Chrome for iOS (Voice Search teaser)

Boy, today must be the day to update your iOS apps. Hot on the heels of major updates for both WordPress and Google Drive comes a new version of Chrome. The update, which brings the app to version 27, includes conversational voice search and other improvements.

We knew Google was planning on bringing its Siri-like conversational voice search feature to iOS—it said so shortly after it added the option to its desktop browser. Now you can perform voice searches in the mobile browser, and get both visual and audible results…

Here’s your full change log:

What’s New in Version 27.0.1453.10

Improved voice search!
-Say what you want and get results back without typing
-Faster voice recognition with text streamed on the fly
-Get answers spoken back to you with web results tailored to your questions

Faster page reloading
-Pages reload faster even when the network is slow or unavailable

Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

With the new voice search feature, all you have to do is tap the large microphone button, say your search query aloud, and view your results—all without typing anything. Some results will even be spoken back to you. Ex: “What day is today?” returns an audible answer.

That’s obviously the biggest improvement in today’s update, but there is one more worth mentioning: faster page reloading. By using the cache more efficiently, Chrome can reload web pages faster—even on slower networks. This is perfect for those on cell networks.

The new voice search alone is worth checking out Chrome 27, even if you don’t currently use the app. Google definitely has it figured out— it’s fast, accurate, and kind of fun to play around with. As always, you can find the new version of Chrome in the App Store, for free.

Have you tried the new Chrome yet? Thoughts?

  • c0nath

    Well we already had “conversational” search in the Google Search app. New in Chrome though.

  • isaac

    A tweak like NOWNOW for chrome would be nice.

  • Malan Raja

    Chrome keeps getting better and better..

  • Dylfo

    Chrome is updating safari on the other hand… isn’t.

    • Andy

      I believe they’re saving the Safari update for iOS 7. But sometimes I do wish they add the ability to update stock apps without updating your iOS version.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Me 2 I hope iOS 7 bring the feature were stock apps update like every other app. Wish Apple let developer use the own engines. Chrome lastest is fast as Hell. Gonna be some crazy JavaScript tricks under the hood.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Finally… Better than last update.. Now fix G+!!!!

  • mehrab

    Chrome on my ios device performs much better then my bros gs4 or my note2

  • Boyan Georgiev

    It works flawlessly. I even deleted the Search app, because I just kept it for the voice features.

    • sambuzzlight

      ahha me too


    I don’t even use safari now. Chrome keeps everything organized and to me it seems faster

    • sambuzzlight

      i use chrome but its definitely not faster than safari

      • jo

        get nitrous on cydia

  • Mirko

    instead of updating it, my chrome app got deleted from the phone. and when I search for it in the app store, I can’t re-download it… What the hell

    • mabr

      The same thing happened with me! Have you had any luck?

      • Mirko

        yes, see comments above

    • mabr

      Someone on reddit just fixed it for me:

      Go to /var/mobile/applications, find chrome’s folder and delete it. You should be able to reinstall it then.

      • Mirko

        well that would have been a very smart thing to do. I didn’t think of that, so I connected to iTunes via USB and synched removing Chrome, then I re-installed it from the App Store. Thank you anyways!

  • bw00ds

    The voice recognition works impressively fast and accurate. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • jo

    I use Mercury Web Browser. So much better. You can add themes, change the user agent, change the search engine, there’s fullscreen mode, save web pages for offline view, reader mode, make the font bigger and so much more. It’s great.

    • mav3rick

      From all of them Mercury is THE ONE. Fast, smooth, lots of setting to tailor it on your needs. Another same good one is Atomic. Chrome come as 2nd for the voice search integration and speed, too. Safari… no use at all.

  • Dylfo