PatternUnlock isn’t the first jailbreak tweak to hit Cydia that features an Android-like pattern unlock pattern, but it is, perhaps, the best. Other jailbreak tweaks like AndroidLockXT can lay claim to being the first, and some may prefer the vast amount of options offered with that tweak.

I prefer PatternUnlock, however, because of its ease of use, design, and impeccable documentation. It’s a tweak that plays nice with stock iOS, and compliments the standard experience instead of making it feel obtuse and disjointed. Take a look inside as I go hands-on with PatternUnlock on video.

The first thing you’ll notice about PatternUnlock is its settings. The preferences for PatternUnlock are laid out in a logical and easy to follow manner. The first option at the top of the tweak’s preferences allows you to enable or disable PatternUnlock altogether. Beneath that, once again in a logical order of appearance, lies the option to change the pattern passcode.

Just like the stock iOS passcode, you can require the patten to be entered immediately upon unlock, or set an interval based delay ranging from 1, 2, 5, or 15 minutes, or 1, 2, or 4 hours. For those of you who wish to involve haptic feedback on the Lock screen, then you’ll be happy to find a vibrations section in PatternUnlock’s preferences. Here you can set vibration to happen when touching a point, or on a successful unlock. There are also two different sliders for each section dedicated to adjusting the vibration duration and intensity.

PatternUnlock preview 01

A few additional supplementary features are included with PatternUnlock’s settings. You’ll find the ability to enable an option bar for accessing the emergency call button (iPhone’s only), and a setting to enable the device’s block mode when too many incorrect unlock attempts are made.

PatternUnlock preview 02

PatternUnlock comes bundled with five different themes, and includes detailed documentation on how to develop your own themes. I found that the themes in PatternUnlock were designed in a way that truly compliments the iOS Lock screen. In my opinion, AndroidLockXT, while a good tweak, doesn’t fit in with iOS the way PatternUnlock does from a design perspective. AndroidLockXT’s stock themes seem too Android-ish for iOS, whereas PatternUnlock doesn’t seem to force the issue. Of course, there are a plethora of 3rd party themes available for AndroidLockXT, so that’s something that you need to consider.

When it comes to options, that’s where AndroidLockXT is simply more robust. PatternUnlock features options, but they are all tightly involved with the basic functionality of the tweak. AndroidLockXT goes the extra mile with all sorts of additional goodies, such as the ability to remain unlocked while on a specific Wi-Fi network.

PatternUnlock 01

Those extras are nice and all, but once again, PatternUnlock gets the basic stuff right. For instance, the way that PatternUnlock works together with stock passcodes shows a lot of forethought on the part of developer, Jonas Gessner. While on the Lock screen, PatternUnlock includes a button in the upper-right hand corner that allows you to switch to traditional passcode mode. This lets you use both forms of security interchangeably, and also ensures that your device won’t be compromised in the event that the tweak is disabled or uninstalled.

I also need to mention that way that the lines of the patterns “snap” into place. This snapping feature makes it much easier to enter complex patterns using PatternUnlock when compared to the competition. PatternUnlock is more forgiving when it comes to unlocking your device, and this makes using it less tedious. This feature shouldn’t be understated. Watch the video for a visual description of what I mean.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the stock passcode unlock in iOS, then look no further than PatternUnlock. To me, it’s the best pattern unlocking alternative present on Cydia, and it’s well worth the $1.99 asking price. I believe that AndroidLockXT is a good choice as well, but if I had to select between the two, PatternUnlock would be my choice for the reasons mentioned above. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • steve00000

    Jesus you didn’t read a single word of it did you?

    • J. Rockwell


  • Anar M

    Best pattern unlock(PU) out there. Android lock xt is too glitchy. I tried both and PU is hands down the best.

    • DDriggs00

      Thanks for the advise!

  • Huntz

    Definitely switching from AndroidLockXT to this!

  • Dominik Odobašić

    I thought iOS, slide to unlock and passwords are far superior to that crashy Android? So why would anyone want its sucky features? I mean, don’t you remember those stories where smudges could reveal your lock screen pattern? (Sarcasm.) In any case, with all those bypass hacks, I guess iOS lock screen could use some of Android’s security.

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  • RarestName

    Lags on my device 🙁

  • Huntz

    After installing this on my iphone all but 4 icons remain on my springboard…uninstalled and they are still missing. What the hell.

    • Abram Reyes

      Reboot. Fixed.

      • iV1n5

        It happen to me too but installing other tweaks. I got scared… but a reboot fixed the problem for me too. There might be something shared by these tweaks that caused the problem… does anyone know anything about this?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Great video great tweak

  • Dan

    well done

  • f1ght3r

    I prefer piano passcode

  • inf3rn0

    That UI is beautiful, kudos to the dev.

  • iV1n5

    I’m scared about the “near” iOS 7 switching… hope this tweak will be updated then…

  • Andro Fort

    Apple = Android “inspired”

    Android = “Copied” from Apple


    • MehLaMeh

      Remember, this “Android-‘inspired’ tweak is a **jailbreak** tweak. Apple may or may not accept it depending on their “standards” (though they copied “some” features from Android).

    • RarestName

      Apple is a company, not a mobile operating system.

  • Ian Jackson

    Does it work well with JellyLock? I know most passcode systems don’t.

    • Jonas Gessner

      It does!

      • Ian Jackson

        Awesome. Just bought it. (: I asked because I know AndroidLock didn’t work well with it. At all. Was very buggy, but this seems to work much more flawlessly.

  • MehLaMeh

    I’ll quote a sentence in the first paragraph:
    “Other jailbreak tweaks like AndroidLockXT can lay claim to being the first, and some may prefer the vast amount of options offered with that tweak.”

    Another sentence form another paragraph:
    “When it comes to options, that’s where AndroidLockXT is simply more robust. PatternUnlock features options, but they are all tightly involved with the basic functionality of the tweak. AndroidLockXT goes the extra mile with all sorts of additional goodies, such as the ability to remain unlocked while on a specific Wi-Fi network.”

    If you didn’t read those sentences I quoted, I’ll just give you some advice:

    “Don’t bother giving your opinion on a post if you haven’t read a single bit of it.”

    I’ll appreciate it if you followed my advice.

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      I’ve been laughing at all of the people who replied back to me and you will probably ask yourself why? Well first of all I wanted to say something incredibly stupid to see how many people would reply to me and it’s amazing how many people took the time to reply back to me or quote me a sentence from the first paragraph. Second of all other people say stupid things on this website and I use to take the time to reply back to them and think of something to say to them and then I started to think like an adult and think Why would I waste 2 or 3 minutes of my time to reply back to this person when they are either trolling or being stupid. Third of all people say “Stop trolling!” Then the troll will say something stupid the next day or an hour later and you ask yourself why? People who reply back to the troll are feeding the troll and the troll will troll more. If no one replies back to the troll what does the troll do? They will probably stop trolling because no one is saying anything back to them. It’s kind of common sense. I’ll give you some advice “If you see someone trolling don’t say anything back, let the person look stupid.” Thanks for the 6 votes down!

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        Congratulations you achieved nothing.

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        I must ask. Do you honestly think it’s cool to have a bandanna covering half of your face? #swag

  • Rockwell mellow

    Can’t imagine this being as secure as regular iOS lock

  • momerathe

    looks like you can’t skip the initial slide to unlock, like you can with AndroidLockXT

  • MG

    Installed and used for a bit, seamless integration however experienced massive battery drain and had to uninstall which is a disappointment!

  • Graphic74


  • My dam battery died with this…

  • martin

    does it work with jellylock? 🙂

  • Edwin O Crespo

    Can I use that tweak with Igotya tweak from cydia

  • Ahmed

    I want someone to send me the link

  • rabia bilici

    i don’t get it, where do i have to download it ?