pandora 4 ss

Good news Pandora users, an update for the popular iOS client landed in the App Store this morning, bringing it to version 4.3. The update includes a handful of new features, as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements.

As far as new features go, the highlight of today’s release is the improved Facebook integration. Users now have the ability to publish their favorite tracks and stations to the social network, helping others discover new music…

Here’s the full 4.3 change log:

-Publish and curate the music you love on Facebook and help your friends discover new music
-Customize what you share to Facebook in your Pandora privacy settings
-Tap the album artwork to discover additional music details including lyrics, artist info, and more
-Easily access the enhanced track menu to create a new station or share, purchase, and bookmark your music
-And of course, every release includes the usual assortment of performance improvements and bug fixes.

The new Facebook sharing stuff is actually pretty cool. Pandora is building its own little community on top of the social network that lets your followers see what you’re listening to, listen to your custom radio stations, and vice versa.

I also really like the new quick access menu, which is revealed by tapping the Menu icon in the top right-hand corner of the Now Playing screen. From here you can create a new station, get tracks details and share with a single tap.

We’ll see if Apple’s rumored iRadio service ever materializes, but for now, Pandora is still my go-to app for listening to free music—it just keeps getting better. As always, you can find the latest version of the app in the App Store, for free.

  • Does this update block or delete the cydia tweak pandoraskip??? I love being able to skip unlimited and being ad free. So i wont upgrade until i know it will work with tweak.

    • I just updated my jailbroken ipad pandora, and i can still unlim skip and no ad’s. Hopefully this will work on my i5 as well, and not mess up my tweaks!

  • unkown

    kills pandora downloader

    • Figured! Just like apple trying to cover up all these patches in their system. Hopefully not pandoraskip…

    • Just the download portion of it. Skips and no ads work fine.

  • ExRoot

    I can confirm it killed Pandora downloader. There was an update for P Downloader this morning in cydia so I assumed it wa a fix for the App Store pandora and updated both. FAIL!

    Option to DL in gone. Hopefully developer to update again with a fix. Nice tweak.

    • ExRoot

      Update….today’s Pandora Downloader update on Cydia fixes the Pandora App Store block. Lovely!! Live the new DL update. Great tweak!

  • 31s0s@

    Why they don’t remove the stupid 40 hour limit???

    • Gorgonphone

      jailbreak anad you can get rid of it

  • Joe

    Please confirm that this update kills the pandora downloader tweak…

  • bens sandaore

    It does kill the Pandora downloader….the unlimited skip feature still works though

    • Gorgonphone

      thanks for that i will stay away

  • I just updated but I don’t see any Facebook ot twitter sharing in the iPad UI. Anyone else not seeing it?

    • Looks like the Facebook updates are only on the iPhone UI not the iPad UI….FAIL

  • ExRoot

    Pandora Downloader tweak updated today to unblock the app. Safe to update App Store Pandora. Updated tweak works even better with new settings and layout. Thanks to the developer.

  • Damian Lillard

    I am a big fan of the Pandora Downloader. My favorite features include the ability to skip songs with no limits as well as the ability to download songs. This new Pandora Update doesn’t kill the ability to skip songs with no limits, but it does kill pandora downloaders ability to download songs. Don’t update, if you wish to retain full functionality for your pandora downloader. The new features definitely aren’t worth it.