Stopwatch for Velox

As we predicted in our Velox walkthrough, the add-ons for the tweak are proving to be popular, even at the outset of its release. For example, Stopwatch for Velox is a brand new jailbreak add-on for Velox that places a handy stopwatch on your Home screen.

In pure Velox fashion, this add-on allows you to perform a swipe gesture on the stock iOS clock to reveal a usable stopwatch. Take a look inside to see it in action..

As you can see, the add-on is quite simple, yet effective. You can easily stop, clear, or start the stopwatch right from the Velox enhanced Clock app folder.

One complaint I have about this add-on is that it’s not very flexible. For instance, if I start the stopwatch, and then exit the folder, when I come back, it’s back to its initial starting position. Not only that, but the stopwatch doesn’t actually link to the stock Clock app’s stopwatch for additional functionality.

Right now Stopwatch for Velox is a bit limited in its function, but it’s a good demonstration as to what’s possible with Velox’s API. The add-on is a free download via Cydia’s BigBoss repo, so let me know what you think when you give it a shot.

  • It drives me crazy that the little triangle doesn’t match the rest of the “folder” background. Anyone else?

  • iospixel

    I want to see the Alarm toggles again tbh.

    • bloodshed

      does it really show Alarm Toggles?!..for me it says no new notifications when i swipe on the!

      • iospixel

        Nope but there was a a shot of it doing so In the early reviews. Ill dig it up.

        Here we go..
        It was never destined for 1.0 but I liked it. A redesign is coming.

        I’d like to see the toggles with perhaps world clock views and a stopwatch at the bottom. Or swipe to stop watch etc.

        Come to think of it I’ve owned more iPhones than the amount of times I’ve used the stop watch.

      • bloodshed

        i see, thanks..
        and agree about the stopwatch, i rarely use that either..i would like if devs pay more attention to the timer rather than the stopwatch.

      • No not yet but it is coming, check my reply to iospixel (below or above of your comment), as I’ve worked with the developer of Velox for this so I know that it is coming πŸ˜‰

    • Don’t worry alarm toggles are coming, I’ve worked with the developer of Velox for this (yes I am a dev my tweak is CountdownCenter) and I can guarantee that alarm toggles will come to Velox in one of the following versions! πŸ™‚

  • I don’t like the background theme for it. Great concept though.

  • jose castro

    honestly.. velox makes people lazy. like i understand what the tweak is for but really what ever happen to just going into the app. I like the concept for notifications, but in actuality it would be kinda worthless in my opinion. The only things i like about velox is that i can swipe down on cydia to see current tweaks that have been updated and or new and Idownloadblog, being able to go straight to the website(now that’s awesome) . but that’s about it.

    • Gorgonphone

      i like have the extra velox options… you dont have to use it..

      • jose castro

        how original..

      • What extra options? All Velox does can be done by opening the app too. There is no real need for Velox but it is a nice tweak.

      • Damn all these losers online talking shit about people who dont have extra time to waste while apps load & close & open multitasker to close the app u just closed.
        Dont use velox to save time if your a loser & got extra time. who cares

    • Aren’t all (or at least most) tweaks created to make things a little easier or make us a little lazier? Isn’t that the point? just a quicker more efficient way to do things… or at the very least just a different way that some people would prefer because it looks pretty and works well. having said that, I like it but find myself not using it as much as I thought I might. would be nice to see an alarm toggle like Ive seen in some old video though.

  • Dalton

    So… make one for the calculator? πŸ˜€

    • jose castro

      lol why…. go into the app lol

      • Gorgonphone

        shhhheee please

      • jose castro

        that’s why people agree with me and not you,

    • Gorgonphone

      yes do it

  • Max Katzmann

    Afaik the API provided by the developers doesn’t allow, having code run, while the folder is closed. If it would, I’d gladly make it run in the background. πŸ˜‰

    • It’s probably a good thing that the Velox folders don’t run in the background (from a memory/resources perspective), but it also means that a stopwatch Velox folder tweak has limited utility for users. Alarm toggles for the Clock Velox folder would be more useful (iDB reported earlier that alarm toggles are coming in a later Velox update).

      If this tweak were to active the system stopwatch, it wouldn’t need to run in the background and would be much more useful (not sure if Velox would need to tweak the API for that to happen).

  • Thumbs up if you had already installed this on your phone before you came here and read this article. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah sure.
      Nice try.

    • bloodshed

      yeah i did..and removed it right away, as the stopwatch kept resetting itself every time i exit the folder view.

  • Hello, errr off topic!
    But can anyone tell me how to make home screen status bar transparent?

    Don’t give me a stick for this.

    • jose castro

      google it lol

    • If you have Winterboard, look for Fullscreen Lockscreen and it makes the status bar transparent in lockscreen and homescreen.

    • Nizar

      You can Download “Transparent Status Bar” from Cydia,
      then activate it from Winterboard!

  • this is nice…but having access to the world clock screen is a lot more useful imo πŸ™‚

    • Gorgonphone


    • They left it open so you can go ahead & code it up !

  • bloodshed

    ok, this is how i like it to be done, having some kind of pages (like toggles) which show: alarm toggles, stopwatch and timer.

  • Gorgonphone

    cool… but i would like more options that can be scrolled to see world clocks etc.. please

    • jose castro


      • Gorgonphone

        oh is that your “coming out” announcement.. ?? kind of off topic don’t you think?

      • Jeremy

        Sorry, but “gay” is not synonymous for stupid. Try again.

      • Nowadays it is.

  • fix ipod player bug πŸ™‚

  • F P

    Um ok? A stopwatch?? Gee thanks, why not have alarm options instead?

  • Cool! Hope there are a ton more Velox addons…

  • Simen97

    To get rid of the background:

    1. Open iFile
    2. Locate to /Library/Velox/Plugins/VeloxStopWatch.bundle.
    3. After you have located the direction you have to delete the two background files.
    4. Respring.

  • yahmed

    As cool as they are, I sometimes don’t understand how these sort of apps like Velox and widgets on Android phones could be beneficial. Honestly to check my mail, I would rather touch the mail icon once instead of double tapping to use Velox. Loading the app takes less than a second.

  • I like Velox and I hope more plugins for this tweak will fallow .. Velox still has some bugs but since its released just a few days ago I think this will be changed soon …

    For all those people crying around … Stop crying and make tools like this by yourself and we all will see if you can do it better !!!!!

    • disk Latvia

      By that reasoning if I buy a crappy car( or phone) that doesn’t work well I can’t complain because I can’t make one that’s better. People have the right to complain if they bought a product and it doesn’t work as expected.

      • You bought it !? Your fault I guess πŸ˜‰
        Ofc people can complain but they also should notice its the first release of the tweak and bugs will be fixed soon ..

        It’s just an awesome tweak ..

  • F P

    I like how velox works with the music player, however, there should be an AirPlay option also.

  • I noticed when you download an app. Swipe the new icon to see the progress bar, when it hits 100% the phone goes in safe mode!

    its time to push out an update on this!

  • my favorite drop down is the idownloadblog one I’m using it right now β””(^o^)β”˜

  • No

    Apple needs to hire Cydia developers like the people who make Velox and Auxo if they want to attempt to stay on top on the mobile OS market. They haven’t made any memorable changes to iOS for years, and in my opinion, iOS 7 probably won’t be to much different either. Maybe a couple new features that try to mock features on Android, WP8, etc, and a new flat layout (similar to WP8, yet again), but other than that, I don’t see it being all that great and I have a feeling if Apple doesn’t change soon, then Android will take over as the top this year (considering they’re only down about 2%).

    • Apple wont even let us turn off the text sent sound
      They need to get with & stop making their customers pay for half ass shit

  • Aio Aior

    This looks terrible. The start and stop (and clear) buttons are not pulled from the Clock app, and thus the attempted edges look horrible. I’ll wait ’till I have the time to manually make the buttons how they should be or wait until it’s implemented into Velox.