    • Prasoon Singh

      Seems possible.

  • Fugly flat like iOS 7…no big deal, I use Outlook 2010 and my freed iPhone for managing my iCloud e-mail, notes, contacts and reminders. So, barely ever see iCloud’s web UI.

    • Brandon Miranda

      u always have something nasty to say dont you? you claim you are not a what you call “fandroid” but i dought it

      • Ahhhh….someone got their feelings hurt. I have something nasty to say, when I see something nasty. Just ’cause I use an iPhone doesn’t mean I have to unconditionally praise Apple, only iSheeps do that…

      • Yaseen AlSuwaidan

        “Ahhhh….someone got their feelings hurt”.

        I’ve read this comment in every article. can’t be coincidence.

      • K…

      • Brandon Miranda

        im not saying u have to uncoditionally love them but show some respect. theres other people who like it.

    • mehrab

      Bro. The animations. The parallax.The black and white design inside applications. The phone app when you press buttons it shows your background. When you goto tab view in safari and move your device it parallaxes and it just looks so wicked. The live wallpapers which move by motion. Ios 7 is amazingly designed. I hated the icons at first im used to them know and i like them alot. It even parralaxes when you mutitask and it shows your wall papaer too IT LOOKS SICK. the blurs and transparencies changing your wallpaper has a huge effect to the look and feel across the whole OS and its really true. Like i said get it on your hands for a few days when its public and you”ll love it

      • Good for you, you like it, I don’t. All what you described are nice UI effects, but doesn’t change the fact that it’s fugly flat, IMO.

        If those were implemented with iOS 6 style (or we had the option to have it that way), that’s a different story, but they instead took the worst and most repelling part of Windows Phone (its fugly metro UI) and made it mandatory in IOS 7 (no option in the official Apple world). I don’t like that, is it that hard for you to understand?

      • Brandon Miranda

        have u even tried it out? try it. the reason we love it is because we are using it. so dnt judge a book by its cover and try it before u badmouth it

      • I don’t need to install an OS to see that it’s fugly, I can tell that from the pictures/videos…besides, nothing groundbreaking new that I’m not already accomplishing with jailbreak and iOS 6.

      • Brandon Miranda

        you have no right to make a comment like that about something u havent even used. call me what u want but what i say is true

      • Lol, funny how you keep coming up with such ignoramus excuses to defend Apple…Do you actually go out making physical contact with b*tches on the street just to tell whether or not they’re beautiful?

        Guess your herd master, Apple, never thought you to judge the looks of a picture with your eyes instead of touching it…

  • Sokrates

    Wish Mac OSX looks like this. especially the icons. I see it coming.

  • Bob

    haha even the error page looks nice

  • asdfasdf

    Looks Awesome. But the light Helvetica Font is too light to read. Hard to read on non retina devices. Even if it looks better.. They should change it like in ios7.

  • MyFlammingSkull

    McTube App was redesigned as well!

  • Neil Sardesai

    Those icons… :/

  • sup

    i want imessage in this web portal

    • Der Faust

      that would be cool 🙂

  • Jamie Tilden

    This is definitely an indication of how OS XI should look. PS: Can’t wait for the revamped iOS 7-esque Apple apps, like Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, etc.

  • CPVideoMaker101

    Love at first site. OMG DOCUMENT APPS 😀 ^_^

  • omrishtam

    i came

  • CPVideoMaker101

    guys, it’s working on android.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Oh, I’m totally gonna turn it upside down and shake it.

  • Keratoid

    iOS 7 ui as it stands in the beta version looks too much like windows 8 puked pastel all over, its too flat and looks like windows 8 in Easter.