WWDC 2012 keynote (Tim Cook 001)

Looking at headlines produced by the Apple rumor mill over the past several months, there’s no way you could accuse it of not innovating. We’ve seen reports that the company is working on everything from an advanced smart watch, to a cloud-based DVR, and everything in between.

But looking at the shelves in Apple’s retail stores tells a different story. The Mac-maker hasn’t released a new version of its iPhone or iPad—its two best-sellers—in nearly a year, and it hasn’t introduced an all-new product since 2010. And apparently, Apple’s Board is getting concerned…

From Fox Business Network‘s Charlie Gasparino (transcribed by MacRumors):

“From what we understand, there is concern at the board level, sources are telling the Fox Business Network, about the pace of innovation over at Apple. What have they had lately? They had the iPad and a few other things, but they don’t have anything innovating from what came from Steve Jobs and that concern is basically manifesting into pressure on Tim Cook to innovate, and to do something fast.

We should point out, this is an interesting boardroom drama. It does not mean that Tim Cook is out of a job or that there is a job search out there, we don’t know that and I don’t believe that is happening. In fact, sources inside Apple are saying that’s not the case.

What we are able to confirm is that the board is worried about what is in the pipeline. Do they have the right stuff in the pipeline? Do they have innovative stuff in the pipeline? Do they have stuff to keep the momentum going?”

Gasparino is adamant that the Board isn’t necessarily unhappy with Apple’s performance as of late, and it isn’t even thinking about looking for possible CEO replacements. It’s just concerned about the company’s lack of innovative products lately, and it’s spoken with Cook on the matter.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that Apple is widely expected to announce a number of new products this fall. Among them is a completely redesigned iPad 5, a new iPad mini with (or without) a Retina display, an all-new budget iPhone and an iPhone 5S with built-in fingerprint sensor.

Whether or not this will be enough to appease the Board, though, remains to be seen.

What is your take on all of this?

  • Julio Cesar

    Time to use all the patents!

    • Jason Duong

      I’d make the biggest paper plane out of all them.

      • Julio Cesar

        “Introduce the iPlane, built from all the patents from the scratch, it’s so simple, made of only paper. When you throw it just works. Amazing design, gorgeous flying.”

      • Jason Duong

        And it’s being payed for by Samsung. Hahaha.

  • Adham

    I feel like this is kind of unfair based on what is mentioned at the end of the article. Obviously it has been almost a year since a new iPhone/iPod/iPad generation was released (they release in September/October) and the new Macbooks have the same deal.

    In terms of new products, yes, the iPad was the last new thing out of Apple, but if that iPhone 5C rumor is true, then there is the new product (not as monumental as other new devices, but better than nothing). Also worth noting that the new Mac Pro, though technically not a new device, sure as hell seems like one.

    I think the board should sit tight until the upcoming couple months before making any sort of judgements.

    • mav3rick

      Any Board needs to see money flowing and the Company in a fast paced line bringing excitement and innovation in the market. No Board sits tight…

  • Jonathan

    Apple has the money and talent to be making new products. yet every year it’s the same, an iPhone, iPad and iPod refresh. Maybe some mac refreshes and a new iOS and OSX.
    There are no fusion powered sharks with lasers and Bluetooth built in. Yet Google is doing things like Glass and driverless cars which are really pushing things.
    The apple thing of do a few things really well: there is such thing as too few.

    Also things like AirDrop not working Mac to iOS and vv. or iTunes rental system, or not being able to home share fro oops decide. its just stupid

    • mav3rick

      Right now they only have money. But money goes easily on a mamut like apple. What brought real excitement and innovation to the users is already done. In the same time they’re stuck in their idea “only we know what you need”. Their “innovation” is now a cheaper plastic iPhone and iOS 7 stripped from all glamor eye candy look which attracted hundreds millions of users. Blindly white screens all over, sketched or simple text buttons and comic childish icons even the beta users talking about how to hide them.
      And their services were not competitive since forever.

      • The iOS needs a new fresh look! It’s the same look for 6 years or 7 years… It’s to much… When you buy a new iPhone, for example: iPhone 5, you don’t feel almost any difference in OS compared to the iPhone 3GS…

        At least the iOS 7 brings a total new look which makes things nicer for people who used iOS for 7 years.

        People have been asking for a redesign, and they gave the new design. Now most of those who asked for a new design want the old design…

        Personally I felt I wasn’t going to like it, at start, but when I started using it (beta) I just loved all the simplicity concept and all the new design. No complains right now.

      • mav3rick

        To each their own.
        If new is less then no. If staring and blank screens with high contrast black text, some line sketched signs and fluorescent icons is the innovation after rich attentive to the smallest details look of iOS up to 6, then this is not the experience who brought me as user to their camp. Only problem is after years heavily invested in apps should keep all iDevices but they all will be on iOS 6 for all their life.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        “some line sketched signs and fluorescent icons”? This is graphic design on a highest level my friend.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        I’m not sure that iOS 7 counts as graphic design on the highest level. I installed the beta yesterday, and while I am really enjoying it for the most part, some of the icons leave a LOT to be desired. Also, there’s too much white. My eyes are sensitive to light and the new look sometimes hurts my eyes. If Apple would create a dark version, I’d be set. It’s really inconvenient for navigating your iPhone at night, too. There’s a lot of really excellent design in iOS 7. To qualify for “graphic design on a highest level”, IMO, you need to have all the icons looking good (seriously, Safari and Game Center… what are they thinking) and have the colors practical for use (white, while pretty, isn’t always practical).

        All that being said, this is of course a beta, so everything is subject to change, so I’m not passing judgement yet.

      • mav3rick

        Guess for people like you even if iPhone was to display only one black bitten apple on a perfect white screen you’ll consider it “highest design” and “innovation”. Maybe also with the text “Obey!” in capitals under it, same pure black on white background.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        I’ve probably got a better understanding of graphic design that you will ever have my friend.Sorry!

      • mav3rick

        And like them you also know what everybody needs…

      • MarcPhilippeB

        No, I don’t. But you could help me to find it out!

  • Gorgonphone

    Tim cook is a bean counter not an inocvatore so good luck

  • Mac_Guy

    I feel this pressure is just what Apple needs to surprise us all with something extraordinary. Sure Steve Jobs was a visionary but the team at Apple, I feel, has the best engineers and developers in the world. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to hire some of the devs making very useful tweaks for jailbroken iDevices… Just sayin’

  • At

    I think there is a lot more going on than anyone but Apple knows. Yes they will refresh product lines, new low cost phone, that is all to be expected. If any of the rumors are true, they are about to shake up a few industries. They are about to expand music with streaming from iTunes, all the talk with an actual Apple TV and what they are planning to do with services. iWatch, iOS integration in vehicles is another big one. I’m sure as with everything Apple they are not rushing anything to jeopardize their standards in products. Hold your horses Apple board, it’s not like the company is suffering in any way right now.

    • Kaptivator

      +1, however the board is watching the stock. Their thought “What’s better than the money we have?…More money!

    • Gorgonphone

      they can know all they want all we see is crap like IOS7 and a cheap plastic iPhone thats why we worry

      • At

        How can you say iOS 7 is crap when you haven’t tried it? You may think a plastic iPhone is crap but it will be huge in other countries. With Tim Cook meeting with china mobile looking to make a deal with them, 300 million customers could potentially buy the mid range plastic iPhone. Not to forget the many other countries that are begging for a low cost iPhone. Apples stock will sky rocket.

  • Chazy Ronnie

    Where’s the iwatch, iTv or iglass???

    • Kurt

      I can’t stand the iStuff. So overly used

      • MarcPhilippeB

        like somebody would care

      • Kurt

        You’re an annoying troll…so many are tired of it. not worshipers of a company like you

      • MarcPhilippeB

        it just seems that you’re constantly searching the conflict with provocative comments and allegations. Not enough going on in real live or what?

        Nobody forces you to anything, but this is an Apple Blog, and you’re seriously bashing the company or their products in every single comment of yours. If you’re so negative about this whole Apple thing, why do you even read this blog?

      • Last time I checked, this ain’t an iTardsOnlyBlog; where negative stuff about Apple is forbidden. Got nothing factual to post against a negative opinion, then skip it instead of making a numbskull fantard out of yourself…

      • MarcPhilippeB

        “iTardsOnlyBlog” – you’re from the same category, hm? Can’t you discuss in a sophisticated manner? Or at least skip your insults?

        and to your point: there’s still a difference between having a critical opinion and explain your thoughts behind it or just bashing the company and abuse others, obviously searching for conflict.

      • Oh, I sure can discuss in a sophisticated manner, it’s just difficult when doing it with an ignoramus worshipper…the one that blindly accepts whatever the company, Apple in this case, says; no reasoning, no questioning, just blindly accepting like a sheep. Any attempt to reason with them against their herd master, Apple in this case, in a sophisticated manner, results in them bashing you.

        FYI, there’s also a difference between having a reason to promote the actions of company, and ignoramusly worshipping them. Obviously, the latter is a biased fantard attitude…

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Thanks, I really appreciate your points. Let’s try to answer that. So… I mean you can call it worshiping, or blindly accepting, and it really may seem like that, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done my research. I read books about disrupting technologies, managing innovation, branding, brand identity, watched lectures, talked to economists.. because it’s fascinates me.
        And the thing you inevitably hear is, that the story of Apple, including Steve Jobs, was one of the greatest entrepreneurial accomplishments of our century. A BiG turnaround and a disruption of several markets in a decade. Most companies would be lucky to invent one of those disruptive technologies.
        Apple has done almost everything right and I still believe that they continue in doing so, for the most part. Still not sure what Tim Cook is really capable of. It’s always a greater challenge as a market leader, but we will see.

  • Juan David Álvarez

    Really all he has for this year is colors?… what we need on the iphone is a bigger screen and a battery that last all day then we have a winner!!

    • Kaptivator

      Thats not something that would be considered “innovation” (bigger screen and battery that last all day). What you are speaking of is more or less an upgrade to what’s currently out.

  • Altechi

    This is why I like competition, it pushes all companies to improve

    • Gorgonphone

      android sucks so bad that apple refuses to innovate

  • Michael Zhang

    My take on this is: One does not simply pressure others to innovate.

  • Juan Herrera

    i think he’ll have enough products coming well into 2014 for them. The Board is right to be nervous, but it’s sort of a quiet before the storm situation. I think they will deliver some pretty well crafted products to spark great sales and profits for them

    • Gorgonphone

      if IOS7 is an indicator of things to come then things look grim

  • n0ahcruz3

    Yeah he’s innovating alright putting retina on everything lol. The only thing he’s done right is the firing of scott forstall. iOS 7 would’ve have been the same BORING shit if he was still at apple. And people wonder why they jailbreak. Cause
    NO JAILBREAK = boring.

    • They really didn’t need to make the fugly metro UI mandatory; they could have given the option of theming. That would be a win-win for all, but Tim Cook believes iOS users are sheeps who pay Apple to make their decisions for them, so, it’s only wishful thinking in official iOS devices….

      • Gorgonphone


    • Gorgonphone

      promoting ive was is biggest mistake

  • batongxue

    Innovation is not the result of pressure. It comes from the heart and soul.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      one of the best statements on this blog. Thank you!

    • Piyush

      and vision 🙂

    • Gorgonphone

      but tim cook only counts beans

  • Ryan Stack

    yeah fox news network’s sources!

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Tim Cook is cautious. REVOLT and REVOLUTIONIZE! That’s the mantra.

    • Gorgonphone

      he is boring like IOS7s UI

  • MarcPhilippeB

    citation from 9to5mac:

    Kevin Buchanan (@tomorrowville) says:

    August 8, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    This ignorant tech nerd obsession with BS “innovation” is shameful. People keep saying “Apple isn’t innovating like Samsung/Google/etc.” – I’m sorry, but half-baked feature-checklist stuff isn’t innovation.

    And this whole “IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS WHERE IS THE INNOVATION TIM OMG STEVE GAVE US THE IPHONE AND IPAD” stuff is nonsensical. Let’s take a look at the release dates for the last few true impactful products Apple has released:

    iPod: October 2001
    iPhone: June 2007
    iPad: April 2010

    All of you calling Apple’s demise didn’t seem to mind giving Steve Jobs 3-6 years to come out with new stuff, but now that the media’s manufactured this stupid “OMG APPLE IS DOOMED AGAIN” nonsense, you’re piling on about two years?

    I don’t know Tim Cook, I don’t care about Tim Cook beyond a basic human level…but the mindless parroting of this stuff in the tech nerd world is ridiculous

    • Here’s the fact, technology grows exponentially, not linearly. Just ’cause SJ took six years to bring something new, doesn’t mean Tim should take the same 6 years. You can’t compare the resources/technology of today to that of 6 years ago and be that ignoramus to call them the same.

      They haven’t bothered to innovate ’cause people have just been buying whatever new stuff they drop; be it a turd, so long as it has the Apple logo and an “i” preceding it, it will still sell in this era of sheeples. On top of that, they’ve been hypocritically making money from lawsuits. Until they become irrelevant as they were before the iPhone, they’ll just not get off their ass…’cause they don’t have to.

  • Dan

    I agree they need to innovate. I used to be excited when a new Apple product came out. Lately, it seems they are content simple ‘upgrading’ their existing products, that just doesn’t do it for me.

    Reason being why I got an android phone when I saw the iPhone 5, too similar to the iPhone 4S (no, I’m not saying android is superior to IOS, but I wanted to try something new).

    I’m really hoping they surprise me and make an Apple fan of me once again.

    • Gorgonphone


  • Chindavon

    Hey Board of Directors, there’s announcements of new products next month. Wait til then before you go Chicken Little.

    • Gorgonphone

      they already now its gonna be nothing special

  • Chazy Ronnie

    Tim Cook is smart guy, but i think he lacks conviction.. Hopefully he can get through with all of this pressure, the board directors have all the rights to demand but its not easy to perfect something in just a short time. Samsung is throwing all the gimmicky features that people dont really need.

    • Gorgonphone

      he needs to be removed before he destroys apple..

  • Ted Forbes

    True nothing new no new innovation from apple since Steve Jobs.

    There has been no new innovation since the Galaxy 4.5 large screen for the mobile phone. This was good innovation and Samsung’s only innovation. But it was innovation.

    Isn’t Apple an innovation company? I don’t expect much from Samsung but then again I expect much more from Apple. People in the business of innovation innovate or they find another job. I am up to the job and open for the position of CEO, that is, whenever the board makeup their minds to innovate.