I don’t use Spotlight much. The page, which sits to the left of the main Home screen in iOS, lets you do some really useful things like search for stuff on your device and the web. But honestly, most of the time I forget it’s there.

But jailbreak developers are looking to change that. We’ve seen a number of tweaks designed to enhance the Spotlight page, like SpotEnhancer and SLEnhancerSearch, and today we’ve got a new one to show you. Here’s OpenOnSearch…

OpenOnSearch is a new jailbreak tweak out by MattCMultimedia that adds a handy bit of functionality to Spotlight. Its trick is that it will auto-launch the first result in your Spotlight search for you as soon as you tap the ‘Search’ button.

openonsearch 2

The tweak itself is as small as you would expect from a package with such a tiny feature list. There’s no Home screen icon or settings to configure. Once it’s installed, it’s enabled. And it stays that way until you decide to uninstall it.

It works though. In my testing, I found it to work as advertised with zero issues. Type ‘Weather’ in the Spotlight search bar, tap the Search button, and the Weather app opens. Type the name of a song, tap Search, and it will start playing.

OpenOnSearch definitely makes Spotlight a little more useful—with some practice, you could turn it into your own little launch center. But it’s not for me. It may be for you though, and if you’re interested, you can find it in the BigBoss repo for free.

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  • klouud

    Really Cody? I love Spotlight – I use it to do all of my web searching and when I can’t remember where an icon is (which is rare) I search for it with spotlight. A more handy version is when I have to do something on my wife’s iPhone – I can easily tell if she has the app installed that I need to use – OR – where it is.

    I honestly don’t think this particular tweak is useful – but it might be for some people, which is the beauty of jailbreaking.

    • Kurt

      I don’t use spotlight. Only when I need to do something on my wife’s phone too. Maybe that’s the real reason for spotlight. For husbands trying to help their wives.

      • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

        Yes.. “helping” lol

    • It’s personal preferences, as always. Personally, I have even hidden Spotlight from my iPhone, using Springtomize.

      Like you though, anytime I need to find something on my wife’s iPhone, I go straight to Spotlight 🙂

  • jo

    Yes I was always thinking that a tweak like this would be useful! Cool!

  • Kurt

    I don’t have it now (so I forget the name), but I use to love the dictionary tweak for spotlight. Not really needed now that Siri likes spouting off the definitions of words I throw her way. Siri the show off 😉

    • charlie feathers

      It’s called SpotDict and it’s quite useful actually. I have it installed on my 4S even though I have Siri. : )

  • somaxd

    is there a spotlight tweak that allows you to search your root directory like in ifile (like the heirarchy search in iFile) i would use the crap out of spotlight if it could do that.