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As we are now posting the fourth wallpaper article in the new Wallpapers of the Week, I dare continue to proclaim it is a new post. One month in, we are going strong with the series, which has become a popular weekly installment on the site. Thanks to those of you that are participating by sending over your suggestions and personal work.

If you will allow, another brief explanation of the posts. I am curating two wallpapers each week for iOS devices. Many of you have questioned why we cannot provide multiple versions of the wallpapers we are posting. The easy answer, artists do not necessarily create multiple versions of their graphics. Our goal is to provide you with at least two options each week. If the artists provide multiple versions, rest assured, they will be available in the post and I’m certain you will enjoy this week’s additions…

Gathering more walls

Thank you again to those who have submitted wallpapers and graphics. I am keeping a running list in my inbox and Twitter submissions of many great graphics. Finding quality wallpapers is no walk in the park. Consequently, you can help provide content for the section by sending your files embedded in an email to or following and tweeting me @jim_gresham. I am keeping tabs on Twitter by favoriting submissions for later consideration and then tweeting users if or when their artwork is being utilized.


A few weeks ago we posted a wallpaper pack that included images we believe would look amazing on iOS 7 due to their color pattern and flat imagery. This week, we again spotlight two walls that will look great on Apples newest iOS. The walls below are courtesy of @jonnyb098, a Michigan-based graphic designer and photographer. To keep up with Jon, check out his personal website and gallery.

jonnyb098 Lime preview  jonnyb098 blue purple preview


To download the images, on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the above preview image, which will load the full resolution. Tap and hold the full resolution and save to the Camera Roll. Head to Settings > Wallpapers > Camera Roll and select the appropriate image for your wallpaper. If using a desktop, view the full resolution image, right click, and save to your iTunes image sync folder.

How do you guys like the Wallpapers of the Week series one month in? Tweet us your walls once they are downloaded so we can take a look at your Home screens! @iDownloadBlog and @jim_gresham.

  • Kurt

    Is it September yet? Can’t wait

    • dpacemaker

      I concur, but I’m using iOS 7 betas, and I’m excited to see what they unveil when the new phone is announced. I’m not a developer, but my buddy is and he hooked me up.

      • Kurt

        I can’t do stock iOS. Need barrel. The icons just move so stiff haha. You still don’t need to be a dev or be on a devs account. I helped my brother just a few days ago get it. I helped him over the phone, so I haven’t given it a try yet. But since I’m switching my iPhone to the Note 3 soon, maybe I should play with the betas? How do you like it? I don’t like the apps, besides the Yahoo inspired weather app. But the rest of the OS is gorgeous.

      • Jimothy

        The beta is a beta, it has bugs and glitches and such. I mean, it’s majorly a graphical update. I was excited at first, but now I miss iOS 6.

      • Jimothy

        That’s not to say that I hate it!!

      • Kurt

        I understand! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been on betas before, (iOS 5) and after the fist couple they are pretty stable. But, to go to stock iOS? uff, I don’t know. But I’d like to try it out. 🙂

      • Damian W

        iOS 7 looks much more pleasing to the eye than iOS 6. If I went back to iOS 6 with no JB, then I would feel like i am back to the stone age. Despite not having Cydia in iOS 7, I really enjoy the speed and smoothness of the system. iPhone 5 beta is very stable, but I think the others ones are still slow and buggy.

      • GuiyeC

        iOS 7 bug fun time!
        Press home button while opening a folder 😀

      • dpacemaker

        That’s a trip. Nothing happened the first time, but the second time, yeah big bug.

      • dpacemaker

        I think it’s nice, I’ve had zero lag or battery issues, but I’ve had a few crashes. I think the stock apps I do use work better and have more functionality, except the calander. Just a dot to show an event, I like the other view with a preview of sorts of what was on that day. Also it seems that my phone remembers where I go. Every week I go to my parents for a family dinner and it knows that around a certain time I go there, so in my today view it tells me how long it will take, and after I’m there for a while around the time I typically leave it shows up telling me how long it will take to get home. This is not an event or a reminder, it just remembers my routine. It’s nice, and scary at the same time. I think they have finally updated iOS the way it should have earlier. It was badly needed. I also think that we will see “lockscreen pages” I say this because if you swipe the opposite way of opening everything moves a little, like on the home screen when you don’t have another page. I think it will be a feature for lockscreen widgets we just haven’t seen yet.

  • Adil Hussain

    hmm they look kinda okay. The green one looks like the Apple grass one but someone’s blurred the crap outta it.

  • Steve Jobs

    when i used to update apps in iOS 6 it didn’t ask for password even for different accounts …. but in iOS 7 it asks for password and username but i don’t know them because my brother paid the apps and he doesn’t remember the password !!!! 🙁

    • Adil Hussain

      Im on iOS 6 and it stil does ask for the passwords for each of my accounts (when updating). Just click ‘Forgot Password’ in iTunes, simples!

    • Question

      Wow steve you were the one that invented all this how did u forget the password?

      • Steve Jobs

        i lost my memory after death …. pray for me 😉

  • abdullah575

    Me to !!!

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Can’t wait for iOS 7! I’ve gotten so used to the beta. Haha. Let’s hope iOS 8 is actually a game changer instead of a visual makeover. Most of my friends just upgraded to the s4… So I’m feeling kinda down about Apple right now

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      How does it affect you the fact they switched to Android anyway? My friend switched to an S3 because he couldn’t afford a new iPhone- he had a 3Gs and so did I before upgrading; now I’m a happy iPhone 5 user.

  • Filip Zíka

    I think these are great even for iOS 6

  • Keep these wallpapers coming !! I have actually made an album named iDB Wallpapers 😀

  • William Melendez

    Great wallpapers they look great on my white iphone 5 running ios 7.

  • nice wallpaper

  • Karl Kurtz

    How can one find out what kind of wallpapers will be featured next? I want to create some but I just don’t know what the next theme will be.

  • BoardDWorld

    These pre-softened wallpapers are getting too much. We need rich sharp colours. The iOS7 Photo App wallpaper is a prime example, I haven’t changed for more than a few seconds since. As a wallpaper is being developed they should have a translucent layer the same as iOS7 to see what effect it has. Then trial it in iOS7 and rework it to suit.

  • Joseph

    …I can make the first one by getting a photo of bright plasric-like grass and using gaussian blur in GIMP. It’s basically the same thing.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      No matter how easy (or difficult) it was to create those wallpapers they still look nice in my opinion…