twitter s4 snafu

So this would be kind of embarrassing. All-star Spanish tennis player and Samsung spokesman David Ferrer served up a fault this afternoon during his attempt to send out what looks like a sponsored tweet expressing his love for his new Galaxy S4.

The problem? Shortly after Ferrer sent out the tweet, several of his 350,000+ Twitter followers noticed something peculiar about his Samsung shout out—it featured the infamous ‘Twitter for iPhone’ notation, effectively killing all of its credibility…

Here’s a rough translation of the tweet via AppleInsider:

“Samsung is a sponsor of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament that begins this weekend. Ferrer intended to send out a tweet stating he was very happy with his #GalaxyS4 and that he was “configuring S Health on my new #GalaxyS4 to help with training @SamsungMobile.”

He neglected to notice that the advertisement was being labeled as “via Twitter from iPhone” because he actually uses an iPhone.”

Before Ferrer could remove the tweet, the message was picked up by the Spanish Huffington Post, and garnered tons of heckling from his fans. After reposting the message without the iPhone notation, he started to receive replies like “via iPhoneGalaxy4.”

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened—where a celebrity has been caught singing the praise of another device from an iPhone or iPad. It happened with singer Alicia Keys and BlackBerry, and Oprah and her Surface.

Samsung continues to buoy its marketing efforts for the new Galaxy S4, as it begins arriving in wireless stores around the globe. Reviews of the handset have been pretty lackluster thus far, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting its launch sales numbers.

  • Om Soni

    Cody, don’t you use RetinaPad on your iPad? I can’t even use an iPhone app without it. It’s really useful. You should give it a try.

    • Melvco

      not my screenshot, but still an excellent tip :o)

      • Kurt

        +1 for a classy reply

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Haha that’s funny.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Remember Oprah’s love for the Shiny Surface tweet from the iPad… 😛

    • iospixel

      This could of been caused by a bug. But that’s the last thing they’d say because we’d be like “yeah yeah yeah…”

  • #fail

  • Orbs

    Close enough!

  • MarcPhilippeB

    That’s so typical for SHAMESUNG. A perfect example why I hate this company so utterly.

  • TeddyBearStand

    How could they overlook this.

  • seyss

    lol FAIL I wanna see the ANDROID AUTHORITY assholes release an article on this!!

    • erod434

      While it is funny, your blind fanboyism make fans of ios (including myself) look bad. I mean are you really calling someone who has a different opinion than you an asshole? I know its hard for you to believe, but not every believes that the iphone is better than everything else.

      • seyss

        no. stop trying to sound all impartial. they post anti-iOS articles all the time

      • erod434

        I’m not trying to sound impartial, I am just communicating what I see. Also, I just went on that website for the first time and I cannot find a single one of these “anti-iOS” articles.

      • Kurt

        +1 for not being biased.

      • Kurt

        Posting anti-ios articles is not an attack on you personally. Grow up already

  • Obviously, not paid by Sadsung to say that…

  • haha keep pushing stories like this, but this is actually a twitter bug, when u first login to twitter with a samsung device after using an iDevice…
    It then still shows the previous prefix 😉

    Just letting you know Cody.

    • Lol just checked. Not true at all.

      • where do u live ? I was just able to reconstruate this again after 8 tries.
        Feedback from Switzerland..
        Edit: Okay so I think this happens when your still loged in with your iPhone on twitter & then login with your android device…
        Not sure tho

    • So the guy uses an iPhone like virtually all the time, then when he has to keep a sponser happy switches to a GS4 to keep the sponser happy before switching back? This is better exactly how?

      Sad situation Sadsung. Good on the fella for sticking with the iPhone. Try following him on twitter just to see the twitter for iPhone on his tweets.

    • Lemonhead, Why would you even say something like this when it is NOT true?

      • It is true for me at least my brother has a galaxy and sometimes use that phone as a backup in case my battery dies…
        So this happend to me before, while maybe not all the time still happens !

        So thanks for all the hate 🙂

  • iphone4sgamer

    y u no see Twitter for IPHONE

  • its good to know celebrities are huge retards too

  • I’m waiting for the day, one of the Sammy suits slip up, and send something ‘Sent from my iPhone.”

  • lrd555

    All these articles about Android market share and Samsung cell phone numbers are as fake as this guy tweeting from his iPhone how great Samsung’s phone is. All bogus Internet crap.

  • sleeperjoe

    That just a glorious promo for Apple. Cook’s assistant assistant in charge of tweeting should have one of his/her people send Ferrer a thank you tweet.

  • This in principle is the same as paying students to praise Samsung. They may sponser the guy, and he does what he gets paid for, only he doesn’t believe a word that he is saying. It’s a sad situation Sadsung, how are you going to respond, please keep us updated. 😛

  • Oh the irony

  • Lol

  • bloodshed

    lol..this is, ladies and gents, what we call a successful attempt to advertise your competitor’s products AWESOMELY, and free too..oh shamesung, where you going??

  • “Contento” is not accentuated O.o. Is he truly spanish?

    • Ssemiet

      It actually does have an accent in the tweet.

      • I meant that in spanish grammar, the word does not have a accent.

      • Ssemiet

        Oops, sorry about that.

    • Who even cares about accents when sending tweets? -.-

    • Hyr3m

      Nah it’s because he was still using the shitty iPhone keyboard…

  • Hyr3m

    It just means he was telling the truth; If you are actually currently configuring your S Health it means you’re not in the twitter app. Guy like this probably has two phones: his new S4 currently being configured and his old soon-to-be-trashed iPhone that he still uses because it’s already configured.

    Same for Oprah’s Surface: play with it a bit, love it, use your current already-configured device (for one of the last times) to post about how cool your new toy is.

    Way to blow things out of proportions, f*cktards! (I don’t mean you Cody)

    • That makes perfect sense. “I love my Samsung so much I shall send a tweet from my iPhone”. If he really liked his Samsung so much he’d wait until after he’d configured whatever he was configuring and then tweet in the past tense using his Samsung. He made a mistake so what we all do it just usually not in these proportions where potentially hundreds and thousands of people (followers) see such a mistake. Also in case you could not tell yes that was not a real quote I was being sarcastic.

      • Hyr3m

        So if I were to tweet from an iPhone that iOS is shit it would have the same effect? People would ask “Why do you use it to tweet then?”, and I would answer “if I hadn’t been using it, how would I know it’s shit?”.

        If tweets had thrice the characters we would probably have seen ” – so much better than this piece of shit I’m using right now !!! Can’t wait to finish configuring the whole thing but couldn’t wait to tell you guys how cool this new thing is.” at the end of those “controversial” messages.

        Oh and if you guys thumbed my comment down because I said “soon-to-be-trashed iPhone”, you are part of the f*cktards I was mentioning. Feel free to demonstrate your stupidity again by doing the same with this one.

      • Why so defensive? I’ll thumb it down anyway. You cannot, I repeat CANNOT argue with what I said. If he honestly hated iOS as much as it looks like your trying to make out he did then he would not send a tweet from an iOS device. The equivalent of what you just said is “I hate chocolate!” (an unlikely scenario I know) “To prove to you how much I hate it I am going to eat some.” Now who does that? Nobody! Exactly. I rest my case…

      • Hyr3m

        Try to convince someone you hate chocolate while never having tried any… (Also, if you’re gonna make a comparison with Apple’s products, please use “shit” instead of “chocolate”, it’s much closer to reality)

      • Some fandroids just don’t learn now do they. *Tut* *Tut*. You do not have to try something to know you do not like it. You may be wrong about your judgment (like you and your judgement of iOS and the iPhone for example) however at the end of the day what I’m typing has nothing to do with this article. Your rebuttal does not satisfy the contents of mine and I’m sure you know damn well the reason I chose chocolate was to allow people like you to visualise a scenario of applying the same principles I was talking about and to see them in another light. Now this is probably one of the longest, most pointless, most un-punctuated comment I’ve ever wrote but people like you really do annoy me to the length that I write a comment of this length. Either way to some up this I shall digest your comments.

        “Try to convince someone you hate chocolate while never having tried any…”

        I said it was an “unlikely scenario” but that is besides the point. The point is this:

        “Also, if you’re gonna make a comparison with Apple’s products, please use “shit” instead of “chocolate”, it’s much closer to reality”

        See the thing about this is, I’m no expert about molecular science (is that even a real scientific field? I just made it up on the spot) chocolate is (usually) brown as is “shit” for reference I shall display the “smiling pile of poo” (actual name) emoji on iOS:

      • Hyr3m

        “You do not have to try something to know you do not like it.” -> That’ll make for an awesome inspirational poster ^^

        You’re basically explaining how I couldn’t understand [definition of comparison] while not having the right to use [definition of metaphor].

        Seeing the intellectual level of your comment I would rather not my answers “satisfy the contents” of yours.

        Back to the original subject: I usually have 3 devices with me, iPod touch 4g, SGS3, BB9900. I can use any of the three to express my positive of negative opinion about any of the three and that’s not going to mean I’m not being truthful about my comment, it’s just going to mean I love technology and I have an open mind. Where does the world go if close-minded people have the power to make such a big deal out of someone’s open-mindedness and geekiness? (Although it’s completely possible he was bought off for the sole purpose of advertisement but there’s really not much chances you’ll ever get proof of that so it’s not really a valid basis for criticizing the guy…)

      • That comment basically makes up for any of your others. Here’s my thinking you’re some fandroid rubbish like many other people on this site when in reality you use many devices. However I still stand by my previous comments if someone loves a device so much he or she will wait until they have finished doing “X” task before tweeting about it. People like you with three or four devices clearly have no attachment to them otherwise (granted some people need home and work phones) why would you need them? If you do not have an attachment to your device then it doesn’t makes a difference which one you use because to you it is just a tool. If that is true and you are a tennis player and you tweet about one “tool” using another “tool” there is nothing wrong with that (nothing wrong in your mind) however in everyone else’s mind they are thinking “lol if they like X task so much why are they tweeting it from a device that task can’t even be done on?”.

      • Hyr3m

        We’re in an era where people take pictures of their food and post it online for the world to see before they even begin to eat. Don’t tell me you’re expecting people on Twitter to have “the patience to wait until they can use their preferred devices to say something about anything”.

        These fake-ass close-minded hipsters wannabes are really messing with people’s moral values…

      • “Don’t tell me you’re expecting people on Twitter to have “the patience to wait until they can use their preferred devices to say something about anything”.”

        That’s exactly what I’m expecting.

        “These fake-ass close-minded hipsters wannabes are really messing with people’s moral values…”

        [Citation needed]

      • Hyr3m

        “(…) close-minded people have the power to make such a big deal out of someone’s open-mindedness and geekiness.” Hyr3m, 2013

        Don’t expect too much from mankind in general… especially not from users of Twitter and/or Instagram…

      • Firstly a citation needs to be a fact not an opinion and secondly when asked for a citation you cannot cite yourself you must cite someone else. Thirdly this constant back and forth play is pointless since clearly neither of us sees eye-to-eye and is not going to get the other one to. To conclude if you are going to bash iOS I highly recommend getting off this site and visiting XDA-developers instead. Otherwise have a nice day

      • Hyr3m

        I know about the quote mate, I’m just messing with you ^^

        But you’re messing with me too… my point was never iOS’ shittiness (which is a known fact (again, just messing with you 😛 )); my point was that it doesn’t matter what someone uses to express his or her opinions of a device. As far as we know the guy loves the S4, does that mean he necessarily hates the iPhone ? Hell he twitted from the iPhone that must mean he probably likes the both of them… no?

        No, actually my point is : how can people make such a f*cking huge deal out of a non-issue like this ? Some people’s stupidity goes far beyond my level of understanding and tolerance. That just goes to show that there is no god; otherwise he(/she?) would have instantly crushed the iPhones from all the morons who made a big deal out of this. (if you can’t tell… I’m still messing with you)

  • Angie

    S4 same shit as S3.. not innovative, NEXT!!

  • leart za jmi

    i love my new sadsung refrigerator – sent from my iphone

  • leart za jmi

    i love Samsung.
    Now give me the money.