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AMC’s hit TV show Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston, returned last night for the highly anticipated second half of its final season (5). I wasn’t able to find specific numbers, but it’s believed that the premier could have broken several ratings records.

But while cable viewers turned out in droves, many iTunes users were met with disappointment when they logged in to view the episode. As it turns out, folks who purchased a Season Pass for the first half of the season don’t get access to the second half…

9to5Mac points to the problem, which stems from the fact that AMC has always promoted the fifth season of Breaking Bad as one season, split into two parts. The first 8 episodes started airing last summer, and the second 8 began airing on Sunday night.

The issue is, a number of users purchased the first half of the season under the impression that the second half would be included. But that’s not the case. Breaking Bad, The Final Season showed up in iTunes last night as a completely separate media purchase.

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For those unfamiliar with iTunes’ Season Pass feature, it allows users to purchase an entire season of TV shows at a slight discount. Looking back at BB Season 5, it is only $21.99 (the average cost for 8 episodes) and there is mention in the fine print about the split. But the text in the description is still misleading: “This Season Pass includes all current and future episodes of Breaking Bad, Season 5.”

Users have taken to the show’s Reviews section in iTunes to share their outrage at the split pricing. But to be fair, Apple’s not the only one who did it: both Amazon and Microsoft’s Xbox are also splitting up the season and making users purchase them separately.

Regardless, this is all worth note if you’re looking to purchase the final season of Breaking Bad in iTunes. You’ll end up paying a little more than $40. For those who haven’t seen the show yet, wondering what all of the fuss is about, we’ve added iTunes links below:

  • Breaking Bad Season 1
  • Breaking Bad Season 2
  • Breaking Bad Season 3
  • Breaking Bad Season 4
  • Breaking Bad Season 5
  • Breaking Bad The Final Season
  • Jjjjjpp

    this is ot but can u jump to ios7 beta 5 without developeracc?

    • chumawumba


      • Jjjjjpp

        thanks for the quick answer

      • chumawumba

        No Prob

      • Jjjjjpp

        one more thing, is it possible to go to beta 3 or 4 as well? my friend who has an iphone 4 (cdma) want ios7 but i can´t find beta 5 to cmda only gsm.

    • Arthur Geron

      download both latest official 6.1.x ipsw for your iphone and the ios 7 beta 5 version.. restore to ios 6 , activate trough itunes, then click on “chrck for update” button holding shift, select ios 7 and bam, there you go

      • Jjjjjpp

        is it possible to go to beta 3 or 4 as well? my friend who has an iphone 4 (cdma) want ios7 but i can´t find beta 5 to cmda only gsm.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Give apple more money…

    • nick

      You mean AMC right?

      • Jimothy

        I do believe AMC had to pay to put it up on iTunes, but it was a one time payment.

      • mdelvecchio

        no. it’s AMC that supplies the content and decides the schedule. apple is just the waiter that serves it to you and gives you the bill.

      • So you actually believe Apple markets their stuff for free? Or what exactly were you trying to type?

  • pauleebe

    Why are people mad at Apple? This is surely determined by AMC or the show’s producers …

    • Who knows, Apple might have cut a deal with them to raise prices, just like they did with the book Authors…

      • mdelvecchio

        but…they didnt “raise prices” — the $22 for the first 8, $23 for the second 8. $45 total for a top tier series.

        and apple did not cut a deal w/ the book *publishers* either — they gave them an agency model by which the pubs could set whatever price they wanted.

      • That’s not what I’ve been reading in the Lawsuits against them, so…believe what you wanna believe.

  • Dan

    ::coughs:: piratebay

    • Kevin Osborne

      Bless you sir. 😉

  • Brandon Weidema

    and this is why piracy is an issue. GREED.

    • Singed

      Heheh, aGREED with your opinion. 40$ for a single season IS kinda steep.

    • Singed

      “aGreed”. 40 bucks is pretty steep considering you can just record the whole show on your TV.

      • At

        Not everyone, like myself, has a cable subscription. I usually buy my content through
        iTunes as well as Netflix and Hulu. $40 really isn’t that much for the high
        Quality of the show. Many
        TV seasons go for $50.

      • Falk M.

        Guess what, 40 and 50 both are too steep.

      • mdelvecchio

        says you. but you dont make TV for a living.

        people probably say the same about software bill rates. or lawyers. or mechanics…

      • I say the same about software, but don’t say the same about Lawyers nor Mechanics, ’cause they’re physical, like hardware (work once, sell it once). Software on the other hand is do work once, copy and sell it billions of times, hence I value it significantly less compared to hardware.

      • Falk M.

        Agreed, apart from lawyers, they get too much money.
        Not in every instance, but in some cases the fees and charges are just ludicrous.

      • Kurt

        If you talk to a lawyer and the subject changes to sports, get ready to pay up for that sports conversation. This happened to my cousin.

      • Falk M.

        Oh damn yes, lawyers are way overpaid.
        You must be one to not see this.

        And if prices for media dropped a bit, people could afford buying more of it spreading their “votes with their wallets” more representatively and that would benefit the productions themselves, too.

        Yes, there will always be piracy, but I’ll be watching a certain amount of movies in a given time and that’s either paid, on TV or copies via friends (legal in Germany by the way).


      • Kurt

        my cable + internet bill with TV channels from 1-1000(not all available) plus 100mega bits download speed for my internet and I spend little less than 30 dollars a month.

      • At

        Just a few things though, your service may not be available in my area. My service for Internet and phone is around $70 a month, if I want to add cable it would be over $100. I only haveb2 options and the other is a little more. Also, with cable you are on their schedule where I would rather pay for the entire season at once. I can also wait a few months to watch it and get it cheaper or used.

  • seyss

    I smell compensation…….

  • Jordan Dixon


  • Ted Forbes

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