ScreenFade Featured

ScreenFade is a jailbreak tweak that’s currently available on the Hashbang Productions beta repo. It’s a tweak that adds a fade in and out animation to iOS when putting the device to sleep or waking the device.

On a stock iOS device, you’re met with an abrupt on or off when waking or putting the device to sleep; there’s no transitional animation to speak of. ScreenFade makes the experience of waking or sleeping your device seem less abrupt. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what I mean.

The tweak, still in beta, does feature an issue that’s worth mentioning. When you wake the device using the sleep button, the ScreenFade animation doesn’t work. In order to make ScreenFade work on wake, you must use the Home button to wake the device instead.

ScreenFade features no options or settings to configure, it’s a simple install and go. If you want to give it a try then add Hashbang’s beta repo: to your Cydia sources. If the developers can solve the wake animation issue mentioned above, then this will be a subtle tweak that some may find enjoyable. What do you think?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    just like iOS 7 beta!

  • iosPixel

    Check out thier Livewire tweak and it’s pro equivalent.

  • Dien Agustin

    No thanks.

  • Malan Raja

    I didn’t really appreciate the fade that much. They should add toggles to control the rate at which fade occurs.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    When I had iOS 7 installed, I wasn’t a huge fan of the animation when you lock or unlock your device, but now I’m just so used to it and actually like it a whole lot.

  • Abdullah Adhami

    It should have a speed setting

  • Hugh Jassol

    Why would anyone install this?

    Even if I watch the video @ half speed……I can barely notice the difference. This tweak is beyond subtle. LOL

    • Ricky

      You will understand when you use ios7

      • Hugh Jassol

        I have, well…beta 1 w/iP4 (I wouldn’t even consider it on A5+ devices). The UI was extremely white & very hard on my eyes, near unbearable.

        I’m not a fan of iOS 7 “yet” but I do believe its a step in the right direction. With that said, I couldn’t care less about these useless iO7’esque tweaks. I can’t fathom adding mobile substrate addons like this.

        Let the kiddies have their fun I guess. LOL

  • Brock

    Pano backgrounds are awesome in ios 7. As you move your phone it scrolls across the pano

    • SimonReidy

      Have been enjoying that feature since iOS4 thanks to the ‘Parallax’ tweak, but its good to see it finally become a part of stock iOS.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Funny how so many countless people complained and whined about how very little iOS 7 introduced and yet we now have a lot of the iOS 7 stuff being ‘ported’ to Cydia in the form of themes and now tweaks. Curiouser and curiouser…

  • Tommmy

    So, no real difference according to the video.

  • J™

    ‘awesome’ tweak