If you’ve been using Velox for any length of time, then chances are you’ve ran into the following issue: You try to perform a swipe gesture on a folder and nothing happens. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of us have futilely tried the same thing, including developer Max Katzmann.

For that reason, Katzmann has developed a new jailbreak tweak called FolderSwipe. This is a tweak that allows you to perform the swipe gestures popularized by Velox on the folders residing on your device’s Home screen.

Keep in mind that this tweak doesn’t allow you to have Velox enhanced folders, it only allows you to open them using the swipe gesture. This advocates a uniformed method for interfacing with the elements on your device’s Home screen.

I know many of you are already wondering if it works with FolderEnhancer. The answer to that question is yes, Katzmann has ensured that the tweak has FolderEnhancer compatibility before releasing it to the wild. I can also independently confirm that it plays nice with Chpwn’s Infinifolders.

If you want to try it right now, then hit up this GitHub link, and install the .deb file directly to your iPhone using iFile. There are no options or settings that need to be configured. Be sure to share your experience with the tweak in the comment section below.

  • Pointless

    • Gorgonphone


    • jose castro

      I agree, just open a freaking folder with one push instead of a slide.

    • Z3r0ViP

      It’s not “pointless” just not useful. Props to him for the effort, though.

    • RarestName

      I quote this tweet:

      “I got so used to swiping my icons Velox-Style and was disappointed, I couldn’t do the same gesture to open folders. Had to create a tweak :D”

      • Ian Jackson

        I know, I was very curious about this myself. It seems so obvious if you have velox, to be able to open folders that way.

  • jose castro

    sorry velox is a good tweaks, but practically worthless… people who think velox is a awesome tweaks are really confused. lol there is nothing this tweak can do that you already couldn’t do.. just stop being lazy and open the app lol..

    like i said before the only thing this tweak is good for is cydia and bookmarks but other then that pointless.

    • Gorgonphone


      • jose castro

        its YOUUUUUU…… seriously how do you find this tweak amusing or useful. In a sense your right its a cool little tweaks for laughs and giggles, but really there are way way way better tweaks out there. i literally used it for a day and took it off lol. it got super annoying and boring, especially when i can just open the application and it do a better job. Zeppelin does a better job at being useful lol

      • Not to defend Mr. All Caps there….but in the same token, why would anyone use a theme on their phone? Because it is more aesthetically pleasing to them. If they like it, let them like it. If you don’t, then don’t.

        I don’t find much ‘use’ for it, but I do like it, and the way it looks, and I enjoy using it. Please don’t berate me for enjoying this tweak.

      • Yea & close the app too . if ur so scared of a new & quicker & easier way to use iphone apps then u wont like velox. I wonder how you ever got the courage to go from wired home phones to mobile phones?

      • That’s right…. VELOX haters are simple minded fools that cant think outside of a box! They are the NORMALS and that’s OK because the world needs people like them to motivate and to create!

      • Name 1 tweak if you dare… we dare you!
        … You wont because there’s no other to compare VELOX to in all fairness…

    • I actually agree with this, Velox was really cool to show off, but I actually never really used it over just opening the app.

      It also starts to become a memory hog after you have to install a a new tweak every time someone releases an add on for it.

      • a Memory Hog its not! Its been tested and proven!

    • For me the added ability to get to the camera with a swipe is infinitely quicker – it takes 2secs on my 3gs vs the 10secs for the app – mind you i travel a lot so this is very good. Quick notes and quick compose is also great! Aswell as being able to read any unread alerts in mail or messages. It makes my phone more enjoyable because i can spend LESS time on it and back in the real world. The addons are super too

  • Velox can be useful if developers make good plugins for it. The music one is useful already but think an alarm clock one is needed. Also could do with an app updater velox folder for the App Store app ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Okay so I installed this, but when I swipe down on a folder sitting on my second ‘home’ page, then tap the folder to collapse it, I then cannot swipe back to my actual home screen. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • ยกYay! The old video style is back.

  • iphone4sgamer

    Should have been Velox INSIDE Folder style

  • Matthew

    Hey Jeff I really like this new video style where you do a mix of screen record and recording the phone. But could you try to hold your phone more straight and vertical so we can see it better? Thank you!

  • F P

    It’s not very responsive.

  • When will the compatibility with folders some for velox!! ๐Ÿ™

  • Nothing good about Velox, had it for a few days and it doesn’t speed up anything for me like BiteSMS or Callbar and it has a few bugs.

    • Yea velox totally sucks. Why would anybody prefer not having to open apps all the way just to do stuff quicker & easier? Totally crappy. Im going back to the old slow lamer way like you

  • Tom Canuck

    Dunno how much I’ll use it, but it is nice to have the swipe available. I don’t get all the hate, it’s not like this has been done 6 million times already (as far as I know). Nothing wrong with tweaks providing options and different ways to do even the simplest of tasks.

    That’s what is great about Jailbreaking. Options.

  • How about a velox swipe that reveals a sideways scrollable series of multiple widgets? Velox for Widgets….

  • I welcome back the hand. The video feels a lot more personal/closer/natural?

  • Jeremiah sarpong


    • This app allows people to swipe down to down folders who wanted an app that allows them to swipe down to open folders

      so you & your comment have proven to be useless

  • Dylfo

    What is the tweak that puts the dot under your finger when you touch the screen?

    • Touchpose If u recording your screen u can get displayrecorder & they are on while u record but there is option to turn em off too

  • patrick

    If you install this tweak (in ifile)
    How to uninstall it again ?

    • It should pop up in cydia

    • True… the file will show up like any other Cydia App – Easy to uninstall!
      iFile installs are so fast…. Velox is awesome and faster than opening and app and waiting for it to load….

  • Why is there so much un-constructive Velox bashing on every post related to it? Velox is definitely useful for quick looking at notifications, calendar events, weather, and music controls, and it’s probably the quickest way to check on Cydia updates without loading Cydia. There is also good potential for future releases (eg. Alarm toggles on the Clock).

    Velox is not necessarily the best option for everything, for example the calculator quick look is no better than opening the calculator, but it absolutely does add value for some. If you fundamentally don’t like it, duly noted–but you (the royal you) don’t need to keep bashing Velox without adding anything useful/topical to the comments here.

    • Bcz people are haters & also some have a hardtime dealing with change.

      Velox is dope . There is no way its better to do a bunch of extra steps so they have issues. While they are opening contacts im already on the phone w/ 1 of my contacts thanks to velox

  • a tweak that’s good for the Soul

  • I wanted folders to give you information about the apps inside, not to open the folder.

    Imaging if sliding on a folder with messaging apps would let you see all the messages in all the apps side by side, or moving from app to app by sliding right and left like the weather part of velox… now that would be cool

  • momerathe

    I’d rather velox worked for apps IN folders. right now, it’s practically useless for me.