T-Mobile iPhone 5

T-Mobile released its earnings report for its first quarter late last night, and the numbers aren’t looking too good. The carrier saw a 7% dip in its revenue from the same three month period last year, as well as a 7.5% drop in profits.

But it wasn’t all bad news. T-Mobile’s newly-acquired iPhone handsets seem to be doing very well, with the company reporting that it has sold more than 500,000 of them since they officially went on sale last month (the 12th)…

From T-Mobile’s press release (via AllThingsD):

“On April 12, 2013, T-Mobile USA began selling the iPhone at all Company-owned stores in combination with the new Simple Choice service plan. To date the Company has sold approximately 500,000 iPhone5’s to new and existing customers.”

T-Mobile was the last of the 4 major carriers in the US without an Apple partnership when it finally started offering the iPhone last month. Its new ‘Un-Carrier’ makes the iPhone 5 $99 up front and $20 per month without a contract.

And that’s just one of the big moves the company has made in recent months. It’s also launched an LTE network, and new unlimited plans, and it just acquired 9 million new subscribers thanks to the completion of its MetroPCS deal.

So despite the earnings drop, CEO John Legere remains confident in T-Mobile’s direction. “Our first quarter operating metrics and financial results are showing positive impact from the changes we began making in the fourth quarter.”

  • ghulamsameer

    Oh what the hell…?

  • Chris

    Yeah its 99 based on your credit If you don’t have perfect credit they charge 280 and 20 extra a month so they are a bunch of bs that’s why I went to att no lies

    • iBanks

      Lol! Because AT&T accepted that you had bad credit? You still paid at least $200 and signed a 2 year and lost the ability of unlimited data, so how is T-Mobile BS on this part?

      • I’m may pay $199 but that’s all I have to pay not an extra 20 a month and if you leave t mobile you have to pay full price for it so I’ll pay 199 you pay 579 with t mobile after 2 years

      • iBanks

        You do realize that was the point in T-Mobile’s move right? But YET you’re still paying the same price due to the higher bill payment on AT&T compared to T-Mobile and you’re stuck for two years. Keep in mind how quickly the iPhone refresh comes out. BTW… I’m on Verizon.

      • You also are not allowed to update with t mobile to another phone without paying off your over priced phone in full so they are the same as att and Verizon

      • iBanks

        Here’s the difference, I buy my phone from T-Mobile with it’s payoff plan, new phone comes out in 12 months, I then sell this one on eBay and I am eligible to purchase the new one. Start another pay off plan, no hassle. Your two options are, wait 20-24 months to be eligible to upgrade OR sell your phone on eBay and pay FULL Retail Price up front OR Add another line to your account to qualify for 2 year pricing and still pay an higher bill with no unlimited data. Just saying, T-Mobile has a good thing going. But don’t shoot them down because of your bad credit.

      • No you can’t you have to pay your first phone off in Full call and ask I already tried you have to wait just like me no difference

      • iBanks

        That’s exactly what I just said. I sell my phone on eBay in which will give me the money to pay off the remaining balance of the device, therefore PAID IN FULL, and then I can start another payoff plan with the newer released device. So again…. No need to wait.

      • I bought my Google nexus from Google for 312 t mobile wants to charge 579 by the end of the pay off plan

      • iBanks

        You just don’t get it…. Nevermind… LOL!

      • I get it call them and ask they have everything hidden you have blinders on

      • iBanks

        Not exactly. A good friend of mine works at T-Mobile and has confirmed what I said. You may want to call in again and ask an different rep, it is a new system for their entire company, maybe the one you spoken too just didn’t know all the details. But let’s say that was the case, why the complaint if in the end it’s still the same thing at both companies?

      • Kaptivator

        Not the same. 1. You can pay off your phone at anytime and then upgrade with T-Mobile (still saving money on the phone). 2. If you decide not to upgrade, you pay the data plan only since your phone is paid off. With AT&T, even when your 2 years is up, you still paying the same price of a 2 year contract. Big difference for people that 1, can wait for the next installment of the iPhone and 2, just buy phones as needed (ie when it breaks beyond usage). I’m currently riding out my contract with Sprint.

      • Do you even realize why carriers have contracts and are overpriced while T-mobile is cheaper? AT&T and other carriers subsidize your phone and get their money back with their overpriced plans. T-Mobile is cheaper because they don’t have to charge extra for plans to get their money back. While you’re paying $20/mo to T-Mobile to pay for the iPhone, you would be doing the same thing to AT&T over the course of the 2-year contract; the difference, of course, is that T-Mobile only makes you pay extra while you’re paying off your phone, whereas AT&T’s plans include these subsidies payments wether you have a subsidized phone or not.

      • Blip dude

        Uhh, you do realize that the phone is Subsidized right?? That’s why you are locked into a Contract with AT&T. 2nd: If you lose or get your phone stolen, with T-Mobile you can shut off the line, pay off the phone and you are off the hook. With AT&T and Verizon not only would you be without a phone, but now you are still stuck paying $100+ a month because that was part of the agreement when you signed the contract. you can cancel the line since it may be a while til you get another phone. But guess what, you still have to pay a Cancellation fee: $275-$5 to $10 for every month you were with AT&T (not sure), $275-$300 with Verizon even if your contract were to be up in 10 days (please correct me if any of this is wrong).
        When it comes down to it, ALL businesses are out to get your money. But at least T-Mobile is giving options for once. If you choose to avoid with Carriers as much as possible, then buy an Unlocked GSM phone for $700 and pick your poison, that’s exactly what I did.
        BTW, I’m on AT&T if that even remotely matters. Cancelling contracts between September and November, and moving the Family to T-Mobile.

  • Gorgonphone

    tmobile still sucks