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It appears that the Norwegian government is blocking Apple from capturing 3D Flyover footage of Oslo, its capital. The news comes from a report out of Norway-based newspaper Aftenposten.

A Norway government official has confirmed this to be the case, saying the country’s National Security Authority is intentionally blocking Apple from grabbing the aerial data it needs for its Maps app because it doesn’t want the company accidentally mapping out confidential buildings within Oslo…

From Aftenposten’s report (via 9to5Mac):

“Stockholm and Copenhagen are already in the system, but Oslo is missing. The reason is that the National Security Authority (NSM) has said no to Apple’s aerial missions over the city.

We do not want it to be shooting with such a high degree of precision that can be used to identify areas that require special shielding. Photo shoot with this level of detail can provide knowledge about the safety measures that are not desirable that becomes available, said acting director Øyvind Mandt in NSM to Aftenposten.”

As it turns out, Norway’s military has some areas in and around Oslo that are subject to restrictions—there are a few buildings and structures there that were just classified under the Security Act. Mandt says that officials want more time to secure the city before they allow Apple to start shooting.

“There is a problem that we do not have national control over the material collected. There are Norwegian companies that are licensed to do so, and then the Photo above sheltered areas have a strong reduced resolution, so you can not see the details, says Mandt in NSM.”

Apple has contacted the US Embassy on the matter, which in turn contacted Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang. Stang says that he is a fan of the Maps application, and believes it is very relevant for tourists. So he has reportedly contacted Norway’s Minister of Defense, asking him to give the company a pass.

Apple Maps (Flyover, Versailles, France)Flyover view of Versailles in France

Apple actually flies planes equipped with advanced camera systems around buildings to capture data for its Flyover feature. The company has pitched the 3D view as one of its Maps app’s top features, since it replaced Google Maps last fall. Currently, the 3D Flyover view is available for most major cities.


    When Apple fails again it goes to the government. What a shame

    • RUU7

      The norwegian government is right in this case, I think. Who cares about Apple when it comes to national security?! I don’t; at all!

      • Burge

        It takes more than Apple maps to commit a crime..there’s google maps .there’s even taking your own photos to plan it other words just a slight over reaction .

      • RUU7

        Well, you’re right…one option down. 2 more to go. If they do it like that, it’s their descison. I’m good w/ that. 🙂

  • Sigurd Boe

    Common, I want 3D data of my town! 🙁

  • Sokrates

    What about Google Maps?

  • Question


  • abdullah575

    we want the 3D and flyover in Riyadh , saudi arabia please !!!!!!!!

  • Burge

    Does google maps have street views of Oslo ?

    • Mads Teland

      Yes, i think that 🙂

    • Gorgonphone

      yup so basically they want apple to payup

      • Falk M.

        Wrong, because Streetview doesn’t show a buildings inner yard for example.
        It’s not the same really.

  • Mads Teland

    Norwegian government (Red-green government) is not much actionable in 8 year, because they just only talking and discussing and announce plans and release rules and laws is that all they do. Norway is good country, but it’s not much done since terror and it does much problems that need to solve (same for all other countries). For example they let us pay too much for road toll (94%) while government did said “state will funding 20 % and 80 % to road construction and it’s by political detail control that take much longer time than Sweden does without that. I hope they mapping the Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand, and another places turists going. I am agree with you, RUU7 😉

  • Gorgonphone

    lol silly ignorant politicians .. hahah they US already knows everything they have built and are thinking about building … nothing happens in secrete in small and poor countries anymore those days are over

    • George

      Norway is currently ranked as #1 country to live in. Norway isn’t poor..

      • Gorgonphone

        I said poor or small duh ie unable to stop foks from spying on then duh

    • Norge12345

      I believe they are afraid of terrorism, not USA…

  • Norge12345

    As a Norwegian, i don’t see the problem. I guess it’s possible to reduce the resolution above classified buildings, such as the american embassy..I think the mayor in Oslo along with Apple, will “win” this case!