Two big numbers were coincidentally dropped yesterday. First, Google announced 48 billion applications had been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Shortly after, Apple announced that its App Store had seen 50 billion downloads so far. Big numbers indeed, but how exactly do Apple and Google count app downloads? The Next Web Managing Editor Matthew Panzarino asked both companies and this is what he found:

Both Apple and Google tabulate unique downloads of apps per user account. This means that they count only one download of an app no matter how many devices that you install that app on after you purchase it. Neither company counts updates in its app download numbers. These are purely single downloads from their stores.

Read the full article at The Next Web.

  • Ian

    Interesting. If I was manager of counting the apps, I would have no idea where to start. 🙂

    • How about automated 😉

      What is interesting though (at least interesting to me) is that it only counts unique downloads no matter how many devices you install it on so does that mean for example photoshop touch for iphone and photoshop touch for iPad is counted twice or just once if I was to install it on my iPad and iPhone…

      • 国晔 张

        I believe that it counts only once, but update counts, too. If you use auto download, you might download a lot more times

    • dady king

      You would probably start with numerical number 1 😀

  • seyss

    how do they know it is like that?

  • Christophe

    I think there’s something weird. How did the Google Play Store and the AppStore have approximately the same number of app downloads at the same time?

    • cuz google sniffed apple’s a$$. You know like dogs sniff other dogs ass as a greeting. 🙂