I’m not a Pebble watch owner, but if I was, I’d be all over this like white on rice. PebbleActivator is a new jailbreak tweak from iOS developer Ryan Petrich, and it allows you to execute specific commands via the Pebble Smart watch’s physical buttons.

PebbleActivator is basically an Activator add-on, as it runs inside of the Activator app. With that said, the app does feature its own standalone app icon for interfacing with its settings. Take a look inside for a few more details, and why this new tweak is so handy for Pebble watch owners.

PebbleActivator 01

What are some of the cool things you could possibly do with PebbleActivator? The list is basically limitless, but you could do things like Activate Siri, Take a Screenshot, launch apps, or a whole host of other features.

If you’re a Pebble watch owner with a jailbroken iOS device, why not give the new PebbleActivator app a try? You can find it by heading adding Ryan Petrich’s beta repo: to your Cydia sources, and downloading for free.

Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and comments regarding PebbleActivator down below.

  • jocastro

    ummm, my buddy got one of these and im not impressed to be honest, its ugly, i rather have a regular watch from walmart lol.

  • Rupinder S

    Hola, Jeff!

  • H2O

    It looks cheap. Like the kind of watch you’d buy for a 6 year old.

    • jocastro

      agreed, im not saying its a bad idea, because obviously its not, but i think they can do a way way way better job

  • deepdvd

    Honestly, Jeff, I’m surprised you (or iDB) didn’t get one. My grey one will soon be shipped. I’m very excited for the potential.

  • mwpitt52

    I am still waiting for my white pebble to ship….WTF!

  • Carlos Morales

    it works flawlessly… amazing love my pebble even more now! Great job Ryan P

  • Tom

    OK, so I like the idea and it is kinda cool, but I can’t think of a single instance where this would be useful. Asking Siri a question would possibly be the most obvious, but for Siri to hear you properly, you would need to be wearing earbuds or a handsfree, both of which allow you to invoke her without touching your phone.

  • Sacha

    I’m trying to assign the top button (on my pebble) to go back a track and the bottom button to skip the current track. I want to be able to do this without having to go into the menu then go into music app. However, after setting it up that way, the buttons only scroll through the watchfaces. Is there something special you need to do to get it to work? Also, I had a feature request. Is there a way you can trigger an action when the bluetooth connection gets severed (as in lock my phone) and another action when it gets reestablished (unlock iphone)?