Wallpapers of the Week: pastel purity perfect for iOS 7

jonnyb098 wall splash

As we are now posting the fourth wallpaper article in the new Wallpapers of the Week, I dare continue to proclaim it is a new post. One month in, we are going strong with the series, which has become a popular weekly installment on the site. Thanks to those of you that are participating by sending over your suggestions and personal work.

If you will allow, another brief explanation of the posts. I am curating two wallpapers each week for iOS devices. Many of you have questioned why we cannot provide multiple versions of the wallpapers we are posting. The easy answer, artists do not necessarily create multiple versions of their graphics. Our goal is to provide you with at least two options each week. If the artists provide multiple versions, rest assured, they will be available in the post and I’m certain you will enjoy this week’s additions…

Gathering more walls

Thank you again to those who have submitted wallpapers and graphics. I am keeping a running list in my inbox and Twitter submissions of many great graphics. Finding quality wallpapers is no walk in the park. Consequently, you can help provide content for the section by sending your files embedded in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com or following and tweeting me @jim_gresham. I am keeping tabs on Twitter by favoriting submissions for later consideration and then tweeting users if or when their artwork is being utilized.


A few weeks ago we posted a wallpaper pack that included images we believe would look amazing on iOS 7 due to their color pattern and flat imagery. This week, we again spotlight two walls that will look great on Apples newest iOS. The walls below are courtesy of @jonnyb098, a Michigan-based graphic designer and photographer. To keep up with Jon, check out his personal website and gallery.

jonnyb098 Lime preview  jonnyb098 blue purple preview


To download the images, on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the above preview image, which will load the full resolution. Tap and hold the full resolution and save to the Camera Roll. Head to Settings > Wallpapers > Camera Roll and select the appropriate image for your wallpaper. If using a desktop, view the full resolution image, right click, and save to your iTunes image sync folder.

How do you guys like the Wallpapers of the Week series one month in? Tweet us your walls once they are downloaded so we can take a look at your Home screens! @iDownloadBlog and @jim_gresham.