Colourwall iPad 1 splash

The second in a new series, we are answering the call of our dedicated iDB readers. The “Wallpapers of the Week” section is posting, you guessed it, every week to satiate the thirst for fresh wallpapers on a regular basis. We had a great response to last week’s post, which featured photographer @Solefield.

To re-explain, the section will feature two images per week for a specific iOS device. Finding quality images that are formatted for all devices is quite rare and we would rather provide two excellent choices each week than cram in some less desirable options…

Get involved

Helping the cause is always appreciated. After all, scouring the internet for quality wallpapers can take hours. This is where you guys can help the most. There are a lot of folks out there with excellent talents for wallpapers and we want you to crowdsource this project with your images, photos, and beautiful designs. A celebration of our readers, if you will.

Last week, I received more than a dozen tips for wallpapers and I invite you to keep them coming. The easiest way to submit an image for the feature is shooting me an email with your image embedded. You can send that over to Second, find me on Twitter @jim_gresham for sharing your work or just keeping in touch.


With all business aside, this week I feature graphic artist @DazCoates. Darren used the iOS 7 icon as his inspiration for “Colourwall,” which is listed below. Thankfully, he produced walls for both iPhone 5 and the mini. The first version centers the color wheel, where variation two shifted slightly to the left.

UPDATE: After accepting requests from the comments below, the article is now updated with iPad retina and desktop versions. Find them below.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to the artist, a full line of options is now available.

Colourwall 1 preview  Colourwall 2 preview

iPhone 5: Variation 1, Variation 2

iPad retina: Variation 1, Variation 2

iPad mini: Variation 1, Variation 2

Desktop: Variation 1, Variation 2

If you are interested in more of his work, visit Darren’s dribbble account or Deviant Art gallery.


On your device, tap the corresponding link for direction to the full resolution image. Tap and hold the picture and save to your Camera Roll. Navigate to the wallpaper section in and select the desired variation. On a desktop, right click and save the full resolution image to your iTunes image sync folder.

Moving into week two, we are still beta testing this weekly feature and are adjusting as we receive feedback. Please keep your comments flowing in the comment section below.

  • Alatoerka

    Looks great. I want to see more wallpapers! 😀

  • planetcoalition

    Looks beautiful. Would love to have one for the Mac!

  • Jay Kay

    Awesome it gives new feel to ios 7, thats the beauty of new ios, thanks keep rolling.

    • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

      jay kay , Naam bara ajeeb hai LOL

      • Jay Kay

        Ajeed nahee udham short name hai 😉

      • Jay Kay

        Waisay aap nay yahan bhe dhoondh liya.

      • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

        haha yes 🙂

  • Avery Massenburg

    Why just the Mini? :/ I’m sure retina users would like this wallpaper also.

    • JimGresham

      If you contact the artist, he may be willing to produce a retina version.

    • dÅz

      On the case!!

    • JimGresham

      Updated 7/14/13, 5:50PM EST

  • David Gitman

    I want to see an iDB wallpaper 😛

  • Ariel

    wish there would be more walls every time, though i understand that it easier said than done.
    looking forward to the next!

  • Adil Hussain

    Maybe you guys could push up to 10 wallpapers? 5 at the very least? atm its basically looking like ‘the best wallpaper of the week’

  • You spelled “Dribbble” wrong in the post, it has 3 Bs not 2.

    • JimGresham

      Thanks. Corrected.

      • seyss

        nice beard

      • JimGresham

        You should see it in real life.

  • Brandon Higgins

    This goes really well with iOS 7!

  • Djgrafitti

    Wow that looks like really gay wallpaper. I imagine everyone would be gay every time it was looked at. I’m gay looking at it right now. I am always gay an this just makes me feel even more gay.. Thx.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Tis is the best wallpaper for ios 7 !!

  • BoardDWorld

    Brilliant, thanks.

  • Armen M.

    iDownloadblog should have a wallpaper section on the blog site

  • D.

    Wallpaper related. Does anyone know of a decent site where I can get wallpapers that fit iPhone, iPad and iMac? I have an OCD thing and they all need to be the same on all devices.

    • dÅz

      try wallbase

  • a___j___m

    I wish the wallpapers could be for the iPhone 4S!

    • headd29

      Just download the iphone 5 version, when you set as wallpaper and it asks you to move and scale, double tap the image, and it resizes it perfectly for that phone.

  • headd29

    I’m using the iPad mini wallpaper on my iPad 2. You know quite a few people still only have that.

  • Jay Kay

    Is any of the desktop version optimized for iMac 27″

  • Andy

    I think this is equally good as the default iOS 7 ones. Looks like apple would have given the thumbs up for this definitely.

  • Gell Flores


  • Aguinobaldo Tocha

    really amazing art. Thank you very much for sharing such beauty!