Auxo for iPad

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the wait is almost over. Yes, indeed, Auxo for iPad is coming to a jailbroken iPad near you in less than one week. In six days, according to a new teaser image on the tweak’s official site, Auxo for iPad will go live.

The tweak, widely regarded as the best jailbreak release of 2012, has been baking in the oven for quite some time. Many have complained about the long wait, but you can be rest assured that the wait is almost over. We will, of course, be back with a full review of Auxo for iPad.

In the meantime, why not check out our original review of Auxo. Its video has received well over half a million views to date.

What do you think? Are you excited about this news?

  • David Gitman

    If i bought for iphone meaning i will have to buy it again?

    • jocastro

      probably because it will be the ipad version

      • David Gitman


      • jocastro

        yeah it is

      • Cesar D

        Nope, actually if you download auxo in ipad it is an unestable beta for it. So that means that you will not need to paid again for it.

    • Jarryd Richards

      Yeah, I can recall one of the devs saying on twitter that the iPad version will be a separate package but if you bought auxo on iPhone you will get a discount.

    • Marcos Frazão

      I asked to devs in twitter, they guarantee it will be free for those who did the original iphone purchase

      • Al

        Um, not sure where it’s mention it’ll be free.. The devs referred that it will be a deal, I don’t think it would be free.. Possibly discounted.

  • Nasser Cedeño

    yeahhh Finally 🙂

  • JeanMarc

    It doesn’t matter still I would pay for Auxo any day.
    This is one of my favorite tweaks.

  • Gorgonphone

    oh cool

    • jo


  • Raviv Porat

    I was waiting for it to complete my overall feel of my ipad but not i lost my jailbreak and i am stuck on6.1.3… Damn it i need my jailbreak

  • ExRoot

    Auxo was my own personal hell!

    • Zachary Sloane

      most of the bugs are fixed now…I was having tons of issues with it too. Installed it again a few weeks ago and haven’t had a problem since.

      • ExRoot

        Honestly I spends hours, days in hell with that app and I would not risk it again. Besides its more novelty. Not worth the risk. It has made me gun shy with other apps. Hopefully never again. Knock wood!

  • Necter

    Don’t bother coming to iPad if they (Auxo team) won’t put a fix on the horrendous respring/reboot crashes with certain iPhones. It’s crazy. Fix the mess and make it worth the price I paid. Don’t bother coming up with the iPad version if you won’t fix the Auxo-induced iPhone crashes.

    • David Gitman

      Mine works perfect

      • J_W97

        +1. Its hard to fix bugs/crashes if you can never recreate them yourself

      • Brian Kieffer

        I’ve had Auxo on my JBen iPhone 5 since it has been jailbroken. Not a single Auxo-related crash, and I have >100 MS tweaks on my iPhone. 😛

      • Necter

        Auxo is esp terrible if u have Zephyr installed on the iPhone 4. I sent the dev my detail crash report in Feb and in March. But all the betas released have failed to address the seeming incompatibility w/ Zephyr or whatever it is causing it to be so terrible and unusable. Not just the crashing, but also missing iphone icons, freezes that occur prior to d safe-mode respring/reboot crash. The nasty experience disappears when Auxo is uninstalled. Been running my iphone 4 safely without it for weeks now w/ no further amiss. Once in awhile I install the updated beta yet my phone will return to nasty behavioral issues. Auxo is no good for me at this point. Paid for nothing.

    • ExRoot

      Ah….though I would not touch it again, I thought others were saying it was fixed.

  • Al

    Definitely excited about it. Has been marked on the calender… Was hoping it was to be released this month.

    Gonna look awesome on the iPad, a few more days is not so bad.

  • Saif Fersi

    Awsome i love the swipe down to close apps

    • Osama Muhammed

      you dont need auxo to do so, theres a tweak called CloseEnhancer that does this perfectly without auxo

  • Gorgeous at first sight! Hopefully it’s as bug free as it looks….

  • Morgaan Babcock

    Excited! I love that wallpaper too

  • Shiios Avila

    I amost started to not care, it has been so long.

  • bloodshed

    hope it’s not as buggy as the iphone’s version!

    • iViperzLTD

      The iPhone version isn’t buggy for me, well at least since the major update/fix

      • Damian W

        It is very buggy when you are using many other heavy performance tweaks. Auxo by itself is great, the problems show up when you try to use it with other top tweaks.

      • bloodshed

        i think Auxo isn’t optimized to run as smooth on older devices, maybe you’re using an iphone5 so it does work fine. not sure if this is a limitation of the a3tweaks team or a shortage of resources enough to run it well.
        i can feel and see the difference using my 4s with and without Auxo. it’s just not there yet 🙁

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • So finally “Early 2013” has arrived.

  • Min Park

    What a surprising news! I’ve been looking forward to it!

  • Rickm_jr

    Just y’know, sitting on 6.1.4 being jealous and all…

  • CPVideoMaker

    Hey guys, stop using the cracked one. It has respring bugs. -_- and then you bitch about how Auxo crashes. Buy it. I did and it runs fine on my iPhone 4.

  • Etienne

    Cool,very nice tweak and I’m ready to pay again , but not tooo much ^^

  • beastlienss101

    “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the wait is almost over. Yes” Saying it how Jeff says it.!

  • iViperzLTD

    So “early 2013” is June… I wonder about that

  • Zaidan Umar

    WOW 6 June…its my birthday…. 🙂

    • jo

      Happy birthday in advance.

      • Zaidan Umar

        Thanks 🙂

  • Crowned_59


  • Devam

    That’s the best news I have heard in a while. Believe me I was thinking two minutes ago ‘Let me check if there is any news on Auxo For iPad and look there it is’. Am gonna purchase it blindly, I use it on my iPhone and was constantly waiting for it on iOad. Great job A3Tweaks and Sentry! I may be your first purchaser! 😉

  • Isandro


  • Damian W

    Probably gonna have tons of bugs and have many conflicts with Zephyr, Music Controls Pro and other great tweaks. This is the reason I removed it from iPhone and if this continues, then it is gonna be useless on iPad too. Auxo is great little tweak but not worth the problems it causes with other (better) tweaks.

  • Benchmark Apps

    I thought you could install Auxo iPhone on iPad? I did it, but it didn’t look as good as the images of the iPad version. The names of the apps were cut off, that’s really it.

  • kevin shih

    This is going to eat up my iPad mini’s Memory

  • Litchy

    Looks awesome! On my iPhone I didn’t like Auxo so much but I think it’s perfect for iPad. Unfortunately 4 days after release, Apple will be showing off iOS 7 on WWDC and I’m not gonna pay for a Tweak when I know I’m gonna update as soon as iOS 7 is out.

  • Marcos Frazão

    I hope this is optimized and works seamles to use in landscape mode, i only use portrait to read books and mags. Otherside this will be useless in my ipad and i will stick with my other tweak