OS X Mavericks (Desktop, MacBook)

Just 24 hours after seeding the fifth iOS 7 beta (here’s what’s new) to its registered iOS developers, Apple on Wednesday issued the fifth beta of the upcoming OS X Mavericks.

The software is available for download to paid members of the Mac developer program through Apple’s Mac Dev Center or via Software Update in the Mac App Store.

The new OS X Mavericks Developer Preview now for the first time includes iBooks for Mac, a brand new native Mac app Apple promised to include in the final Mavericks release come this Fall…

As noted by MacRumors forum members, the fifth Developer Preview of Mavericks also includes a new iPhoto 9.4.6 beta (build 901.26). Just like iOS 7 Beta 5, major performance enhancements are readily apparent in OS X Mavericks Beta 5.

Apple has also seeded an eighth version of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Beta (build 12F33) to developers, along with Safari 6.1 Beta 5. That release contains no known issues, indicating that a Gold Master is just around the corner.

iBooks (three up, MacBook, iPad, iPhone)

Apple plans to offer OS X Mavericks for public consumption this (blockbuster) Fall.

Though the operating system is focused on performance improvements and optimized battery consumption, it comes with a few headline new features such as Finder tabs and tags, improved  dual-monitor capabilities in full screen mode and a brand new Maps app that lets you easily beam directions to an iOS device.

  • AndrevanHaren

    where can non developers download OS X Mavericks DP5?

    • Damian W

      Torrent is the best place to look at

    • Ethan

      Torrent the DP1 and let it update to DP5

  • Dick

    It took five developer previews, but they weren’t late for me. FINALLY there’s ibooks!!!

  • Timothy

    Can someone *please* post a link to download Safari 6.1 beta 5 for Mountain Lion?

  • Jamie Tilden

    Oh bam! This one goes out to that douche who insisted I was wrong that Apple would release iBooks in a developer preview of Mac, and himself insisted it would solely be a Mac App Store option. In your face!

  • marcus1324

    I would really appreciate if someone responded to this, I was wondering now that Mac has iBooks, has Preview gone away? I know on iOS that iBooks acts as a pdf reader as well as an ebook reader. Is that the same for the Mac version of iBooks? Is preview still present in Mavericks Beta 5?

    • CC-Dog

      iBooks on Mac is purely an epub reader. Preview isn’t going anywhere for sure. We still need Preview to view and edit photos, documents, etc.

  • Jamie Tilden

    Can anyone tell me how smooth this beta is? I just got a Retina MacBook Pro and am considering trying this out.

  • CobaltCrow

    Are there MASSIVE performance improvements in this new seed? Just wondering. The download is taking hours to finish right now… 🙁
    Needed 7.52 GB of space to commence update but the actual update is 1.72 GB?! Even with iPhoto included in the seed I don’t see why it needs 7.52 GB to update…

    • CC-Dog

      Perhaps they need to locally rebuild the whole system from delta updates, and replace the old one.

  • Timothy

    Did not know that. Thanks so much!

  • James Brown

    The developer program site is down right now??

  • Jamie Tilden

    Oh wow. Didn’t realize this was possible. Thanks!

  • aephotos01

    The DP1 torrent from TPB is not even readable! OSX just says “unknown format”. THe system can not read the .dmg file. Any idéas?