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AT&T has introduced two new Mobile Share plans this morning, rounding out its family of Mobile Share rate options it first introduced in the summer of last year. The offerings are designed to allow users to share monthly data allotments across multiple devices.

Previously, the plans started at 1GB of data per month and then jumped straight to 4GB. But today, AT&T announced that it would be adding 300MB and 2GB plans to the mix, giving users that don’t require much data a wider selection of options to choose from…

From the carrier’s press release:

“With the launch of two new Mobile Share plans, AT&T* continues to make it easy and affordable for customers to share data on the nation’s fastest and now most reliable 4G LTE network**. Available July 26, new and existing customers will have two new Mobile Share plan options to choose from — 300 MB or 2 GB of data with unlimited talk and text.

The 300 MB plan is only $20 a month, with additional costs per device added. Now, customers with basic and quick-messaging devices can share data and unlimited talk and text for as low as $50 a month and smartphone customers for $70 a month. The new 2 GB plan provides another choice for customers whose data needs exceed our existing 1 GB plan available today.”

And here’s a breakdown of the costs:

att mobile share plan

The introduction of these new plans comes hot on the heels of AT&T taking some criticism over its new Next device upgrade program. Multiple comparisons of Next with similar Jump and Edge programs from T-Mobile and Verizon find it to be significantly more expensive.

I don’t think these new plans will appease any of those upset customers, but it could at least lower the monthly expenses for folks who were pay for a 1GB plan or a 4GB plan, but didn’t need it. As mentioned above, these new options will be available starting on July 26.

  • Kenny Woodard

    AT&T used to be respectable…

  • jocastro


  • Jacob S

    a** holes! lmao Do they really think Americans are so stupid and weak in maths? haha

    • Brian Kieffer

      That’s the point: they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if these new plans become a smashing hit.

    • Jack Wong

      Right, I don’t see how much I can save in this case… I found that it will cost more than my existing plan…

  • Schryliam

    American prizes are expensive.

  • Antzboogie

    How does Sprint offer unlimited everything and AT&T cant do the same and they have more money? Smh

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Because Sprint needs something to hide the fact that they have a crap network. They’re losing subscribers too, so they need a plan that would force the subscriber to stay on their network since Sprint and T-Mobile offer unlimited data. AT&T and Verizon don’t have enough bandwidth to handle the amount of customers that they have compared to Sprint.

      • Antzboogie

        Thats not true Sprint has given me a mini cell tower in my home called Airave. Im starting to notice I dont need it as much I get LTE almost everywhere in Manhattan. Doubt Verizon or AT&T has this feature. Plus unlimited data I love it!

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        They gave you a mini cell tower because their network is crap. Sprint is absolutely terrible in Virginia (based on my experiences and probably others around the country as well). AT&T and Verizon do, in-fact, offer mini cell towers. AT&T calls theirs “Microcell” and Verizon calls theirs a ‘Wireless Network Extender.” 😛

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Overpriced. What happened to just paying $30 a month for data per device?

    • truehybridx

      AT&T found out what a big mistake (on their money grubbing part) that was with all the havoc it was on their network with a bunch of people watching youtube 24/7 😀
      (Over simplification, but basically AT&T didnt want you to have unlimited data because then they would have to spend money to make a network that would support that)

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        Those cheapscapes. All they care about is making money and not the consumer’s benefit.

      • Just like the new post-Steve-Jobs Apple….

  • n0ahcruz3

    300mb for “only” $20. I LOLed

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    AT&T isn’t very reliable without their 4G LTE network.

  • Africanking

    Rip off

  • Jacob S

    haha I could not stop laughing on this new plans lol
    If you have 5 Lines and want to have 300mb data plan you pay $270 a month. At the same time you get 1GB data plan for $265, oh wait no actually you get 6GB plan for $265. Oh ok, then what about 2 GB and 4GB plans, yeah they will cost $275 and $270 respectively, heck yeah some one need to go back to school, is that we the customers or the idiot who designed the data plan at at&t? LMAO!

  • Eric 420

    I dont understand the shared data plans. How is it cheaper? Why the hell would anyone pay $20 bucks for 300 MB? I pay $25 for 2GB of data…..What a RIP off. With 3 phones on my account 2 of them have 2GB plans for $25 each, and my the other one is 3 GB for 30 bucks a month, so thats 7 GB of data. our phone bill is $190 every month. If I did the 6GB shared data plan it would cost us 195 plus tax and fees so probably $200 plus and it would only be 6GB vs the 7GB i have now. Come on AT&T you SUCK! These are not good deals. Anyone paying these prices are getting EFFED IN THE A by AT&T.

    • Jacob S

      Yeah you should consider 6GB shared plan, yes you will lose 1GB but at the same time you get unlimited text and minutes.

      • Eric 420

        I get that, but I already have unlimited TXT messaging. And I have unlimted mobile to mobile (ANY MOBILE CARRIER) and I have more rollover minutes than I know what to do with. I never worry about going over my minutes.

      • Jacob S

        Oh OK, then never mind 🙂 I have 3 lines as well and went with 6gb plan as I am the one use most of the data. I don’t care about the minutes, but texting is the reason I went for unlimited. But I get your plan, I had the same plan before $30 family add on for unlimited texts and minutes.

      • Eric 420

        Ya I have had the unlimited text for 30 bucks for all lines. Cant complain about that. But the shared data is stupid IMO. and 300 MB for 20, lmao not a chance in hell i would pay that!

      • Guest

        Jacob, who is your carrier?

      • Jacob S

        Right now AT&T. I’m back to them only because they have a reliable network, though their plans are total rip off.

      • Eric 420


    • bw00ds

      Eric, who is your carrier? I’d like a piece of that action.

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        lol. You’re so dirty. He’s on AT&T btw.

      • Eric 420

        Yup I am on AT&T family plan.

  • Brian Kieffer

    >easy and affordable

  • Bkfraiders7

    All I see is Rip off, Rip off, Rip off

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Now what do you have say about AT&T NEXT?

      • Bkfraiders7

        The same. Next and Edge are both complete ripoffs to their customers. Jump is the only one to even consider, and even that is stretching it.

  • iAppleTech

    Why dont we introduce unlimited data plans… hmmm AT&T!!

  • Gorgonphone

    lol more c9ompicated BS

  • Wamid

    I get 8GB, 300 minutes (calls to same carrier as mine are free) and 30 text message for about $66 a month. this is the plan I got my 64GB iPhone 5 with.
    -Paid $350 as an advanced payment-

    is this a bad deal?

    • You’re probably on a contract, so, you’re out of luck. However, if you weren’t on a contract, like I, you could probably land a better deal if you reasonably negotiate with them; no carrier (or business for that matter) will want to milk a sheep any slower. After fighting my carrier, I get:
      – 600 MB
      – 450 weekday minutes (7am to 6pm)
      – 2500 Call forwading minutes (which I’ve never used, lol)
      – Unlimited Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 6 pm)
      – Unlimited Canada wide long distance
      – Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S and international wireless numbers
      – Call Display
      – Visual Voicemail
      – Unlimited Circle Calling
      – Call Waiting
      – Conference Call
      All for ~$25/month.

      • Wamid

        did you get a phone?

      • Not from my Carrier, never again; that will definitely be putting me back in a rip off contract. Got a good as new, factory unlocked 64 GB 4S for $450 on kijiji, and not looking to upgrade for the next 2 years…unless I lose my jailbreak, but by then awesome S4 Active deals will be available on kijiji.

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        I want in on this. How did you do it?

  • Alexander Reimann

    At least there is a split data plan between 1 and 4GB, the range was too great. Now I’m saving $20 a month at least

  • Mark Seah

    old plans here are 12GB at about USD $30…new ones 2,3 GB at same / higher prices than that !

  • Bjørn Holm

    Wow! Why is the data so expensive in USA?
    I pay 119DKK/month (about $18.50) which includes 6 hours talk, free SMS and MMS, and 12 GB data, on which I of cause can call via VoIP and share via personal hotspot. And further more if i call people with the same carrier as me, it’s free and does not count on the 6 hours.

  • This is (abstractly) a complete insult to Moore’s law.