Square Enix originally planned to unleash Deus Ex: The Fall on iOS tomorrow, but in a change of heart the publisher has released the game on the App Store a day early (not that we’re complaining). Based on Square’s Deus Ex cyberpunk franchise, the game takes place after the Deux Ex: The Icarus Effect novel. This action-based RPG is another premium triple-A release on the App Store, featuring console-grade graphics with unique design style and full-blown Deus Ex experience…

The game is set in 2027, the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation.

“Ben Saxon an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life,” the blurb has it.

Here’s the E3 trailer from May.

Vast, fully explorable environments include mafia hideouts in Moscow and the slums of Panama, ensuring hours of gameplay. In Deus Ex: The Fall, every action has a consequence and there are multiple ways to play.

Retina-enabled graphics is impeccable.

Deus Ex - The Fall (iPad screenshot 001)

Deus Ex - The Fall (iPad screenshot 002)

Deus Ex - The Fall (iPad screenshot 003)

Deus Ex - The Fall (iPad screenshot 004)

In Deus Ex, you’re not limited in terms of your preferred gameplay style: players can focus on action only, or choose a stealth approach for a more cunning progress.

It costs $6.99 a pop and can be downloaded now via the App Store.

This one’s an iOS exclusive so I’m afraid Android users are left out in the cold.

Mac users may want to check out Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a $39.99 download from the Mac App Store, which last year scored an Apple Design Award.

Deus Ex: The Fall is a massive download requiring 1.6GB free space to install on your iPad 3 and above, iPad mini, iPhone 4S and above or fifth-generation iPod touch.

Square recommends closing other applications “to enhance your experience”.

Jailbroken users report that Deus Ex won’t play nice on their device. If that’s the case, we suggest using the xCon app from Cydia to get around the jailbreak detection.

I know what I’ll be playing this coming weekend.

  • AppleAnalist

    Ban news guys, you can’t play on a jailbroken device it won’t let you shoot WTF?

    • iosPixel

      Tried XCon?

      • AppleAnalist

        Yup it works yay!

      • VanNATTΞN™✌

        What is XCon exactly?

      • iosPixel

        xCon is a tweak that attempts to circumnavigate jailbreak detection code. On the most part it does this quite well. However apps with dev teams who are dedicated to allocating part of their schedules to security (e.g. banking sector) usually detect xCon but for those with generic code xCon usually does the trick.

        There is a paid addition to xCon known as alias but all I’ve seen is negatives from those who purchased it. Its a while since I followed its development.

      • Andy

        working XCon

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Does it even say in the description though? Since if not that’s just bad business taking your money without even letting you know that it won’t work natively (without patches)…

      • iosPixel

        It does work natively, Apple doesn’t ship the phone with a jailbreak.

        Ahh If only!

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        When I said natively I meant without a patch. On a jailbroken device it is possible to run unsigned code and this game blatantly prevents itself from working correctly as a result unless the checks used are disabled via a tweak such as Xcon.

  • AppleAnalist

    Confirmed xcon gets around the jailbreak code in Deus Ex

    • Zohaib Ayyaz

      reconfirmation. works with xcon version 38.

    • Andy


  • :(

    God. It sucks so much that iPhone 4 is obselete already. Between this, Limbo and Spiral I defo need an upgrade. Guess I will have to get iPhone 6 whenever that drops.

    • Piyush

      because it has 3gs gpu thats why , but stll 3yrs support is still good , plus there many getting games you are getting free so cheers up dude.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    iPad mini is supported while the iPad 2 is not. Hmmm. Does the mini have 1 GB of ram?

    • logo brandy

      That is really weird. As it supports iPhone 4s (512 mb ram) and iPad mini (same resolution, soc)

  • Jeff Handy

    No support for iPad2? Well, at least I’ll save the $7 for something else. 😉

  • Nadav

    is there any way to install it on a jailbroken ipad 2?

  • Chuck Finley

    Don’t bother wasting your money, crashes before you can even play the game on an iPhone 4S.

    Another joke, like XCOM.

    • Berchtwald

      I had that problem with XCOM but I fixed it by getting in the mobile substrate safe mode (by keeping the volume up button pressed while the device boots up) I never got a crash in that mode

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    First impressions before even opening it are why in a a game that costs $7 in the US and £5 in the UK are there IAPs and are these going to hinder my gameplay…