Velox Settings Toggles and Music

Velox, arguably one of this year’s most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks, finally landed in Cydia this weekend after what seemed like several weeks of waiting. Initial feedback for the tweak has been mostly praise, but there have been some scattered reports of bugs.

Of course, bugs are typical in first-version software releases, as are the bug-squashing ‘0.1’ updates that follow them. And today, Velox has received its 0.1 update that includes a new, double-tap activation method, and a handful of other improvements and bug fixes…

Here’s the full 1.0.1 change log:


-Fixes various crashes, sorry

-Adds new activation method “double tap”, compatible with infiniboard

-new fix for FolderEnhancer is on its way!!

I haven’t been experiencing any problems with Velox, so I can’t speak to the fixes. But the double tap activation method is nice and convenient, and it’s good to hear that a FolderEnhancer fix is on the way. We’ve noticed a lot of readers experiencing that particular issue.

Of course, the update is free if you already own the tweak. Otherwise you can find Velox version 1.0.1-1 in the BigBoss repo for $1.99. And for those of you still on the fence about it, make sure to check out our walkthrough of the tweak and stay tuned for more coverage.

  • momerathe

    It would have been nice to know that it didn’t work with apps in folders before I bought it 🙁

  • Doug

    Is anyone using FolderEnhancer and Velox? There probably isn’t a fix for this… but does anyone know a way to turn off FolderEnhancer while using Velox? I love FolderEnhancer and need it… but I don’t like how Velox uses the full screen FolderEnhancer folders when I do the Velox slide. Visually I like how the default Velox looks (Like when you swipe on the settings app in the picture above — and the folder minimally opens just to include one line of toggles. If you have FolderEnhancer installed, a full screen folder open up instead.) Does anyone know how to get the best of both worlds?

    • Please someone answer this poor man’s question! (So I can have an answer also!)

  • pargoff

    useless if it doesn’t work in folders.

  • Far Kil

    Everyone, i’m so sorry to cause such a drama. I realize that downloading cracked tweaks and apps are a contempt with the creator, kind of vulgarity from me. This is a message for all devs including the Creator of Velox. I already desinstalled the cracked tweak and i’m convencing my father to buy the ORIGINAL. I’m feeling bad at the moment, cause’ only now i realized what i just did. Thanks everyone for understanding. Again, SORRY.

    • justfuckyourselfiDB

      Are you drunk?

      • Far Kil

        Long story man.. Just read my last message

    • Learned you have my young Padawan 🙂

    • Gorgonphone

      Just mentioning the word cracked when not talking about a window can get you sen to IDB hell….. where you will feel the wrath of the goody two shoeses…lolololol

  • what about ios 5 version

  • I guess devs don’t have iPods, because there’s no “preview” for FaceTime app. At least for me.

  • Mine doesn’t look like this at all…Everything opens in a ‘folder view’ that takes up my entire screen 🙁

    Could this be because of Ayecon? Possibly, but try removing ayecon and the swhole icon set goes to crap!

  • Flo

    it`s crashing lockscreen camera grabber on iphone 4 🙁

  • the order of the toggles in settings app are messed up, how can I fix them?
    first page is DND, wlan, rotation and flashlight, only at the last page you find airplanemode

  • Why it doesn’t work when the icon is inside a folder?

  • Gorgonphone

    okay enough of this buggy madness give us version 1.2 now please..

  • On the 1.0.1-1, still not working for me in the Music app and double-click InfiniFolder also does not work …

  • Like Velox a lot; but still can’t get the weather previews to accurately refresh yet

  • ExRoot

    I have not installed a single tweak since my Auxo nightmare. I’m gun shy. Maybe I’ll get the nerve up again to try another tweak or 2. I I have tweaks but they are the ones I found to be ok before I realized Auxo was my nightmare.

  • Jeff. I have checked this already. I saw it not compatible with Folder Enhancer.

  • Anyone else having issues with Twitter not loading up?

  • Je

    This kills KBShortcuts. Awesome Tweak though.

    • soundmanbrad

      Is KBShortcuts working on iOS 6? I thought that it hasn’t been updated yet.

      • Je

        Works fine on 6.1.

      • soundmanbrad

        It’s not buggy at all?

      • Je

        Working great for me, also using it with SwipeSelection no problem.

  • Figured out why FOLDER ENHANCER would make all VELOX window views FULL SCREEN! Will post exactly what to do/turn off in FOLDER ENHANCER so that your views are smaller and fitted like those pictured in IDB articles and videos! Stay tuned….

  • Art

    This is cool for the stock apps, but as far as third party apps are concerned, it’s a bullshit tweak. It just uses web views for twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which make you login each time you use it. It’s annoying and useless. And as for the cracked apps, quit bitching already. Some people are going to buy your tweak and others aren’t. It’s that simple. No amount of bitching is going to change that. If you’re really concerned about it, add a safeguard to prevent from people stealing it. I’ve seen developers implement security features to detect whether or not you’re running a cracked version and then it crashes.