When you just can’t wait a minute to download that huge video, Samsung comes to the rescue. Sort of. Eventually. Reports Monday indicate Apple’s rival has found the key to delivering gigabit download speeds through a new fifth-generation cellular radio technology, dubbed 5G mmWave. It’s unclear whether the new tech can gain acceptance to eventually overtake 4G networks still rolling out.

For the iPhone maker, however, Samsung breaking today’s wireless speed barrier may mean more court wrangling as the two companies seek any advantage in the lucrative smartphone market…

Samsung announced the 5G breakthrough Sunday, claiming it enabled downloads and uploads of “tens of gigabits per second,” reported Yonhap News.

According to Samsung’s official blog post, 5G will be “capable of providing a ubiquitous Gbps experience to subscribers anywhere and offers data transmission speeds of up to several tens of Gbps per base station.”

The technology would theoretically allow you to download a full-feature 1080p flick on future iDevices in under a minute.

Until now, 4G LTE – with transmission speeds that reached 75 megabits per second – led the wireless drag race. The Korean firm achieved the faster speed by using the 28GHz wireless band and 64 antenna elements.

Samsung explains:

Once commercialized, 5G mobile communications technology will be capable of ultra-high-speed data transmission up to several hundred times faster than even the 4G LTE-Advanced technology due for launch later this year.

Samsung’s new technology will allow users to transmit massive data files including high quality digital movies practically without limitation.

As a result, subscribers will be able to enjoy a wide range of services such as 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra high-definition (UHD) content, and remote medical services.

In the races between Apple and Samsung, the weekend announcement is interesting for a couple reasons.

Samsung 5G teaser 001

Firstly, until Apple released an iPhone supporting 4G, transmission speed was a selling point for Android handsets, such as those sold by Samsung. Introducing a wireless 5G could regain that lead.

Secondly, 5G technology could be another arrow in Samsung’s quiver in the long-running patent dispute with Apple. A dispute over 3G patents has gone back and forth, with Apple winning a lawsuit in the UK while losing a similar wireless case in Germany.

As AppleInsider notes, Samsung’s wireless patents “are typically standard essential,” where the patent holder must grant other companies licenses on what courts have variously defined as ‘fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory’ terms.

Just what those three words mean is often in dispute, as Samsung found in late 2012. Beyond the patent, Samsung’s 5G news faces other roadblocks. Foremost is the technology won’t even be ready to sell until 2020.

That could give the company and carriers time to convince half of the U.S. consumers there is even a need for 4G speeds, let alone 5G. Then there are all the carriers who haven’t built 4G networks, waiting for consumers to get the memo that faster is better.

Even if Samsung can sell the idea of 5G, they must argue that their version is better than Japan’s NTT DoCoMo’s. That version uses the 11GHz band and has been around since February.

Kinda disappointing to build a wireless hotrod and discover the tires won’t be ready for more than a half decade, there are no eager drivers and most roads were built for the family station wagon.


  • jose castro

    haha nice. probably in a couple of years this will be everywhere.

    • Some how I doubt this will be “everywhere”…

    • LTE was introduced many years ago. Just now getting to the smaller towns. This crap will take TEN years just to get to some of the smaller cities!

    • batongxue

      Not in China

  • Gorgonphone

    Yeah um great hype machine …. what network is supporting that now??? none… samsung is just soo terrible

    • I’ve never seen anyone go so far to deny true innovation. Your pathetic behavior is an endless source of entertainment. Please, keep it up!

    • Dan

      How does develop developing new technology make Samsung terrible? Your comment makes no sense. Go home, you’re drunk.

      • Kurt

        He’s Joe Jonsen, right?

      • Dan

        That’s what I deduced a while ago. His brand of fanboy idiocy seemed familiar.

    • s0me

      its for future use you dumb apple sheep

      • Gorgon Phone

        Samsung is a dumb company so they can go to hell with tmobile and android

      • disk Latvia

        Well maybe they’ve hired knew people to think for themsince last time you checked

      • s0me

        dont forget who provided hardware parts for your iphone/ipad

      • iOops

        How many homes don’t have some form of Samsung product in them? Appliances, Home entertainment systems, and even half the components in your iPhone. Samsung has done many good things, and made some great products. You cannot call a company that continually pushes the limits of Technology ‘dumb’, without looking dumb yourself.

      • Dan

        I think that boat has sailed a while ago lol

      • i think it’s pretty stupid to compare the two companies honestly. Samsung should innovate with the amount of different products they’ve manufactured as mentioned above, electronics is more their arena than apple’s but for apple to just be expanding their electronics catalogue and be considered samsung’s rival for #1 is amazing to me.. just IMO

  • I wish we would work on Wi-Fi tech a bit more, technology like ‘5G’ will take forever to be implemented thanks to our greedy carriers.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      I know! I want faster wifi speeds.

    • Ian

      I don’t think it’s our Wi-Fi units, it’s our provider, which limit our bandwidth. I could be wrong though.

    • AC WiFi. Look it up, it’s already beginning to be implemented. HTC One is AC capable.

    • Gorgon Phone

      True my LTE is faster than my high end home wifi lol so i use the ethernet direct cable

    • In just teen minutes your 64GB smarthphone will be full of data.


      • daflip

        then we would need about 64-TB’s lol

  • Samsung I could not give a monkeys. This tech may be readily available in the US within a few years but I doubt it will take off elsewhere. For example the UK only has about 5 or 6 4G enabled cities. In addition to the above I doubt any carrier anywhere will allow unlimited download speeds. If anything this is for businesses who need gigabyte per second speeds. For everyone else 3G is tolerable and 4G (from the videos I’ve seen) looks insane. There is no feasible reason why you’d need those speeds. Unless for example you plan on hosting a web server from your phone

    • Uk has about 34 city’s with 4G..

      Also EE say they are looking at opening up the speed to 80 meg.. And I do believe that there is one city that’s going to be testing this out..not sure which one though..

      • Thanks for informing me. 34 cities still isn’t much though plus its only one network so for 4G in the UK it’s EE or nothing (unless you happen to live in a testing area of another network)…

      • Steroc

        Don’t forget that HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA are classed as 4G in the US, whereas in the UK they are classed as 3G, only LTE is classed as 4G in the UK. I’m getting 18mb/s on 3G in the UK

      • HSPA+ and DC HSDPA and classed as 3.5G and the only carrier to give you that is Orange/EE

      • Steroc

        Incorrect. Three network reportedly has 80% DC-HSDPA coverage. I very rarely get below 5mb/s and normally get between 11 and 18mb/s. Three also offer truly unlimited data on most of their plans and have stated that they will also for LTE at no extra cost. I’m paying just £12.90/month for unlimited data whereas as EE are charging £21/month for 500MB of data on Sim only deals. EE’s average 4G speeds is only 12mb/s (by their own admission) whereas Three’s average 3G speed is 11mb/s and has far wider coverage.

      • No other network is testing yet I do believe. If you look at the cities covered I think you will find that large parts if the UK now have 4G, when the other carriers start dishing out 4G the price of it will go down on all carriers and the speed will go up so will the amount of data you get in a contract .. Have you seen what Virgin mobile give you for a sim only deal of £15 ? It’s unlimited everything .. And they use the EE network , ok it’s not 4G yet but there are going to start offering 4G soon.. And that will be using the EE network too.. So looks like its best to go sim only and to buy the phone outright

    • Dan

      It’s new tech, still cool to know someone is working on it.

      I read that somewhere in the world people are working on teleportation technology. I won’t get to use it but I still think it’s damn cool.

  • Ian

    Today, several GB a second. Tomorrow, several TB a second.

    • RarestName

      Actually, it’s gigabits, not gigabytes.

      • No need to cry about it…
        Today, several Gb a second. Tomorrow, several Tb a second.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Pretty cool! But then need to worry about wifi too. 🙁

    • For home broadband Ethernet is still the way to go (with the exception of tablets and mobile devices)…

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Yeah of course.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    So we have data speeds in upwards of a Gig per second, but yet we only have 2-12 GB per month depend on your plan. The companies are going to have to start giving us like a Terabyte per month for the same price because we will go through all of our data quick. I can’t imagine how much my phone bill would be if I had access to data that fast. I have a hard time keeping it under 6GB a month with just 4G, not even LTE.

  • yeah that’s just going to suck for those who don’t have unlimited data plans. and I know all of you are thinking “well who still has unlimited data” well I do. actually my whole family does. and I for one am not about to change that. if this “5G” ever was to come out it’s just another way for providers to dip their hands in your pockets.

    • jgr627

      U have unlimited data for what? Do u have a phone from 2004?

      • it’s really easy to have if you’ve already had it on a plan and grand fathered it over.. i actually have unlimited Data also 😛

      • jgr627

        What I’m trying to say is I know ppl still have unlimited data plans but there all unlimited 2G/3G that’s not something to really be happy about….talk to me about somebody who has truly unlimited 4G/LTE

      • I have an iPhone 5 with unlimited data…on Verizon

      • RarestName

        Someone that I know have unlimited 4G with no throttling…on Verizon.

        There’s also unlimited 4G here capped at about 76.47 USD/month.

      • alright, that’s much more clear cut. I agree, my service sucks. And 4g LTE is so spotty around me that i’ve never had it since buying my i5 release day.. that is until about a month ago when i was in NYC.. i had to take a screenshot cuz i was amazed to finally see it..

  • Modt of us don’t care about 5G. We want better Wi-Fi at home. My house Internet is 6mbps. My iPhone has 40up and 15 down. Most of us have a data plan that if we pass 3gb we are charged 10 dollars more. So we need faster wifi first.

  • And soon after Verizon starts charging by speed and data.

    • Gorgonphone

      oh yes they will find away to rape us for tis crap..

  • Udoba Anthony

    The Battle Of The G’s Network Has Just Started! Some countries don’t even see 3G, 4G is just starting.. and here we are talking about 5G. Is this really an improvement or just to make a name & probably waiting for a fresh battle with other tech companies? All at the expense of consumers.

  • Archit

    5G?? India has not even got 3G in all places yet… Forget 4G… :-I

  • I believe 4G is enough for portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops!

  • iPhone 5G anyone?

  • seyss

    you can have a 999 terabits per second cellular tech.. if your ISP only give you a couple of megabits per second, that’s what you’ll get

  • People talking about 5G already and the only thing I want is full coverage for 4G and even for the 3G in so many places.

  • chris125

    By then you will only get 1gb of data a month so you blow through it in 3 minutes

  • And we need bigger batteries for this new technology.