Pacific Rim (iPad screenshot 003)

I’ve been on the edge of my seat ever since the first Pacific Rim trailer hit theaters. For those not in the know, Pacific Rim is an upcoming sci-fi monster flick directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro. There’s something inherently appealing about the movie’s premise: colossal monsters suddenly emerge from a portal on the ocean floor, crushing skyscrapers, obliterating entire cities and threatening the mankind’s very existence.

Since it’s 2020s, we were able to engineer gigantic humanoid mechas controlled by two pilots whose minds are joined by a neural bridge. The movie premiers tomorrow and Reliance Games has just released the official tie-in game for the iPhone and iPad. We have a trailer and a few additional details right below the fold…

Check out the trailer.

Your iTunes release notes:

• Story Mode: Play over 30 levels and challenge monstrous creatures in intense combat inspired by the motion picture.
• Survival Mode: Can you defend humanity from an endless wave of Kaiju? See how skilled you are with your customized Jaeger.
• Command up to five different Jaegers with custom equipment and technology.
• Upgrade your Jaegers and weapons to dominate the battlefield.
• Discover and research new technology to increase your armor, power and speed.
• The game explores the Pacific Rim universe with new events, Jaegars, and Kaiju not fully revealed in the film.

And a few iPad screenies.

Pacific Rim (iPad screenshot 001)

Pacific Rim (iPad screenshot 002)

Pacific Rim (iPad screenshot 004)

Pacific Rim (iPad screenshot 005)

And here’s the absolutely stunning movie trailer.

If that didn’t give you goose bumps, then these kinds of monster flicks are probably not your cup of tea.

The universal Pacific Rim binary is a $4.99 263MB download from the App Store, with an optional $4.99 in-app coin pack for power players looking to max out their upgrades.

  • seyss


  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Smells like a rip of Evangelion…

    • Danuel Carr

      Dude, that’s like saying the Evangelion is a rip of Gundam. Just because both feature giant mochas doesn’t mean that they’re anything like each other.

  • workin

    Maybe just me but I find this kind of gameplay a bit weak, where you just tap preset moves-though Infinity Blade and Death Dome and others do this too. Pacific Rim is more awkward, disappointing and expensive.

  • Chris

    Thank you for including the file size in the description at the end. That matters to me as much as price nowadays! 🙂

  • Markus Seiler

    Is it like One Must Fall 2097 or more like Infinity Blade?!

  • Danuel Carr

    I’m more excited for the Legendary Pictures Godzilla movie. Still can’t wait to see this though. WOO KAIJU FILMS ARE BACK!