Are you getting tired of the old ‘slide to unlock’ bar on your iPhone’s Lock screen? Tough. It’s been like that since Apple unveiled the original handset back in 2007, and I doubt it’s going to be changing it anytime soon.

But the good news is, if your iPhone is jailbroken, Cydia has hundreds of slider replacements to choose from. In fact, a new one just recently hit the store called FXOSLock that completely changes the way the slider looks…

Goodbye boring old Lock screen, hello new modern button slider. Once installed, FXOSLock replaces the default unlock slider with a tiny, circular one. It’s very minimal, with no accompanying text albeit two outward-facing arrows.

But it doesn’t just change the look of the slider, it also changes how it works. While you’ll still slide the knob to the right to unlock your iPhone, you’ll have to slide it to the left to bring up the camera. There’s no grabber.

And unfortunately, that’s about all there is to the tweak. I wish there were settings to configure so that you could set the slide actions to whatever you wanted, but there’s not. Perhaps that’ll turn up in a future update.

It’s too bad because visually, FXOSLock is one of the better-looking slider replacements I’ve seen. But the functionality doesn’t come close to others like Grabby or JellyLock. Those interested, though, can find it in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $0.99.

What do you think of FXOSLock?

  • J™

    What about when a call comes in?
    i assume it will revert to the old ‘slide to answer’ slider bar look right?

    • Kurt

      I get a pop up asking me if i want to answer or sms back i’m not available. Got that today from a caller who’s not on my contact list. I was confused.

  • Malan Raja

    Currently, among all the lockscreen tweaks, JellyLock stands out. Perfect combination of functionality and visual appeal.

    • Ben

      I like Jellylock’s functionality but in terms of aesthetics, in my opinion, Atom wins.

      • But you have to swipe up and this is nearly impossible when you use your phone in the car

      • Ben

        Luckily I don’t drive :P. On a more serious note, yes, I can imagine that would be difficult.

      • weztimonial

        i drive. And i have no problem swiping up.

    • Kurt

      Jellylock is my favorite. Works so well, and looks good. Nice to have something different. That and the tweak forecast so I have the weather widget in place of the time

  • Michael Reichstamm

    how to you remove the background of the clock?

    • J™

      u can install the transparent theme from cydia… u will need WB tho

    • Ben cgts

      JellyLockClock, from modmyi repo, no winterboard required.

    • Murp

      Make a empty file with 640×192 and call it BarLCD@2x~iphone.png and cut/paste it to FoldersTelephonyUI.framework and respring..In I5 I dont know if works…

      • ℤ̵̪͊α̵̢͆ḉ̴̢̒Ħ̸͕̒α̸̺̌ḉ̵̭̆к̶̫͠

        Lol basically making a theme for it

      • Murp

        xDDDDD Basically yes if you dont have any theme installed….If you have,is very easy 😉

      • ℤ̵̪͊α̵̢͆ḉ̴̢̒Ħ̸͕̒α̸̺̌ḉ̵̭̆к̶̫͠

        Ya I used to make themes way back when I had the OG iphone

    • Justin Thurmond

      ClearTheAir is the best way to do this

  • Sandeep Roy

    JellyLock is still awesome & simple to use !

  • Min Park

    I’m afraid that there’s no more thing than changing the look…

  • weztimonial

    Been using atom and jelly lock for months now. But went back to subtle lock + Ayecon ls. Love them all.

  • Dylfo

    It can’t hold up against all of the other ls slider replacements there’s not enough features

  • Maaz

    FXOS Lock screen is simple nice and clean it doesnt have any bugs as jelly lock does

    • shammaas

      Jellylock is butter smooth even on my iPhone 4

    • Kurt

      There are no bugs in Jellylock.

  • Gorgonphone

    jelly lock is king

  • Crack instal Axis its way better then this its like he only changed the way the slider looks and that for 1$ rip off.

  • Carson Greene

    Maybe you could add that this tweak is based off of the lockscreen for Firefox OS?

  • joseph letera

    it is ok app i am not going to buy it but i give it 2 1/2 stars