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Tablet sales slowed during the second quarter, falling 9.7 percent to 45.1 million units, according to IDC researchers Monday. Because interest in tablets rises and falls with Apple’s iPad, the slowdown in sales during the second quarter was attributed to the lack of a new iPad device being introduced by Apple.

In the horserace between Apple and Samsung (which will unveil a next-gen Note phablet on September 4), the iPad remains the top-selling tablet, although growth fell 14.1 percent on shipments of 14.6 million iPads, down from 19.5 million during the first quarter of 2013, IDC announced Monday. No. 2 Samsung also saw tablet shipments slow to 8.1 million units, down from 8.6 million devices during the previous quarter, though the South Korean vendor saw a 277 percent annual growth in tablet shipments…

“A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors,” said Tom Mainelli, tablets research director at IDC.

The slowdown for all tablet makers is expected to last into the third quarter, followed by fourth-quarter tablets introduced by Apple, Amazon and others. Those products should “drive impressive growth” in the market, forecasts Mainelli.

While shifting a new iPad launch from the second quarter to the fourth quarter, Apple will be in a better position to compete during the all-important holiday shopping period.


In terms of tablet operating system, Android and iOS remain in first and second position. Google’s mobile operating system had 62.6 percent of the tablet OS market during the second quarter, up from 38 percent for the same period in 2012. Apple has 32.5 percent of the market, down from 60.3 percent a year ago, according to the researcher.

Although Android is far and away more successful than Windows 8, Microsoft is seeing some impressive gains. The Windows OS saw a year-over-year growth of 527 percent, shipping 1.8 million tablets, up from 0.3 million a year ago.

The hapless BlackBerry OS is barely alive, its growth dropping by more than 32 percent for the year. The Canadian company shipped 0.1 million copies of the BlackBerry OS during the second quarter, down from 0.2 million during the same period in 2012.

  • n0ahcruz3

    With phablets coming out and 7 ” tablets that cost less than 300. Ofcorse expect a decline, apple is being stubborn.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      There’s plenty of cheap and nasty tablets if that’s what your trying to say. The reason Apple are selling less tablets is because they haven’t had a refresh in a while. The iPad 4 was nothing but a minor improvement over the third and the iPad Mini still doesn’t have a retina display screen…

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I don’t think that the new nexus 7 is nasty. Cheap? yes! But that’s not a bad thing. It is far better than the costly iPad mini IMO and will remain so if the next mini comes with the same lame screen resolution.

      • felixtaf

        Nexus 7 isnt bad… But that’s not the only cheap tablet available in the market. Nexus 7 is good, but not the other cheap tablets are.. Whats wat he was trying to say….

      • mehrab

        The nexus 7 is like buying a tablet which will be somewhat usable for 6 months then performance just dies. Source:i own both nexus 7″s that is whT happened last time and will happen this time for sure based on the experiences i had

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Possible. But Google claims that it solved this for both tablets with JB 4.3. Time will tell.

      • mehrab

        It did not 4.3 makes the os a bit lighter but inside applications its still the same

  • Pitchy

    I think it will reach a point where everyone who wants an iPad will have one, and it will remain decent enough to where people won’t feel like they need to upgrade every year. Eventually people will hold on to them for a 2 or 3 years before considering a new one.

    I had an iPad 2 and sold it last year and picked up a Galaxy Note 10.1 and loved it. My oldest daughter who just started 8th grade pretty much confiscated my Note 10 until we got her her own… a buddy of mine sold his at work so he could buy the Note 8. Now that she has her own Note 10.1, I sold mine to a buddy who was having problems playing Ingress on his android phone… and I picked up the new Nexus 7. My youngest daughter got the first Nexus 7 for Christmas and I found myself using it more than the Note 10.1 I wear baggy cargo shorts mostly to work and the Nexus 7 fits nicely in my pocket.

    I love the inductive / wireless charging on the Nexus 7. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t come with the rumored 4gb of ram, but it runs 4.3 super smooth and sweet.

    As I have said, the only thing I miss about the iPad is Garage Band. I just don’t care for the 4×3 aspect ratio. It should be 16×9 or 16×10 like everything else we have. The one thing I miss about the Galaxy Note 10.1 is the front facing stereo speakers. I wish more manufacturers did that. It makes much more sense to have the sound coming towards you instead of away from you. I don’t understand the logic of putting the speakers on the back of the tablets.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      “The one thing I miss about the Galaxy Note 10.1 is the front facing
      stereo speakers. I wish more manufacturers did that. It makes much
      more sense to have the sound coming towards you instead of away from
      you. I don’t understand the logic of putting the speakers on the back
      of the tablets.”

      Now this I agree with you. I have my iPad in a Smart Case and sometimes it is difficult to hear the sound. Front speakers would help a lot although I am unsure if this is even possible without some serious innovation due to “technical limitations”. In English what with the iPad being so thin and light is it even possible to include front facing speakers?

      • Pitchy

        There should be plenty of room in the bezzle. Surely if Samsung can figure this out, the engineers at Apple can as well.

  • Gorgonphone

    right so apple still rules the tablet and phone markets whats new?