could not activate

“Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable,” used to be the unmistakable declaration of crazy high demand.

Each time an influx of buyers rushed to simultaneously power on their brand spanking new iPhones on launch day, Apple’s iTunes servers struggled to keep up.

Nowadays, it’s just plain embarrassing.

Just as Apple is coping with bringing the remaining Dev Center systems back online and less than 24 hours after a two-hour outage had knocked offline Apple’s App Store and other iTunes content stores, the Apple cloud is acting up – again.

This time around, users on Twitter and elsewhere are reporting not being able to activate their brand spanking new iPhones because iTunes activation servers are experiencing another outage…

Twitter is abuzz with the problem.

MacRumors spoke to an AT&T employee who told the publication that, yes, some Apple Retail Stores are in fact sending customers to AT&T stores, “but indicated that those locations are having similar activation issues”.

There is no knowing when it will be brought back online.

This is getting ridiculous and downright embarrassing, if you ask me.

Two weeks ago, a bunch of users couldn’t activate their devices because iTunes activation servers suffered from an extended outage that had lasted a few hours.

It’s increasingly looking to me that Apple’s cloud may be broken beyond repair.

Could Not Activate iPhone

A brief outage is one thing – even Google can’t guarantee a 100 percent uptime.

But this is different as Apple’s online services have been frequently going offline. In just past few months, numerous iMessage system outages have become the norm, for example. FaceTime, the App Store, the iBookstore and other services also went offline a bunch of times.

And don’t get me started on iMessage reliability. I’d reckon such outages are way above average users’ comfort level.

I’m no system administrator, but I do know this: people pay a premium for Apple products because they expect their gadgets to “just work”. Outages like this break that promise.

Seriously, how the heck do you explain to a tech-illetarete person why they are unable to start using their iPhone after a reset or restoring from a backup? Do they even know – or care – what an iTunes activation server is?

Rather than prevent service disruptions from occurring in the first place, Apple seems to be struggling to keep its precious cloud running. And that, my friends, sends a very disturbing message.

It makes me wonder whether Eddy Cue and his team are up to the job.

If you’re having issues activating your device, do share your experience with fellow readers down in the comments.

  • Canchume

    so i can downgrade to ios 6.1.2 ?

    • Victor

      Who said that???

      • Canchume

        no one is a question

      • REGISTER(56()6?,,????

        No, I’m a question.

    • Robert

      Nope, this only involves the cellular activation servers, not the servers that sign iOS firmwares, sorry.

  • REGISTER(56()6?,,????


    • LordRassilon OfTime

      Where could you have possibly have gotten a hint towards a jailbreak for iOS 7 when

      1) this article is only about activation servers being down

      2) iOS 7 hasn’t even been publicly released yet, or even finished being coded

      • REGISTER(56()6?,,????

        >mfw you thought that was a serious comment

  • Adham

    Was going to update my phone today, guess not!

  • Kenny Woodard

    Glad to see someone finally taking a stand on these pitiful occurrences. Thanks Christian (:


      down in front fat ass

  • Darktrmpt9

    Does this possibly mean that apple could by mistake sign iOS 6 jailbreakable version again???

    • Harsh Sac

      It did do that just few weeks back
      But there is a possibility that History will repeat itself

  • Al

    I’ve been having iTunes Match issues as well.

    Normally, when that happens… I give it till the next day to run it’s course. But this time around, it’s still persistent.

    I’m guessing… Apple really has a problem.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Get your shit together apple!

  • Guest

    I was able to get my 6.1.2 blobs right now. I unchecked the get from cydia in tinyumbrella and i verified the and they are good. But who knows maybe only me got it. 🙂

    • Darktrmpt9


      • Darktrmpt9

        Post a picture if you are not faking

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    The iTunes app still doesn’t load any content for me, but whatever, I don’t use it as much as the App Store.

  • mav3rick

    These are just apple services. Yes, pay premium on devices but their “geniuses” send you to talk with the engineers if asking why user experience is so crippled after lining up and spending in their store.

  • Amad

    Apple will be happy google aren’t copying this from them.

  • RarestName

    I think that it’s ridiculous for phones to require activation in order to let people use them.

    • especially in an emergency

      • You can actually use the emergency phone call part without activation…


      u shold bee trolling TB

      • RarestName

        I’m not trolling at all.

    • Harsh Sac

      You don’t get the prestige of owning a product that is not registered with the company
      That being said,
      Totally this activation shit is total nonsense

    • There are lots of stuff in business that are ridonkulous, yet they result in more profit, and that’s all that matters in this generation of businesses…

  • Ghost

    Apple being attack/hacked by viruses no more bulletproof …. Once bitten it turns rotten -_-“

  • Ted Forbes

    Wasn’t it something like this that put the final nail in RIM BB coffin? Well mark my words watch out Apple iPhone Google Moto X might be another nail a second nail in your coffin (Samsung Galaxy is the first nail).

    Isn’t it smart business to have a “ready-to-go”, an instant and immediate backup plan a signed and non-activated/already-activated (whatever) iOS version that everyone can revert to in times “such as NOW” when the light are off?

    How loyal is loyal? Ppl will get tired of this, you are not so far ahead anymore Apple like it use to be, other are not so very far behind. Get your act together Apple, get it together.

  • Felipe Lopez

    apples thinking…

  • Ghost

    Becoming useless iPhone/iPad/itouch of the Year. Gonna be Doom for Apples if these keeps ongoing unless they have to change all over again.