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Apple’s plan to add Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone to its second California suit has just hit a major roadblock as U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal just denied Apple’s request on the ground that it would be a “a tax on the court’s resources”. A lawyer for Apple told the judge that excluding the Galaxy S4 “would require Apple to file a new lawsuit” because the Samsung products covered by the case will be out of date by trial next year, Bloomberg reported Thursday…

According to the news organization, Grewal noted the following in the ruling:

Each time these parties appear in the courtroom, they consume considerable amounts of the court’s time and energy, which takes time way from other parties who also require and are entitled to the court’s attention.

Patent blogger Florian Müeller nails it:

The real problem is that as long as Apple and Samsung don’t settle, but Samsung continues to launch devices Apple considers to infringe on its IP, Apple will be forced to bring new lawsuits to go after additional products.  

He’s right about that.

This litigation is already ridiculous and consuming energies of both parties, even considering that a U.S. jury found Samsung guilty of infringing upon Apple’s patents last August, awarding Apple a cool $1.05 billion in damages, which was later slashed to $600 million.

A new damages trial scheduled for November will determine damages for some of the products included in this case. Apple in a separate filing also claimed that Google’s Google Now feature and the Galaxy S4 software violate its two Siri patents and five other inventions.

  • galdamita

    Apple is losing time and money suing competitors, instead using the money and the time to develop better phones that continue keep them at the forefront of innovation and technology. But perhaps without Steve Jobs this is asking too much.

    • Anthony Aaron Anderson

      Apple has a team of lawyers that take care of all of the court stuff. Design engineers and such, don’t go into court unless called to be a witness, so they aren’t waisting any time on it, as the wins they get in court DO benefit them, in many ways (including design insight) and no design time is waisted, because lawyers aren’t very good at designing phones. And as far as money goes, apple has billions in profit, and will have designed a complex budget for their law firm to follow. The budget will be based on several dynamic variables. This means that if the ratio of profitability to expenditures is not correct, the budget adjusts to make things stay on the profitable end. And lastly, as far as Steve jobs goes, apple has been suing people forever, including while jobs was alive. I can even almost guarantee hat he was responsible for helping pick some of the lawyers, and likely helped with the design of an early version if the firm’s dynamic budget.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Well said! Whether people like it or not litigation is part and parcel of the smartphone wars. I personally have no problem with Apple suing everyone. If for example I created an all aluminium time machine and an unnamed Korean company made a cheaper plastic one I’d have a lawyer in my left hand and my time machine in my right hand and sue immediately!

      • Cornstarch

        not very smart on Apple’s part considering Apple have no display, camera, memmory or processor technology. I’ved thousands complaints about the Mac Pro “retina” display made by LG was inferior to Samsung and there was a lawsuite from Mac users claiming Apple used bottom bin tech and charging them a premium prices

  • G Mohal

    After stealing half of the functions of android and wp they are still
    trying to prove that samsung stole everything from them:D So so