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A few days ago, we were contacted by one of the developers of a jailbreak theme I had never heard of before called iMIUI. In the email they told us that we just had to check out their theme, saying it could be the next ayecon.

Given that Surenix’s ayecon theme is easily the most popular in the jailbreak community right now, that’s a pretty bold statement. But after using iMIUI over the past few days, I’m starting to think they might just be right…

First things first, what is iMIUI? Well from what I understand, MIUI is an Android ROM, built by the folks over at Xiaomi Tech. And iMIUI is a large-scale iOS port of that ROM, wrapped up in the form of a WinterBoard theme.

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I say large-scale port because this thing is huge. It has icons for every stock app, and several third party ones. And it replaces a number of UI elements like the Lock screen, the Status bar, the dialer, etc. It’s extremely extensive.

Perhaps more impressive, though, are the little touches. Blue accents have been replaced by Orange ones. And both radio buttons and toggles seem a bit more soft around the edges. I must say, the level of detail here is striking.

But above all else, iMIUI is just a really good-looking theme. The icons, which are the most important part of a theme, look excellent. They’re crisp, they’re understated, and very well designed. And the same goes for the various UI tweaks.

imiui 3

So, should you install iMIUI? Yes. Even if you don’t keep it, it’s definitely one of the few themes I believe is worth checking out. Is it the next ayecon? I don’t know about all of that. But it does have one major thing going for it: It’s free.

To install the theme, you’ll have to add to your Cydia sources by tapping Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. It’s iOS 6 and iPhone 5-friendly, but at the moment there’s no iPad version available.

Ok, what do you guys think of iMIUI?

  • How do I get the theme? I installed the icon package and the wallpaper package, but when I go to winterboard, the theme is not there. Thanks for any help.

    • Kenny Woodard

      The actual theme was taken off of the repo, it was apparently having issues so they took it off.

      • Thats what I figured. But I wanted to make sure I was not doing something wrong. Thanks for the answer

  • Why can I only get wallpapers and repo icons when I add the repo? What am I doing wrong? Has it been taken down?

    • Kenny Woodard

      Yes I think it has, I had it it downloaded and using it, but it kept crashing my phone. I was gonna reinstall it, but it ended up just being deleted and the package was not there anymore.

  • Bing Beta

    is free?YES!!

  • how to change the lockscreen wallpaper?

    • Dylfo


  • Darryll4sh0

    MIUI, is a rom from the android community.

  • So does anyone have a new source for it? Apparently it’s “gone”?

    • Kenny Woodard

      It was really buggy when I had it. I’m hoping it comes back, I really liked it. Hopefully IDB gives us an answer tomorrow.

      • That’s a shame, it looks absolutely amazing. Still trying to replicate how is it buggy? Can’t open apps? Crashing?

      • Kenny Woodard

        I think it may have had an issue with BiteSMS or the lock screen widget. Because it kept causing my iPhone 4 to crash

      • Oh, I actually have BiteSMS that would be a bummer if it affected me while it was still up. 😀

  • F P

    Love the UI, dislike the icons. Deleted it after a couple days cuz kept getting apt update error.

  • how can activate this theme??

  • Dylfo

    Lots of lockscreen bugs that need to be fixed

  • regkilla

    this theme is awesome

  • is there a way to change the time format in lockscreen?

  • i hate the loading hourglass can it b removed ??

  • joe simpson

    Nothing beats Ayecon! Nothing!!

  • I’m having an issue with Facebook after downoading and installing the theme. Facebook crashes under a minute after I open it…. Not sure why. Already tried reinstalling and everything. Any idea?

  • Smeltn

    anyone know of a good bitesms theme to go with this?

  • Oleg

    Don’t forget to uncheck all IMIUI items in WinterBoard before removing it otherwise all IMIUI-themed icons stay blank.


    Solution to the horribleness of iOS7