Compass for Velox

The inevitable deluge of Velox compatible add-ons has began, and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Compass for Velox is the latest such jailbreak add-on to benefit from Velox’s recent release on Cydia.

As you would expect, Compass for Velox adds enhanced folder capability to the stock Compass app. If you’ve found yourself in an unfamiliar area, you can rest easy knowing that the iPhone’s Compass is a mere finger swipe away.

As you can see, Compass for Velox allows you to take a quick peek at your compass instead of having to open the full app all the way. The tweak, according to its Cydia description, uses localized images in order to adapt to your specific language and/or localization.

Compass for Velox is an extremely simple add-on, so you won’t find any additional settings or options located in the iPhone’s Settings app, just install it and go. Personally, I’m not someone who ever finds the need to use the stock Compass app, but if you’re someone who does, you may want to give Compass for Velox a trial run. What do you think? The add-on can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free.

  • A big no.. This is not what this tweak is for.. It is actually to find more useful features easily without opening the app. This is the actual opposite of functionality. Just click the damn icon

    • Gorgonphone

      ah but having more choices is what makes things fun… we have all been just clicking the damn icon for years and now thee is another cool option thats to velox..

    • U have a lot of free time to waste waiting for apps to open & closing them everytime from multitasker

      • ThAt’s a pretty funny comment. Maybe because my apps open instantly and closing everything in the multitask is not really needed. (Plus I have kill background for that which only takes one tap). you are the one who is actually wasting time not opening the app and navigating through redundant special folders since it would be more difficult to be precise in what you’re doing. Browsing safari on a small phone is already difficult enough, then you put it in a special folder? If you don’t realize it is actually opening the app itself and just within the confines of a folder. they take the same time to open, so why punish yourself with an even smaller interface?

      • Lol what u sayn is true- its how u prefer to set it up & want it to work. I like velox bcz its 1st app ive seen going in direction to get away from what ive always hated..loading apps for something simple like add note or take pic.
        I had 3g that wasnt JB & that was always a pain -switcher helped but i dont like how apps i dont use a lot stay open. ive used some tweaks like auxo or the 1 u mentioned to kill them easier ,& NC “tap to”for some things.
        But now velox seems to be going in right direction, almost like springboard is 1 big switcher w/ apps always open. So thats main reason i like it & am excited of where people will take it &think of new ways to set up my board

      • I respect that. Different preferences I guess.

      • I shud add about the size I see what u mean for some apps but most of time im just usin app quick to add note or take pic or play music or quick text/mail or quick call so for most apps the size doesnt matter & its ironic bcz thats what she said
        but especially when new features start coming out like setting new alarms or using calculator- itll b nice for me.
        & can always open full view if im doin shit like posting comments on here lol or taking nice pics for an occasion ect ect

      • Guest

        I fully agree with what you said. But those that you’ve mentioned are actually pretty useful and I would definitely use it once its on ipad. However this compass tweak just have no appeal to me exactly the app itself in a folder. Thats why I say its redundant and developers should focus more on useful folders like the ones you’ve stated

      • Yea i dont really ever use the compass either but there will be a bunch of useful ones…

        So far the ones I like best are :

        now just figuring out new springboard setup & which other apps arent needed thanks to velox …& not using notification center or switcher much any more thank god haha

        Hopefully they will make better maps addon for searches & directions & also everytime i first openfter respring it asks if springboard can use my location & i dont know how to always allow bcz springboard isnt in privacy settings

    • Damian Lillard

      I like it.

  • iBanks

    Though a very sexy tweak, I’m still not truly understanding it’s value. Things like this I see no point in, as you are better off opening the app. Now Addial and the Settings folder…. I completely understand, has a great factor in reducing clicks, but the rest I’m not seeing the point. Yes I purchased on day of launch as I said I would, but as I continue to use it, I see myself choosing to open the app instead. Just my opinion on my usage.

    • Once its on ipad I would disable every special folder that is just a minature size of the actual app and will keep the ones which are very useful. That alarms toggle in the preview is sexy as hell

      • iBanks

        Lol. Looks like we were responding to the post st the same time. But I completely agree, especially with the alarms. By all means, this brings a sexy factor to the springboard, just not seeing the greater bit of usefulness.

    • Gorgonphone

      velox is there to give you more options and flexibility as far as quickly viewing basic app features goes.. so it great to have added t o you phone but not essential and it works so seamlessly that it seems like a good idea to enhance the UI

      • iBanks

        I think you missed my point…

    • You can get rid of many other tweaks that this replaces.
      Swipe down on music app & hit play.
      Swipe on notes to add note.
      Swipe on cam to take pic or record video.
      If you dont get why thats way better & easier then waiting for apps to open & the apps not closing til u close them in multitasker then your slow

      • iBanks

        Obviously you didn’t pay closer attention to my post. Such things like Settings app for toggles, music appnfor play, Clock to set alarm, you know, those things that make sense and reduce clicks. Yes! But who the hell wants to view safari, or take a pic, or view FB in such a small view when it’s more beneficial by opening the app? People such as you cry about how much smaller iPhone screens are compared to other phones, but yet you want to view certain things in a smaller screen on your springboard? But yet I’m the slow one. LOL! Toggles and quick event creation is cool, literally using the app itself (YouTube) on the springboard rather than opening it is clearly pointless.

      • Takin pics is cool bcz its quick .
        They said its open so people will be makin tons of diff ones.
        There is already 2 app store options

      • Well she said size doesnt matter so dont worry about that–

  • Sentry

    Tip to people making Velox add-ons: don’t just put the app in a folder view.

    Also, don’t bother doing it for apps that 90% of people tuck away in an iOS folders anyhow (since last I checked, Velox doesn’t work in folders).

    • marTone

      Same problem here:/ Waiting for an update to enable this. I’m sure there’s a way, or two:)

  • SteveO_in_NY

    The disappointment that I have with Velox is that if you are an avid folder user, as I am, the Velox functionality is reduced. For instance: my stock music app is in a folder with all my other music apps (Spotify, Pandora, etc.). Because it is in a folder, the Velox functionality is not available. I wish they would enable a way for these functions to be available to apps that are located within folders.

    • Gorgonphone

      when will velox get folder functionality??????

    • Look at twitter & they keep answering YES they are guna do folders

  • WHY?! Why paying for this?! Srsly people!?

    • Its free whatchu tawkin bout Willis?

      • This is a FREE addon, for a PAID tweak…

      • jp2002

        $1.99 so big for you? If its big then YOU don’t buy. Let others who are interested buy.

      • 1.99 for something that do (in 99% of cases) the same thing that opening the app

  • Compass for velox. Compass for velox. Compass for velox is repeated 3 times at least making me feel de ja vu hahhaa

  • Who uses compass…

    • Gorgonphone

      yup its so 1982

  • im still never gonna use the compass

    • Gorgonphone

      me too

  • ismail

    What do I have installed it, but that does not work does not turn velox

  • One question. Do you also have problem with camera crash when you turn on camera from lock screen? When I unistall Velox everything works fine, but when I install it again, camera has opened and when I took a picture it crashes all the time…

    • It crashes when I try to use Velox with the stock camera app. Paid two dollars for force restarting my phone. YAAY.

    • Yea i cant get cam or compass to work hopefully they fix the cam asap

  • Damian Lillard

    Although I’ve never used the compass app, and don’t plan on using it ever, I do support this tweak. It’s cool, and hopefully will inspire further Velox friendly tweaks and such.

    Kudos to the developer.