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Good news for Pebble owners this afternoon. The company just posted an update for the smartwatch’s companion iPhone app that adds support for incoming email push notifications, meaning you can get alerts on your Pebble watch when new emails arrive.

The app has to be running in the background of your iPhone for it to work, and it’s only compatible with Gmail and other IMAP email services. But the feature should get substantially more functionality when iOS 7 is released, as it has better accessory support…

Here are your release notes for version 1.2 (via 9to5Mac):

“With the release of Pebble’s iOS app version 1.2, iOS users are now able to receive email notifications to their Pebbles. Please note that your Pebble app must be running (at least in the background) in order for the notifications to come through.

Once it has been successfully set up, you will see the account listed on the Email Notifications page. A blue bar means that the account is active. If you would like to temporarily disable the notifications, simply tap the bar once to turn them off; it will appear grey when the notifications are disabled.
Tap the bar again when you wish to re-enable the notifications.”

If you need help setting up, check out Pebble’s support page.

Pebble essentially single-handedly kickstarted (pun intended?) the smartwatch craze when it raised a record-breaking $12 million in funds from Kickstarter. Now Apple, Samsung, Google and pretty much every other major tech firm is said to be building one.

To date, Pebble says it has received over 190,000 pre-orders since Kickstarter, and nearly 300,000 sales altogether. Not bad. At any rate, if you own one of the smartwatches yourself, you’ll want to grab this update. You can find it in the App Store, for free.

  • Stephen Michael Simon

    I remember earlier this year how I couldn’t stop talking about how cool this watch will be and how i can’t wait for my preorder to finally go through. We are now in August and I have never heard anything for them at all… Based off of that, I can assume their customer support must be horrible.

    • iThinkergoiMac

      So you put in a preorder, they haven’t shipped it yet, and haven’t TOLD you they haven’t shipped it yet, and so their customer support must be poor? I don’t know anything about them, but this is a poor reason to assume that. I’m positive their preorder process is automated, and what would they tell you? That your order hasn’t yet shipped? You know this already. Have you tried contacting them, or are you just waiting for them to say something to you? Whenever I preorder stuff (like movies from Amazon), I don’t get a single word from the company until my device ships. The only exception is when I was promised my preorder would ship at a certain date and it ships later.

      • Stephen Michael Simon

        I preordered back in January and was told I’d hear from them mid February. I finally wrote them in May and was told that my order would process in June. Well it’s now August. Do you work for that piss poor company or something Mr. Troll?

      • iThinkergoiMac

        If you’re going to continue to accuse me of lying, then I won’t respond to any more posts. I already said I don’t know anything about the company. I wasn’t trolling, and you didn’t mention anything you said in your 2nd post. Your frustration makes complete sense now.

        I’m not trolling. If you don’t want someone to ask legitimate questions about your post, don’t post it on a public discussion board.

  • Bob

    Eww Pebble watch.

  • Necter

    If Pebble keeps up the pace, makes their device even better, and keeps the cost competative; I can assume more safely that Apple’s highly speculated “iWatch” will be released priced fairly and competitively. i.e, my hope.