iPad mini promo (Smart Cover, launching Safari)

And the back and forth continues. Hot on the heels of a report this afternoon that iOS 7 contains references to an A6 iPad mini with a non-Retina display, comes a story from The Wall Street Journal that Apple has begun ordering hi-res screens from Samsung for the tablet.

Today’s clash is just the latest in a long line of conflicting reports regarding Apple’s next-gen 8-inch slate, which is set to debut this fall. Previous speculation has suggested that a Retina iPad mini would be nearly technically impossible, but tonight’s story says the contrary…

The Journal’s Lorraine Luk has the scoop:

“Apple Inc.’s AAPL -0.17% suppliers are gearing up for mass production of a new iPad mini in the fourth quarter that will likely feature a high-resolution screen from Samsung, 005930.SE +0.08% people familiar with the matter say, an indication of the difficulty the U.S. company faces in its attempt to reduce its dependence on its biggest rival. Apple is working with suppliers in Asia on its next iPad mini with a high-resolution “retina” display, unlike the current iPad mini that comes with a lower-resolution screen, the people said.”

Luk goes on to say that the size of the new tablet will likely be the same as the 7.9-inch model we have now—no surprise there—and that Apple is also considering colored backs for the device. Looking at the 5th gen iPod touch and recent iPhone leaks, that makes sense too.

iPad mini (three-up, front, back, profile, white)

So does this mean this year’s iPad mini will have a Retina display? Not necessarily. But the report does sound a lot like an Apple plant. The company has long used the WSJ as a mouthpiece to steer the conversation, and the scoop came late at night, following negative reports.

Industry watchers have been fairly split on the need for an iPad mini with Retina display. Some feel that since Google’s new Nexus 7 dawns a hi-res screen, Apple has to respond in kind or it’ll get left behind. Others think a Retina mini would detract attention away from the redesigned iPad 5.

Again, it’s going to be an interesting fall.


  • batongxue

    It better has retina display.

    • jonnnnnn

      if (iPad mini = retina)
      wait for retina

      • Yunsar

        Can I use your program, please?

      • Sean Cua

        if (iPad mini == retina)
        wait for retina

        urge to correct

  • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

    Let’s hope they release a Retina version of the iPad mini. Everyone’s been waiting for one 🙂

    • Nicholas Osborne

      Everyone? Sure? I’m waiting for the iPad 5. I have a year and a half old iPad 3! A reason I do not wish to get the iPad mini is because it is too small in my opinion… not only that, but the chips and this inside will probably never be quite as powerful as the bigger iPad

      • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

        Ok, my smallest brother got an iPad 1. It’s heavy and outdated + some Apps/Games etc won’t work. iPad mini 2 will fit him perfectly and for the rest of the family 🙂

      • Nicholas Osborne

        Of course, an iPad 1 will do that. Try using the first iPhone for a few days ;P good for him. I guess that’s why Apple made two iPads. People like options.

  • Max Kas

    Apple would Destroy (in a good way) the tablet market if they did colored iPad mini’s

  • blastingbigairs

    Why they made the first mini without a Retina display still boggles the mind.

    • JimGresham

      So people would buy the first version and then upgrade to the Retina.

      • Jackson Grong

        It’s not always so obvious Mister, remember the iPad 3?
        Yeah, retina is awesome,
        But making a retina iPad mini would not only cost more(and it’s already super pricy!), but it makes the device a lot thicker, heavier. Which is the key reasons why people love so much the iPad mini.

    • Gorgonphone

      profit wise it was brilliant cause it was directed at women and kids who dont care about pecs at all so they used old ipad 2 chips and old left over low ras screens and boom!! the ipad mini 1 was born and it was a huge success due to proper targeting..

      • Rahnold

        What’d they do with the “old left over screens” to make them fit the mini? Shave a couple inches off? No. The old screens you’re referring to were 9.7″ panels built for the full sized iPad / iPad 2. The mini got a brand new, non-retina, display. The reason for the resolution is that they knew they couldn’t get a retina display to work in the form factor, at least not without sacrificing battery life/form factor, and changing the resolution to something else would have required app developers to optimize for yet another resolution. Stop being such a tool.

  • Gorgonphone

    great retina for ipad mini now lets just hope it has proper GPU specs

  • n0ahcruz3

    Wait for it…. Ipad mini wont have retina afterall according to digitimes. wait according to macotakara ipad mini will be getting the retina treatment after all. wait ipad mini wont have retina this year but will be released early 2014. And so on and so forth…. 😛

  • felixtaf

    If its not retina, I will get an iPad 5… Sure am buying one this fall…..

  • Cesar D

    Just guys wait like two years for the iPad crystal gone completely from the earth, and we will have holographic iPads then 😉